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Monday Musings: Washington mess

Posted on: October 19, 2009 6:19 pm
Edited on: October 20, 2009 4:29 pm

---Is it Jason Campbell or the Redskins? I say it's the latter. I've documented here many times how they put him in obvious passing situations too many times and then ask him to make a play. Is he great? No. Can he be solid if he's given a chance? I say yes. But the Redskins lack creativity on offense, which is why the play-calling duties are being taken away from coach Jim Zorn and being given to Shem Lewis, who joined the team two weeks ago. Zorn's job will soon be taken from him as well, but don't the Redskins need to find out if Campbell can do better with a better person calling plays? What does playing Todd Collins do? Give Campbell the rest of the season, and if he flops then you make a change. Or the new coach will anyway.

---The Titans have to sit down Kerry Collins. Their season is done. Why not find out if Vince Young can be the long-term answer? If he can't, then you draft one next season. Playing Collins makes no sense. He isn't very good right now and he isn't the long-term answer. Play Young. He couldn't do any worse than what Collins did against the Patriots Sunday in the 59-0 loss. He was 2-of-12 for minus-7 yards. Yes, they had a pass play that went for a 22-yard loss.

---Despite their victory over the Lions Sunday, the Packers are still having problems protecting Aaron Rodgers. He was dumped five times by the Lions, which is the average per game that he is getting sacked. Chad Clifton returned to play left tackle, but he left again with an injury. The line has been a trauma unit all season long. One has to wonder what Rodgers would be like if he had a good group playing in front of them.

---The loss of corner Brian Williams for the season with a torn ACL will show up on the field for the Atlanta Falcons. Williams, who signed with the Falcons after being one of the Jaguars' final cuts, had played well in his five games. He is a physical corner, which Chris Houston is not. The Falcons will likely make Houston and Brent Grimes the starters, with Chevis Jackson in as the nickel corner.

---I have to offer an apology to Hines Ward. I can admit I was wrong. I was wrong about Ward. I thought he'd have an off year. I thought he was about done. He is tied for the league lead in catches with 41 and has a league-best 599 yards. His 14.6 average is eye opening to me. I was wrong. I can admit it. So quit killing me about it, Steelers fans.

---Question: Who's the NFL's best receiver right now from Central Florida? Is it Brandon Marshall? Nope. It's Jacksonville's Mike Sims-Walker. In four starts, he has 28 catches for a 14.2 average. In his past two games, he has 16 catches for 211 yards and two touchdowns. I'm not saying he's better than Marshall, but he is playing better. The only knock on him is his missing last week's game with Seattle when he was suspended for the game by coach Jack Del Rio. Why? He missed curfew for a reported dalliance with a female. Sims-Walker has star power. Don't believe any foolish talk that the Jaguars might trade him. They wouldn't dare.

----The loss of Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins for the season will impact the Jets defense in a big way. When he's on the field, Jenkins is as dominant as any nose in the NFL. In the Jets 3-4 scheme, he will be missed. He suffered a torn ACL against Buffalo. The concern besides his absence is conditioning. Jenkins has a tendency to get really heavy and the inactivity could lead to him ballooning up. That could impact next season.

---How does Ravens kicker Steve Hauschka miss that 44-yard game-winner against the Vikings? Think the Ravens wish they had Matt Stover now?

---The NFL had no choice but to suspend Carolina Panthers special teams player Dante Wesley for a game after he launched himself and hit Tampa Bay return man Clifton Smith during Sunday's game. It was a dirty hit that had to face a severe penalty. That's the type of hit that can kill a man.

---I can hear it now: Eagles fans ripping Andy Reid for throwing it too much. The Eagles threw it 46 times against the Raiders and ran it 14 times, although the Raiders struggle to stop the run. Let the season play out -- and then rip him. He's too good a coach to critique one game.

---Maurice Jones-Drew talked the talk and then walked the walk against the Rams. He ran for 133 yards on 33 carries and scored three times. Jones-Drew ripped the team's effort after their loss to the Seahawks and complained about not getting the ball. The rant worked. He did fumble inside the Red Zone, which the Rams recovered.


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Posted on: October 27, 2009 7:17 am

Monday Musings: Washington mess

I believe that the NFL team in Washington is not executing because  most of its players do not execute.  I am not sure if that is due to a lack of coaching or a lack of talent or both.  I was shocked that they didn't make any major moves on offense in the off-season.  The offense was uninspiring last year. Now it is both uninspiring and poorly executed.  Portis is not as dominant as he used to be, so Washington needs to upgrade that position as well. 
As soon as Daniel Snyder realizes that he needs to work on improving the offense as well, that team is not going anywhere.  

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Posted on: October 20, 2009 8:38 pm

Monday Musings: Washington mess

I don`t think it`s any surprise about the choke act of kerry collins, doesn`t he do that every where he goes? Had a couple of good years with carolina... Then when things started to go bad, wanted out. Never caught on in new orleans. Had a good year in new york, taking them to the superbowl, then again... poof, nothing. Did nothing at all in oakland. Last year in Tennessee, had a good year, so why would the trend change for him this time around?
All I have heard for 4 years is "Boy, that ted thompson is such a genius" If that statement is true, why is Rodgers on pace to get sacked 80 times, come on thompson, pull your head out, and get lineman that know how to block.

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Posted on: October 20, 2009 2:40 pm

Prisco Hurry Up! Where's your rankings?

Hurry up with your rankings dude?  I'm busy at work and need something to anger me so I can finish the day strong. 

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Posted on: October 20, 2009 1:29 pm

Monday Musings

I agree completely.  The problem is not Kerry Collins.  The problem is the defense.  Vince Young is not the answer and never will be.

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Posted on: October 20, 2009 12:47 pm

Monday Musings

Although Kerry Collins has been far from spectacular and I don't disagree that they need to get a look at Vince Young, I think it's short-sited to use Sunday's stats to illustrate it.  There were at least 6 dropped passes by Tennessee receivers.

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Posted on: October 20, 2009 9:59 am

Monday Musings

I'd like to add something to one of your points, and I sort of disagree with you on one of your other points:

1. Though the loss of Kris Jenkins is a huge blow for the Jets, it's only one of a slew of issues the Jets are dealing with right now  - three straight losses, Mark Sanchez crashing back down to earth like a meteor & the NY press more than willing to turn their collective backs on him (BROADWAY SCHMO was the Daily News backpage headline) and the lack of a consistently productive ground game (despite the big day against Buffalo, which happens to be dead last in the league against the run). In other words, the Jets were trouble even before the loss of Jenkins.

2. Dante Wesley should be suspended for the YEAR for that hit.

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