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NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

Posted on: December 2, 2009 8:27 pm

I'm all for the NFL's recent movement to help cut down on concussion-related problems for players.

But two things come to mind: Don't players understand when they decide to play football that this is part of the game? It's like a crab fisherman understanding the perils of the Bering Sea.

I wonder how many players who had concussion troubles would give up what they had during their NFL careers. I bet it's not as high as you think.

If the NFL really wants to cut down on concussion problems, it should improve the helmet, making it safer, or go even go one step further.

Take off the facemasks. If players didn't have facemasks, they wouldn't lead with the head as much as they do.

There might be more facial cuts and stuff like that, but it would cut down on the concussions.

I think a lot of the concussions are the result of players trying to make that highlight-game hit. It has hurt tackling, but it also has made for more head injuries. Without a facemask, it wouldn't be as big a problem.

That might sound crazy. But it makes sense.

On Wednesday, the league sent out a memo to all 32 teams stating that a player who gets a concussion should not return to action on the same day if he shows certain signs or symptoms, such as dizziness and memory loss.

That's smart. Too many times players will push to play. And unlike a broken leg or arm, you can't see a concussion, which leads to questions about toughness and a desire to play.

This will help with that. But it won't cut down on the numbers.

Only safer helmets or even taking the facemasks off will do that.



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Posted on: December 3, 2009 8:22 am

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

Have you been playing without your helmet again, Pete?

Since: Sep 10, 2007
Posted on: December 3, 2009 3:54 am

Titled: Look at the helmet: Or Prisco is an idiot

Does Pete Prisco think disfiguring players faces will help the game of football? Does he not remember famous pictures of yesteryear where players had torn eyes, brokenfaces, busted noses, and look like rejected frankensteins?  Is he really this idiotic and ignorant of NFL football history?

About 20% of the blocks in the NFL slide up into the face area. A referee once said, not only could he call holding on almost any way in the NFL, he could also call hands to the face.  What do you think would happen without the facemask? Have you ever seen a good looking Rugby player stay good looking?

What about on kickoffs where these guys throw themselves at each other at 20 mile per hour each direction? They are experienceing 40 mile per hour collisions. You think they don't want face masks in case of some stray hand or foot to the face?

Does Prisco not know that many of the serious concussions occur from the helmet covered head hitting the ground, and not from spearring with the face mask?
The face mask also redistributes the blow of an impact.

This suggestion would slow the game of football down and make it boring, as players protect thier face.
This would end those awesome running back plays where they stick their hands out into another players face because of retaliation on the next play.
A quarterback can "Accidently" have his nose broken and taken out of the game on almost any pass rush by some of these guys swiping down toward ball.
Running backs would get punched in the face almost everytime they carried the ball, like in the 20's thru early 50's?

I guess Prisco wants a game that is sloweddown by fear of injury. Maybe he should start watching a different sport.

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Posted on: December 3, 2009 1:21 am

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

This is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. I vacilate betwen thinking it must be a total joke and that Prisco is just an idiot.

Lost eyes, lost teeth, torn lips, chins split to the bone, broken noses every third down, these are things that were COMMON before the face mask. Read historical accounts of football injuries and it is amazing the advancements in helmet design has made in keeping players healthier. 

I love old photos of Jack Tatum with his finger hooking in an oposing players eye socket. Sure let's bring that back oh and if we give all the players pistols I will bet they won't hit each other nearly as hard...PRISCO THAT WAS SARCASM! 

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 11:12 pm

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

Pete, you forgot to add "[End Sarcasm]" to the end.  If you didn't forget CBS should probably hire a housewife who doesn't understand football to write articles...they would probably save money and get an upgrade in talent.

Since: Nov 14, 2006
Posted on: December 2, 2009 10:58 pm

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what's wrong with democracy. People like Prisco can say things like that in a self-assured tone and be taken seriously.

Prisco is to medicine as Al Gore is to climatology.

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 10:46 pm

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

Oh my God, Prisco, this is probably your worst piece of writing ever. Seriously, if I were you, I'd call my editors, say I was drunk when I wrote this and plead with them to allow you to write a new piece. Anything is preferable to having your byline attached to this.

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 10:41 pm

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

heres an idea.  Make those idoits with huge amouts of hair or dreadlocks CUT IT OFF.  Yea Polomahu (okay my Hawaian isnt so good) I mean you.  And Randy Moss, and alot of guys who have hair that is too long.  Its directly results in a poorly iftting helmet. 

And for god sake could the NFL make them do their helmets up right?  EVERY GAME someone loses a bucket.  They should fine any player who loses a helmet during a game.  and not this 10 000 garbage, Im talking about their WHOLE GAME CHECK.  IF it turns out that the player was wearing it correctly and the helmet was defective, fine the equipment staff/team

For those of you who noticed, I ignored Priscos stupid point about face masks intentionally

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 10:34 pm

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

As I understand it, there are already safer helmets, but some players refuse to wear them. The NFL could crack down on that a bit more.

But the NFL could do something else--they could stop profiting from the big hit. The NFL says "tut tut, how horrible are all these head injuries" and then sells tons of "NFL's Greatest Hits" DVDs, all filled with decleatings and helmets flying off in all directions. It's a little disingenuous of the NFL to bemoan the state of head injuries while promoting the very thing that causes a great number of them.

And taking off the facemasks is just a dumb idea.

Since: Feb 22, 2008
Posted on: December 2, 2009 10:16 pm

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

Is he serious?  Yeah, okay they won't have concussions.  They'll just be blind, have their nose splayed all over their faces, and have no teeth.  Good job.  Then instead of having premature memory loss they can eat through a straw for the rest of their lives. 

It's not just helmet to helmet that is causing concussions.  The neck is actually fairly good at moving in response to impacts.  It's largely been the back of the head slamming into the ground, when instead of being relatvely slowly decelerated by the action of the the neck refusing to let your head fly off the brain is subjected to concussive injury when the player hits the ground on thier back with the head forward and it snaps back and instead of being stopped by the neck it hits the not so compliant ground.  Without any evidence to support this I think it is that effect and impact with body parts (ie Tebow's head versus lineman's knee) causing most of these concussions.  But I could be wrong; it may mostly be helmet to helmet.

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 10:08 pm

NFL head troubles: Look at the helmet

No kidding.  Normally I like Prisco, but this was just stupid.

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