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Marshall better be hurt

Posted on: January 1, 2010 8:59 pm
Don't players usually know when they're hurt and when they're not? Why can't Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels respect the fact that Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall has a hurt hamstring?

He just doesn't believe him. So he won't play him this week against the Kansas City Chiefs in a game the Broncos need to have any chance to make the playoffs. Not because he's hurt, but because he thinks he's not.


Don't you think Marshall would play if he could? This a bad thing for a coach to do, questioning whether a player is truly hurt. If Marshall is hurt, and it sounds like he is, McDaniels could lose the locker room. I just don't understand the rationale for Marshall to fake it.

If the game meant nothing, then maybe I could understand it. This game matters.

The two mean have a love-hate relationship anyway, which seems to be back in hate mode.

Marshall wanted a new contract before the season, but with all his baggage you can't blame the Broncos for not giving him one. He lollygagged through a practice and McDaniels suspended him. They made up. Now they're fighting again. I think Marshall has played well enough this season that he's earned McDaniels' backing.

Now this?

I don't get it. What can McDaniels get out of calling him out?

If the Broncos lose to the Chiefs, or win and don't make the playoffs, that fast 6-0 start will seem like years ago. McDaniels acted for a while like he invented the damn game when he was on top. Now it's getting away from him and it's not all lovey-dovey anymore.

We get that he jettisoned Jay Cutler and still thinks that's a great move. It actually has looked better for McDaniels than I expected it would, but I still think the Broncos need a franchise passer. That's another story.

This is about Marshall, a Pro Bowl talent who the coach thinks is dogging it.

McDaniels better be right.

If not, the inmates are about to take over the asylum.
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Posted on: January 5, 2010 10:58 am

Marshall better be hurt

It's dumb.  If he's hurt he can't play anyway right?  And if he's not hurt and he's telling you he's hurt he's still not going to play, right?

So what do you gain by going to the media and benching the guy instead of keeping him out due to injury exactly?

That's like the old "you can't fire me, I quit!" exchange.  Well, that's at least a little different because of legal implications especially in this economy, but if you ignored that, you'd have the same result.  Most employers actually request that you turn in your resignation because they purposely do not want to fire you and ruin your reputation and cause you problems in the future.  McDaniels has probably never held a real job and has never played a physical sport and has no common sense.  If the player is injured you list him as injured and deactivate him for that, and that's that.  You don't get the same result but create drama.

I didn't think the Broncos were a good team at all so that 6-0 start stunned me.  So I'm not really sure if they just came back to earth down the stretch or if the team just gave up on McDaniel or what.  They have a lot of draft picks to address needs however, so they can probably improve for next year if the team just doesn't quit on the coach.  So far only a few players, notably Marshall, have had problems.

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Posted on: January 3, 2010 4:05 am

Marshall better be hurt

Well guy, I would agree with the play calling, knowsons use but  you again have to go after soneone because he wears a hoodie and this name calling I do not much care for.

All your points is lost when you start throwing mud just to see what sticks.  What he wears is not relevant, this complex well, he is the coach, not Marshall .  I am fed up with people thinking the stars run a team.  As I said, time will tell where the truth lies. 

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Posted on: January 3, 2010 12:53 am

Marshall better be hurt

Jdmac was right.  This is totally about scapegoating.  And either way, McDaniels is wrong on this one.   It's a lose-lose scenario for him unless he lucks into the playoffs.  Everyone forgets that Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler didn't have any problems with Mike Shannahan.  Why now?   Because McHoodie is a powermonger and scumbag like his mentor Bellicheat.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?

Now all the people who are saying that Marshall is another TO need to get their heads fixed.  I'm so sick of the media and the jerks and haters making 'bad guys' out of professional athletes who do what they are supposed to do except when it comes to not bending over for whitey.  And thats what this hoopla is really about.  It's about whitey.

See, whitey has a powermonger complex too.   And whitey is still around and kicking.  And if you want to call me out for playing the race card, yes, I'm playing it because this is EXACTLY when you play it.  When some stupid junk is being blown out of proportion because a guy isn't playing by the rules of oppression.

Brandon Marshall plays hard.  He's WON games for this team if you want to even go farther.   And what does McHoodie and whitey do?  They throw him under the bus because he refuses to be punked.

No one is talking about how bad and unprofessional of a guy Schefter is.  Hmmm...I wonder why?  And btw, all you haters and racists, I'm not bluffing.

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Posted on: January 2, 2010 1:13 pm

My Thoughts on the issue

Marshall wants a new contract, he does not want to be hurt or injured during free agency or RFA. Coach wants to win no matter what. however Coach is also adamant in letting everyone know his position, and this goes back to Cutler, that the NFL is a business and there is "NO Love". Marshall is merely shoving this back into Coaches face to prove that it's in Marshall’s best business interest not to play hurt.

If an organization is going to take hard-line public business stances then it needs to understand the ramifications. All players are independent contractors that must protect their assets, which are their skills/ health. Seeing that their skills depreciate as fast as a company car, I can respect the position to look out for themselves.

In regards to BM, he is an ass, and will never be happy, even with a large contract he will complain about something else slip up off the field. He is a child 99% of the time, however this time around he may be right in not wanting to take the field injured given the current landscape in Denver. Mcd's position is a walking contradiction, he wants players that love the game and embrace team sacrifice more than anything else, kind of like a high school coach, however he plays the business card every chance he gets. This does not work and will never work in the ultra competitive NFL.

In summation, this is why the GM and the coach need to have a true wall between them. A coach cannot be an effective GM. the GM needs to be the bad guy, and the coach needs to have the trust of his players. You cannot have both when your players know the coach is the guy on the other end of the table when it comes to contracts. MCD may be excellent with X & O’s, but he lacks the business and life experience to handle these types of complications.  Hopefully the offseason will give him an opportunity to reflect and improve on his business acumen.

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Posted on: January 2, 2010 1:01 pm

Marshall better be hurt

One more comment from a fan not impacted by Denver dilemma's..but this is whole thing is very familiar. Since T.O is mentioned in these posts, i will tell you something about his stay in Dallas. Players attitudes are never a problem to a coach when winning..thay are just a scapegoat for losing ( granted some players make it too easy). I can see a parralel between TO and marshall here. When Dallas was 13-3 in 07, TO was not a fact "turned around" was often written about his attitude. Only when the Cowboys failed as a team in 08 did TO become the problem. Things were leaked to the media about his attitude, his relationship with players etc. Botttom line there was a breakdown all across the team, forget the 44-6 defeat to Philly in the last game, the heart fo that team was exposed the week before by Baltimore and peopel were scrambling to deflect responsibility from themselves. TO was easy fodder. It looks like the same thing in Denver to me., I kept reading throughout early season how Marshall had changed ,, was more mature..suddenly the team falls apart in second half and starts losing and now the coach is using him as the problem..i find that a bit pathetic.

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Posted on: January 2, 2010 12:44 pm

Marshall better be hurt

I am  a Cowboy fan so admittedly don't know whole story in Denver, but the post about being  the same people, noone else involved doesnt seem correct..Didn't it start with Cutler, move to Marshall, now includes Sheffler and Marshall? Seems like from afar the coach is trying to cover his butt for not making the playoffs...Not usually good when a coach uses the Media to call out his players..I can;t believe anything good will come of that. However, he has set the ground work when he gets fired, he can go to media and say it wasn't his coaching ability, he was trying to put discipline on the team and management didnt back him up.

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Posted on: January 2, 2010 11:01 am

Boy genius

Just another example of a coach who is still too emotionally immature to lead men in any endeavor. The Broncos have over-performed this year, but I think that it's due more to the players coming together than anything McDaniels has done. Now it looks like the league's next "boy genius" is throwing a tantrum in order to regain the spotlight. Marshall has his faults, but sandbagging isn't one of them; the guy plays hard. Something stinks here.

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Posted on: January 2, 2010 9:50 am

Marshall better be hurt

What you do not mention, Prisco, or may not be aware of, is that early this week McDaniels publicly "called out" his offensive line for alleged poor play and has also put popular and effective tight end Tony Scheffler on the "scout team" without even telling him to his face why.  (Allegedly, it was because of Scheffler's "attitude").  Josh McDaniels' moves - including the Cutler fiasco and a really odd series of 2009 draft moves) have alienated and angered many Bronco fans.  People looked past it during the 6-0 start, but between the poor play calling, over-reliance on underperforming #12 overall pick Knowshon (aka NoGain or NoShow) Moreno on short yardage, sideline histrionics, and the ridiculous trademark gray hoodie he stole from Bill Belicheck along with this latest calling out of Marshall have Denver Bronco fans across the country calling for the firing of this guy who is looking more and more as someone with a Napoleonic complex that is ruining the team he was hired to coach.

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Posted on: January 2, 2010 12:21 am

Marshall better be hurt

If Denver's playoff chances rest solely on Marshall against KC   there are many other issues.  This does not screw Denver.  What is interesting is the locker room.  Will he lose the locker room.  I have not seen that or seen proof of it yet, it is the same people over and over, its not like someone new is involved. 

Time will tell, you nor I or Prisco, yes even Pete., does not know what is going on so all we can do is hypothesize and our personal biases will form our opinons.

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Posted on: January 1, 2010 11:58 pm

Denver is screwed

No playoffs this year, no one for Orton to throw the ball to next year, and what FA is going to want to play for a coach who is going to act like he has this past year?  McDaniels is a pompous ass who will be out of a job by the end of next year. 

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