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Posted on: January 11, 2010 12:03 pm

---It was coming. And it would have been loud. If Green Bay had won the coin toss Sunday and took the kick and went down and beat Arizona, the revolt was coming. Change the overtime rules they would have screamed -- again. My reply to that has always been if defense can win championships, why can't it win in overtime? It did in this one. Karlos Dansby returned a fumble 17 yards for the Cardinals to give them a 51-45 victory. Defense won in overtime. Wow. Now we don't have to hear that mindless babble-speak about the NFL changing the overtime rules. We have this game to throw back in their faces. Don't change the rules.

--The Eagles would be stupid to let Donovan McNabb walk. He has one year left on his contract, so why not play him next season and then take a look at where he stands? They wouldn't get much for a 33-year-old quarterback with one year left on his contract, so why not keep him and see what happens? I heard some speculation that the Eagles could get a first-round pick for him. No way. By the way, it wasn't all on him that the Eagles had troubles in Dallas. The offensive line was whipped. That unit didn't play that well this season after many of us thought it would be a strong point. Kevin Kolb is the quarterback of the future, but that should be a year away at least in my mind.

---I just don't get the Pete Carroll love-fest. He was a great college coach because he could recruit whomever he wanted to USC. But giving him power and paying him $7 million a year to come to Seattle is a bit much. There are better options, cheaper options. Then again, Seahawks owner Paul Allen doesn't have to worry much about money. I sure hope they hire the right GM.

---I've said it all along and I keep saying it, the Cowboys need to get the ball to Felix Jones more. He is gives them a much more explosive option than Marion Barber. He scares coordinators with his speed. Jones' 74-yard run against the Eagles was a special play, the kind few backs can make. It takes great speed. He is the X factor for the Cowboys moving forward.

---Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver will meet with coach Jack Del Rio Tuesday. There has been talk Del Rio will have to wow Weaver to save his job. That's not true. Weaver plans to keep Del Rio, but this meeting has to go Del Rio's way, according to a source, or their could be problems. Weaver will tell him things that need to change. Weaver owes Del Rio $15 million, so Del Rio has a nice parachute if things don't work out. Since Weaver gave Del Rio's staff contract extensions late last season, it would seem unlikely that he will let him go. But it's possible. The word is that if Del Rio does get let go by the Jaguars -- or gets in the USC mix -- the team would target Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz. General manager Gene Smith is high on Ferentz. But that might be costly. A name they should look at is Connecticut coach Randy Edsall. He was a Jaguars assistant under Tom Coughlin and Smith knows him well. Edsall would come a lot cheaper than Ferentz, and is thought of highly by certain people in the organization.

---The Patriots were never the same after Fourth-and-Jackass in Indianapolis. They can say that call didn't matter, but look at how they played after that. Then again, maybe Bill Belichick knew his team wasn't that good when he made that call, which is why he did it.

---Bad move of the year: Patriots getting rid of Richard Seymour. They missed him. The draft picks will be nice, but they missed him.

---Watching Early Doucet catch two touchdown passes playing for Anquan Boldin only backs up my adage that great quarterbacks make their receivers. Kurt Warner is a great passer and I think I'd look good catching passes from him. If Warner is retiring after this season, he will leave with a ticket to Canton.

---Carson Palmer will take a lot of heat for the way he played against the Jets, but the Bengals lack deep speed. When Chris Henry got hurt, and then tragically passed away, they lost their deep threat. They have to get one in the draft. They also have to be far less conservative during the season. They ran it well, but when it came time to throw it they didn't have the offense to do so. Palmer is too good to be handing off all day.

---Green Bay tight end Jermichael Finley is the tight end of our generation, a pass catcher who can split wide and create mismatches for defenses. More and more of this type of tight end will emerge. I think it's great for those of us who love offense. It means trouble for defenses.

---The Cowboys have received a Pro Bowl-caliber season from corner Mike Jenkins. And he played well against the Eagles. The interesting thing about that is Jenkins was almost a backup to open the season. The Cowboys coaches thought Orlando Scandrick outplayed him in the summer, but they weren't sure Jenkins could handle being a nickel corner from a mental standpoint. So they kept him as the starter and Scandrick as the nickel. That has worked out well on both fronts. They both have embraced their roles and played well.

---So Shank -- er Shayne -- Graham misses two field goals and then doesn't meet with the media? Terrible.




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Posted on: January 11, 2010 7:45 pm

Monday Musings

Palmer is too good to be handing off all day.He's not an elite QB, though.  He proved that the last two weeks when he did nothing and next-to-nothing against the Jets.

Saying the receivers don't have deep speed is just an excuse.  Palmer was having trouble hitting his guys no matter where they were on the field.  I can understand not hitting Chad Johnson, since he was blanketed by the excellent Darrelle Revis, but what's the excuse for the rest of those losers?  If QB's make their receivers better, as you claim Kurt Warner does, then Palmer failed them.

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