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Del Rio staying

Posted on: January 12, 2010 1:25 pm

There was no way Jack Del Rio was getting fired.



The Jaguars owe him $15 million, and he wasn't walking away from that, which is why he will be back with the team in 2010. The Jaguars also extended the contracts of his assistants late last season, which means another $5 million. So when owner Wayne Weaver met with Del Rio Tuesday, it wasn't about making a change.

It was about him making changes.

The word, according to sources, is that Weaver wanted Del Rio to change some of the ways he does things.

For a franchise that has financial worries, Weaver couldn't afford to eat $20 million. And there was no way Del Rio would go to USC without getting $15 million, whether the Jaguars paid him that over three years or the two combined to give him that money.

Truth be known, Del Rio deserved another year. He coached a team with 16 rookies and 33 new players to a 7-9 record. How could he be fired for that?

The next step is to get a franchise quarterback.

Without one, he could be called to the owner's office next year and he won't be as fortunate.

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Since: Mar 22, 2008
Posted on: January 12, 2010 7:51 pm

Del Rio staying

I just renewed my tickets for 2010 and the ticket guy says he hasn't seen this kind of activity in January in the 10 years he's been there.were you talking to the ticket guy OR A winn dixie stocker?   this kind of activity? hell florida gators get more of an audience for their practice than any jag game.  Id like to personally thank wayne weaver for pretending like he cares about his franchise. they are both using each other. weaver is going to take the money and run but hes not about to throw 15 million away and jack del rio is laughing all the way to the bank. his coaching is laughable. let me tell you that every team who plays jax is GIDDY today knowing that del rio is still their coach!  I AM!

this team is SOOOOOOOOOO GONE its not even funny!  did baltimore or cleveland ever think they could lose their team??  and this is a team with little or no fans...HELL YES they are gone!  this franchise is a disgrace and the past week of the del rio soap opera is laughable. we all knew del rio wasnt going to be fired even when they were reporting made up crap.  the fact that he wasnt fired years ago for everything and deflecting blame on everybody but wayne weaver that foolish to think this whole escapade is going to change?   keep giving away tickets that nobody wants!  it soon will be all over!  

or better yet, draft another gator and watch him flop like all the rest. YEAH THATS THE TICKET!

Since: Oct 1, 2009
Posted on: January 12, 2010 6:20 pm

Del Rio staying

Whoooaaaaa, Brady Quinn medicine woman?  This guy has done great in Cleveland huh?  Granted he is in a bit of a cluster but he has not looked good, not at all.  I bet the Browns wish you got him too.

Since: May 4, 2008
Posted on: January 12, 2010 5:57 pm

Del Rio staying

Brady Quinn are you for real? Have you seen him play? I would take Garrard over him any day

Since: Dec 8, 2006
Posted on: January 12, 2010 4:42 pm

Del Rio staying

Don't count on lost ticket sales this year.  I just renewed my tickets for 2010 and the ticket guy says he hasn't seen this kind of activity in January in the 10 years he's been there.

Since: Dec 27, 2009
Posted on: January 12, 2010 4:28 pm

Del Rio staying

Agree, when you watch Cleveland you want them to run the ball al the time.

Since: Sep 27, 2007
Posted on: January 12, 2010 3:58 pm


Jacksonville has a pro football team?  When did this happen?

Since: May 21, 2009
Posted on: January 12, 2010 3:21 pm

Del Rio staying

He may be staying, but will make it to SOCAL soon enough in his current position...

why b/c LA said so....not likely but keep beleiving what is written out of LA, b/c they are right so often.....Dont you people get sick of being wrong...and Im sick of you people talking out of your rear b/c it makes you look stupid

Since: May 31, 2007
Posted on: January 12, 2010 3:12 pm

Del Rio staying

I've never been impressed with Del Rio.  It seems like he has a habit of irking good players, and I've never been able to shake the feeling that it was Mike Smith (now with Atlanta) that made his staff really good.  With out him, Jacksonville's coaching seems very average, and their defense isn't anywhere near as imposing... young players or not.

Maybe they'll get that developmental QB this year, and give all the young players a year to develop before making the coaching change.  Then turn over the reigns to an enthusiastic new coach while the whole program is on the upswing, and set him up for success.  It's not a terrible long-range plan, but it may mean one more year of mediocrity before they can expect much in the way of results.

The biggest nuissance for Jacksonville fans will probably be having to listen to all the nonsense about moving to L.A.  That chatter seems to follow anyplace where season ticket sales are down at the time.  For their sake, I hope Jags fans don't have to hear about California all year.

Since: Sep 1, 2006
Posted on: January 12, 2010 3:01 pm

Del Rio staying

I said at the time that the Jags rushed to extend Garrard off of one good season in 2007. They should have waited to see if he could repeat his performance; and to date he has not.

 Conversely the Steelers waited to extend Ben after he had 3 solid seasons (04, 05 and 07) including one Super Bowl win at the time.

I am not going to say Brady Quinn would have been the answer, but the jury is still out as to whether Garrard can be that franchise QB. 

Since: Sep 20, 2006
Posted on: January 12, 2010 2:45 pm

Del Rio staying

If the Jaguars had taken Quinn, Del Rio would be gone by now.  Quinn is a bust.

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