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Marshall to Seattle?

Posted on: March 5, 2010 3:26 pm

Would I give up the sixth overall pick in the draft for Denver receiver Brandon Marshall -- which means paying him a contract that will likely average about $12 million a year?

That's a tough one.

Marshall is reportedly scheduled to visit with Seattle Saturday and word is the Seahawks will try to sign him to an offer sheet. The Broncos would have seven days to match it, or get back the sixth pick in the draft.

The two sides could also negotiate a lesser package, which is possible.

Marshall is a really good player. He does come with baggage, but I think a lot of that is overrated. My question with the Seahawks bid land him is this: Who will throw it to him?

Matt Hasselbeck looks done. Maybe the Seahawks will take Jimmy Clausen with their second first-round pick.

You have to think with Paul Allen money the Seahawks will get Marshall if they want him.
I like Seattle's aggression. And, to be honest, I like Marshall.

I told him at the Pro Bowl that no team would trade and pay for him. Maybe that won't happen, but Seattle seems willing to part with a first-round pick and pay him.

Same thing, I guess.


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Posted on: March 5, 2010 11:48 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

Yeah, I, too am done with all this back and forth. I've definitely made my points as well. And sadly, I don't think you'll ever get it either. But we'll just agree to disagree about the direction of this franchise. And honestly, I DO KNOW more than you think about what's going on in Denver. I do this for a living, man. So, trust me, my 'opinions' aren't all speculative. I DO have basis for my 'opinions.' And like I said, I've been on the Denver bandwagon since '83, so ignorant and impatient I am not.

There's an old coaching axiom I'll paraphrase: even though you're only one seat away from being the head man, it's a whole different world when you're actually The Man. McWeasel was NEVER The Man on a championship team. He was a coordinator. Matter of fact, he was the O-Coordinator that was THOROUGHLY outcoached by Giants D-Coordinator Coach Spags in the Giants-Pats Super Bowl [fact!]. 

Peace to you...GO BRONCOS!


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Posted on: March 5, 2010 11:33 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

I disagree with you about Cutler.  He didnt have 7 injured running backs with Chicago last year did he?  And what did he do?  He still threw 25 ints .  And even he admitted most of those were his fault.   Which is very surprising because he wouldnt have done that with Denver.  He wouldve just stuck out his "Napoleonic" chest and blamed the reciever. Which he did do during the first part of last year, but towards the end he started to grow up a little.  So maybe the trade did make Cutler realize that he is human.  I think he has grown up since then, and believe me I wish it wouldve been with the Broncos.  But again, we need leaders not cancers.  Leaders are like cures to a teams sickness, cancers are the sickness.  Why dont people get that?  Once you have one bad apple they all go bad.  And this story about how coach came in and just started gettin on the phones tryin to trade cutler is all speculative.  We dont know what happened.  Cutler and him were getting along fine at first.  Then it all went bad for some reason.  I agree with you that coach shouldve looked at film with him and all that, but thats if he was given the chance.  Maybe coach was about to do that and Cutler started crying.  WE DONT KNOW.  Again all your assumptions are just opinions.  And you saying coach doesnt have the hardware to show for it is crazy.  I think he has 3 rings to show for it and a lot of records for Brady,Moss and the entire Pats organization.  So your wrong in saying he didnt come to Denver with any "chips"..  actually no your right, he didnt come with any chips.. he came with hardware, and thats why Bowlen hired him.  I cant believe the way some fans are, so ignorant and impatient.  And you my friend are being that way.  Winning takes time, especially with the mess that Shanny left.  Im done with all this back and forth, i think ive ade my point.  If you dont get it then youll never get it. 

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Posted on: March 5, 2010 11:25 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

Seattle doesn't have a third round pick. 

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Posted on: March 5, 2010 11:05 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

Well, BOBBO75, you make some good points. But to say we should blindly follow McWeasel to the end of the earth just because he coaches our favorite team isn't what being a fan -- and individual -- is all about. He's the Broncos coach but it doesn't mean we just agree with everything he does or says. That has nothing to do with being a REAL fan or not.

Cutler, for all his flaws, CARRIED a terribly flawed '08 Broncos squad. If you remember, they had at least six RBs on IR, which meant no running game. Which meant he HAD to force the issue at times. Cutler wasn't the main reason for that '08 collapse. Hell, if not for him, Denver finishes 4-12. He is a mini-Favre in that he sometimes throws careless passes but all he needed was some 'coaching-up', not an egomaniac trying to MAKE his players see EVERYTHING his way. Instead of backstabbing him by flirting with a GAR-BAGE Matt Cassel, why not bring in Cutler to watch every snap of his career, break down all his flaws, and make him into the franchise QB he is.

But instead, McWeasel puffed out his Napoleonic chest and said "I can win with anybody at QB. Even Kyle Orton!" If you'd ask any defender if they'd rather see an Orton type -- an immobile dink-and-dunker 
you can just play press coverage against -- or Cutler type -- a mobile guy you'd have to defend every inch of the field -- I'm sure they'd mostly pick the "Orton type." Give me a guy who can throw on the run better than almost every QB in the league [fact] over an immobile guy you KNOW can't stretch the field and whose only hope of a big play is to throw 25-yard jumpballs to the 6'3 WR.  

Back to McWeasel: you don't win in this current NFL if you're a dictator -- not without the hardware to show for it. Ask Belichick how that "my way or highway" philosophy worked in Cleveland when he first started out coaching. See Mangini, too. You just can't come into today's locker room and say "I'm THE MAN!'...not without some 'chips to back you up. And, for the record, I agree with you that today's players are way too much into style, rather than substance. It's getting sickening. But if you're a great coach, you have to adapt to today's persona. 

And my Nolan assumptions aren't as much speculation as you'd think. I have heard within those walls that Nolan preferred a more attacking/blitz-oriented defense and was shouted he "left." Denver's loss was Miami's gain. 

I'm all for giving Coach McWeasel a chance -- if only because he coaches my fave team. But this isn't a hindsight thing on my part. I dogged him even before the '09 flameout because I never wanted Bowlen to hire him in the first place. My first choices were Cowher and then Rex. I've never bought into the whole Belichick "I'm Smarter Than You, So I Know I Can Win With Coaching Alone" phil
sophy. And McWeasel reeks of that same arrogance. Players win in this league -- STAR PLAYERS. But like I said, I'm a DIE-HARD, so the Broncos will ALWAYS get my full support. I disagree with most his philosophies, so hence my rants. I LOVE MY BRONCOS...NOT THE COACH. 




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Posted on: March 5, 2010 10:38 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

OMG not another year we have a top draft pick and we waist it.  (LAST YEAR) Curry is a great LB, but I would much rather had seen Sanchez in a Hawks uniform.  I would pull the Marshall trade, but it is time to find us a Quaterback.  Get Marshall now, because the Draft QB's are weak and hell Tim Tebow should be around in the second round 

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Posted on: March 5, 2010 10:36 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

Brandon Marshall may want out of Denver but he would have to be cliniccaly insane to want to go to Seattle.  It seems to be the place where wide receivers go to die.  I give you Exhibit A and B

A)  Dei"off" Branch

When he left the Patriots in 2005 he hat 78 catches for 998 yards and 5 Tds playing in all 16 games - granted that was his best year by far.  He also has a Super Bowl MVP somewhere in there if I remember right.

Since he went to Seattle in 4 seasons he has averaged 44 catches for 558 yards and I will give him an average of 3 TDs. He also has been injury riddled and averaged about 10 games a season with 14 being the highest.  Talk about a disappointment if you are a Seahawk fan.  So the team brings in

Exhibit B)

T.J. Who?shmandzadeh from 2004-2008 with the Bengals he averaged 85 catches for  1012 yards and 7 TDs.  Last year, his first with Seattle, an underwhelming. 79 catches for 911 yards and 3 TDs. You kidding me? (You could argue the drop started before his last year but Carson Palmer was hurt then and so was Matt Hasselbeck this year - so let's not go there.)

Brandon Marshall why would you even think about it.  Even if those two guys are still there underperfoming, they are going to take touches away from you.  Couple that with Nate Burleson and John Carlson, Marshall will barely ever see the ball.  Too many targets for one person to have outstanding seasons  (I guess unless you are the 2009 Green Bay Packers who for the first time in history with a 3000 yd passer, 2 - 1000 yd receivers and a 1000 yard back BUT i don't see that happening.)

In short, stay away from Seattle and if Marshall is sent there he is almost undraftable in fantasy until a late round.  Nice knowing you. 

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Posted on: March 5, 2010 10:15 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

I have to disagree with you to a point tbone.  If Broncos get your full support then you should support the coach no matter whats been done.  And what did McDaniels do so bad?  He got rid of a CANCER QB who threw a ton of ints last year for Chicago and has thrown a bunch throughout his career.  He is a bad decision maker and just dumb with the football at times.  He got rid of a QB in Cutler that couldnt swallow his pride keep his mouth shut and just play football.  Instead he started crying like a little baby because his wittle feelings got hurt so coach was like you know what this is football.  This isnt baby football league.. Its the National Football League.  WE dont need little babies in this organization so lets trade you.  And we did and im glad.  I agree Orton isnt the greatest QB but at least hes smart with the football and is a leader, something that Cutler wasnt.  And dont get me wrong Cutler has a cannon and could be a great leader in the future , but for the Broncos he was not.  All of your points in your article are just your opinion.  Which you are entitled to.  We dont know everything that goes on behind closed doors.  Nolan couldve said listen here midget co**sucker im gonna have your job this year.  And coach was like oh yea, your fired.  All we can do is speculate, but at least support the entire organization from top to bottom.  And im gonna make one more valid point, and its not opinion.  Coach has only been there 1 year.  You guys are all doggin him after 1 year.  If this was the 3rd or 4th year then yes your opinion might have some weight.  But it was his 1st year and we were .500.  That aint bad, at least we werent 1-15. 

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Posted on: March 5, 2010 10:02 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

I guess I'd rather have my coach pig-headed and egotistical than my two "stud players".

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Posted on: March 5, 2010 9:45 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

I will ALWAYS be a DIE-HARD Broncos fan. Just because I don't agree with much anything that McWeasel does doesn't mean they won't get my FULL support. You make some valid points, BOBBO75, but trust me, I've been with Denver since '83. I've lived and died with Super Bowl losses and wins. Lived through the fractions of our franchise QBs with our head coaches [Elway with Reeves and Cutler with McWeasel]. Hell, I've even braved the Philly crowds and Jets/Giants crowds in full Broncos gear anytime they played by me. So, bandwagon fan I am not. Disenfranchised? Confused? Angry? Yes! But ship-jumper? No!   

But allow me to point out that MOST of the decisions made by "That Coach" have not panned out. Jettisoning Cutler for this year's #14 pick to Seattle for the chance to draft Alphonso Smith in the second round last year, even though they had a chance to draft Mauluaga. Before Mauluaga got hurt, he was in the running for Defensive ROY. Meanwhile, Smith can't even get on the field in nickle/dime packages...handing the keys to an offense that really wasn't that flawed to Orton who can't accurately throw past 25 yards...refusing to allow Nolan to call more blitzes against the shaky O-lines of Oakland and Kansas City in CRIPPLING home losses...allowing Nolan to leave because of "philosophical differences." The list is long.

I'll give you that Marshall can be a headcase and cancer, but most great wideouts ARE. Some more publicly than others. Hell, we're now finding out that even the venerable Marvin Harrison had some character issues. But to just GIVE AWAY a top-five wideout in his prime is ludicrous. Who's going to catch "FML's" flutterballs now? And correct me if I'm wrong but Denver has had some "bad dudes" in the past and still won. But no one was complaining then because they were winning. Vance Johnson anyone? Romo, anyone?????  



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Posted on: March 5, 2010 9:34 pm

Marshall to Seattle?

I hear alot about Brandon being a malcontent. I hear he acts like T.O. I don't see it. Let's establish what the problem is. Brandon Marshall is one of the top 5 WR's in the NFL. His salary is comparable to the 50th best WR in the NFL. It's like all of you people who go to work for a factory where everyone gets paid $30/hr but you only get $5/hr for the same work. I'm pretty sure most of you will have a problem with that. Now you might say well he signed a contract. Well what good is that contract if you don't perform up to the salary they gave you in that contract and they terminate it? So why wouldn't they restructure a contract as Brandon has easily outperformed his? So let's be clear here Brandon is a disgruntled employee based on his lack of compensation for his work and nothing more. I had heard of no team oriented problem with Brandon until the Broncos basically told him to kiss it when he requested a well deserved pay raise.

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