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Bryant to Bengals: Good move

Posted on: March 10, 2010 5:37 pm


The Cincinnati Bengals probably won't be adding Terrell Owens, but they are adding receiver Antonio Bryant.

That is a great move for the Bengals.  Bryant reportedly agreed to a four-year deal for $28 million from the Bengals.

Bryant has some off-field issues, but he is a big-play receiver who should be a nice compliment to Chad Ochocinco.

There aren't a lot of free-agent moves that I've liked, but this is one of them. The Bengals had big problems stretching the field last season when Chris Henry went down with an injury and then was tragically killed.

The Bengals became more of a running team last year, but they need to give the ball more to Carson Palmer again. With Bryant, that probably will happen.

This is a passing league and the Bengals need to get back more to an up-tempo offense. The addition of Bryant will help open things up for Ochocinco.

Bryant was bothered by knee problems last year and had 39 catches for 600 yards and four touchdowns. He had 83 catches for 1,248 yards and seven touchdowns in 2008 for the Bucs. That's the kind of production the Bengals need to get out of Bryant. If they do, watch out for that passing game.



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Posted on: March 14, 2010 5:17 am

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

I agree with most of what you said " antheman " other then bringing in T.O. I agree he would sell jerseys and tickets. But IMO Matt Jones will surprise you quite a bit. He will back into shape and being 6'6 it will be harder for palmer to over throw him. Cause we all know he isn't following through on a lot of his throws.
Keep in mind Palmer didn't practice/ go through camp with Coles/caldwell, and obviously losing housh who palmer was comfortable with on 3rd downs didn't help looking at it now.
We can break down everything but T.O is probably not going to happen. But if they still do sign him ill be happy.

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Posted on: March 13, 2010 10:51 pm

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

I think they should still bring in Owens if they can get him on the cheap with a one year deal! They need to go for it this year with the possibility that Marvin might walk after the season! It doesn't look like Brown will accept the changes Marvin wants, in order to stay. Sam Wyche lost this battle 20 years ago! The Ocho will probably bolt after this season and injuries are catching up to Palmer. Anyone who has seen number 9 sail balls over receivers heads, knows he's not healthy!  This team can't sell out home games w/o corporate help and I don't see that happening again 2010! Owens would sell tickets, and the bengals are in the business of selling tickets. With a one year deal, they could cut him the first time he acts up! Why not go for it? What do they have to lose? 

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Posted on: March 12, 2010 12:26 am

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

The Bengals wanted to get a WR in free agency so they can wait to take one later in the draft (rather than in the first or second round), so they can focus on Tight End and Safety early in the draft...the two most glaring needs on the Bengals roster right now. Especially with Roy Williams looking like he may not resign.

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Posted on: March 12, 2010 12:24 am

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

I don't agree that Boldin to the Ravens was a bad signing...but how can you not like Bryant to the Bengals? They could either give up a first round pick for a troublesome receiver in Marshall, take a 37 (age he would be next season) year old receiver in Owens, or take the 29 year old Bryant who had a great season in '08 with an average QB in Jeff Garcia throwing to him. What happens when you throw a QB like Carson into the mix? You have to throw last year out. Not only was he bothered by knee injuries all season, but he had 3 different quarterbacks in Byron Leftwitch, Josh Johnson and the rookie Josh Freeman. Give me any receiver in the league and they struggle in that situation.
Not to mention the Bengals needed to add someone with a high YPC average, and Bryant has just that. Now the Bengals can wait till later in the draft to take a WR that does not need to be rushed into starting and can focus on Tight End, Safety, and Offensive Guard in the draft.
Great move.

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Posted on: March 11, 2010 3:42 pm

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

Come on Pete! You blasted the FINS for over paying Dansby yet $28 Million for Bryant is a "good move"??

28 Million for 4 years for a guy who has only twice exceed 1000 yards and had no more than 7 TD's for career high?? And with a history of knee issues???

7 Million a year for a #2 WR?!?!? Come on man!

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Posted on: March 11, 2010 1:33 pm

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

You're totally right gulls2018168. To add on to that, I still expect them to draft a WR in probably the second round because just like the people in the ravens organization said, ITS ANOTHER PIECE TO THE PUZZLE! In matter of fact, if Golden Tate or Dez Bryant somehow drops to 25 in the draft, THEN THATS WHO THE RAVENS ARE GONNA TAKE. Once again, its just another piece to the puzzle. All of you people ever think about when it comes to a #1 WR is speed and popularity. Some people just dont understand what these teams (especially the ravens) are trying to do.

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Posted on: March 11, 2010 11:50 am

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

Ray Lewis, isn't he the guy with the murder charges and inditement from Baltimore?  Wasn't that gun play?  I do believe the hypocrisy can be smelled all the way to Pittsburgh from Balitmore.

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Posted on: March 11, 2010 10:45 am

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

Boldin had 101 catches and I think 1300+ a rookie in 2003, the year before Fitz got there...when Jeff Blake and Josh McCown were throwing him passes. I think Flacco can best those 2 bums. And Warner didn't get there until 2 yrs later and wasn't even the full time starter until '07.

That said, I'm pretty sure he's a #1 receiver. He's only had 2 yrs without 1k yds, in which he missed a bunch of games. Just saying - he'll be fine in Baltimore.

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Posted on: March 11, 2010 10:43 am

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

1st could you please tell me which Bengal player was arrested for drugs??? the recent signing of matt jones ring a bell?

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Posted on: March 11, 2010 9:21 am

Bryant to Bengals: Good move

Trent Dilfer....1st could you please tell me which Bengal player was arrested for drugs???? 2nd, are the Bengals the only team in the NFL that has players on the roster that have been in some sort of trouble in the past, or do people that continue to post these sort of comments, just love clinging to the incidents / arrests, from the 2006 season? Time to move on people.
This is a great move for the Bengals...Bryant does have some past issue, with the operative word being..."PAST", but he also plays with the toughness, that Marvin Lewis covets from his WR's. He is a solid run blocker, makes the difficult catches in traffic, and while being a deep threat, he is willing to go across the middle, and give up his body for the short receptions in 3rd and 5 situations. And most importantly, this is not the same Bengals team from the 05, 06, 07 etc. there is a good mix of veteran leadership and youth on this team, not to mention, that to a certain degree, Mike Brown seems to have stepped back, and has began letting his coaches control the players, and some (if not most) of the personnel decisions. If you are not a Bengal fan, I guess I can understand why you cling to the past, as you are probably unaware of the changes that have taken place recently. Sure, there are still some (younger) players, just like on every other team in the NFL, that make some bone headed choices (just ask 2 time Super Bowl winner Big Ben)...the this team is definitely heading the right direction, and this signing gives the Bengals exactly what they were looking for, a big play, tough WR. This move is also going to allow the Bengals to draft the best player available during the draft, and not so much, just for need. Get used to it people, get current, this is not the same old Bungles!!

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