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LT to the Jets

Posted on: March 14, 2010 7:25 pm
Edited on: March 14, 2010 7:25 pm

 LT is going to the New York Jets. LaDainian Tomlinson has accepted a two-year deal, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, which first reported the story.

Big deal.

What, wasn't Curtis Martin able to help?

That's about what the Jets are getting in Tomlinson: A back who can't get through the holes anymore. Martin retired when he knew it was over. Tomlinson plays on. But if the Jets are willing to give him a two-year deal, why shouldn't he?

I would have used a late-round pick on a runner, rather than sign LT. You can find runners all over the draft board, and younger is better at that position.

Tomlinson averaged 3.6 yards per rush last season. If you watched him play, you know it's over for him.

When the skills of backs go, they go fast. There's no in-between.

The Jets will start Shonn Greene. He proved in the playoffs he's capable of handling the load. They will also likely have Leon Washington, who is coming off a broken foot, unless he leaves as a restricted free agent. It will be interesting to see how Tomlinson handles being a spot back, which is what he should be at the most.

Give him five or seven carries. Hope he can handle that. That's all he'll deserve.

But, hey, give the Jets this much: They have added a name people know.

For whatever that's worth.



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Since: Nov 4, 2007
Posted on: March 14, 2010 11:48 pm

LT to the Jets

Hey, bash Prisco all you want, but as a Chief fan, I'll take Jones in KC and LT in NY any day.  Chiefs backfield went WAY up and the Jets went down.  Period.

Since: Mar 14, 2010
Posted on: March 14, 2010 11:41 pm

LT to the Jets

If you wrote with the same style and class that Ladanian Tomlinson plays with, you probably wouldn't come across as a temp filling in for a real reporter.

Since: Mar 9, 2007
Posted on: March 14, 2010 11:33 pm

LT to the Jets

Thanks for another worthless article Prisco. I used to think people just hated you because you were obnoxious or maybe just fat faced, but now I might actually think you are a lazy idiot too for this half assed crap article.
1) What's with the Curtis Martin reference? Oh wait were you trying to make a joke about LT being old? Ummm yea funny, nice one.
2) All he deserves is 5-7 carries huh. Does he catch any passes? Is he allowed to do that? Maybe him being an extra weapon for Sanchez in the passing game isn't such a bad thing.
3) No reference of the Jets o-line possibly being a little bit of a difference maker in LT's decision (being the #1 rushing offense in the NFL last season).
4) No mention LT's ability to help young RBs like Greene and Washington improve their game. Especially Washington who is a change of pace playmaking back similarish to LT.
5) With Tomlinson once loved and honored by everyone as being the greatest RB of our era, you don't think he is out to prove everyone like yourself wrong that RBs can have a second life? Why not let him work hard to prove it in NY? What do they have to lose with just a 2 year deal?
6) But, hey, give the Jets this much: They have added a name people know. O wait and maybe they can make a small fortune off of marketing LT & selling his jersey to fans all across the country so that maybe the Jets make a nice amount of money out of this too. Maybe its kinda a win-win.
7) For whatever its worth: everyone is right to think you should be fired.

Since: Aug 16, 2006
Posted on: March 14, 2010 11:24 pm

LT to the Jets

Minnebadger what are you smoking ? LT will get way more touches with the Jets than the Vikings ! Your logic makes no sense ! The Jets run the ball more than any team in the league and backing up Shonne Green vs AP will get him many more touches, not the other way around!

Since: Mar 14, 2010
Posted on: March 14, 2010 11:10 pm

Why Bother Prisco?

Pete- did you write this while on the toilet? Why even bother with the post? It's sad when your readers (and haters) write more intelligent and interesting commentary, and you get paid for this? Sign me up!

Since: Jan 6, 2008
Posted on: March 14, 2010 11:03 pm

LT to the Jets

Right on my friend, Hall of Fame RB joins the AFC runner up, behind a great offensive line and rejoining an offensive coordinator he had success with in the past. Jets will hopefully have a three headed monster in the backfield and to think he still can't perform at 31 is a joke. SD line sucked, as a Jet fan I love this move, Greene still needs time to grow and he will make mistakes, seen last year by a few too many fumbles and having LT for 8 to 10 carries is a win win. He will also be helpful in the short ball controled passing game. I certainly trust Mike T and Rex a lot more then Priblow.

Since: Feb 3, 2010
Posted on: March 14, 2010 10:59 pm

LT to the Jets

WHY DOES CBS EMPLOY PRISCO??  I guess he does do a good job getting a response from the people reading his trash online.  HE is the Kornheiser of the interent, a guy who never played anything and has a dumb opinion on everything.
With the Jets O-line LT will be just fine, he is 30, not 40.  He will not be asked to carry the team and will play a nice role in a pretty good maturing offense.  Every time he scored he should flip Prisco the bird, cuz we will score plenty, he has done that a few times over his Hall of Fame career.  Good move for the Jets, get an experienced TEAM first guy in the backfield where they have a lot of young guys for him to help out.  The Jets are making all the right moves, if they could have landed Peppers it would be hello Super Bowl!!!!

Since: Jun 23, 2009
Posted on: March 14, 2010 10:50 pm

LT to the Jets

I don't know why I even bother clicking on the link to Prisco's articles anymore.  As much of an idiot as he is, I'm the bigger idiot for wasting my time.

Since: Feb 6, 2008
Posted on: March 14, 2010 9:42 pm

LT to the Jets

Yeah maybe but who would want to be Adrian Peterson's backup? Also, who likes Minnesota and who likes the Vikings? Really!?!

Since: Jan 8, 2007
Posted on: March 14, 2010 9:40 pm

LT to the Jets

Hey Pete, I thought after eating all the crow from lambasting the Jetsall year you'd be a little one humble, I guess a-holes like you never ever learn, keep up the hate loser it only make you look more pathetic.

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