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Favre decision doomed Childress

Posted on: November 22, 2010 1:15 pm
Edited on: November 22, 2010 1:17 pm

Here's something for Brad Childress to ponder as he fills up that box with his office belongings on his way out the door:  Would you chase Brett Favre all over the place if you had to do it all over again?

When Childress sold his soul for a 40-year-old quarterback, one that clearly isn't the same player he was years ago, it was the beginning of the end for him as coach of the Vikings.

When Childress was fired Monday, replaced by defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier on an interim basis, it marked the ending of a up-and-down ride that would have kids asking for an express pass to ride it since it was so filled with highs and lows.

Can we ever forget the images of Childress playing Al Cowlings to Favre's O.J. Simpson when he picked him up in his black SUV from the airport two summers ago, playing chauffer-boy to the quarterback who he expected to lead him to a Super Bowl?

Instead Favre led him to the unemployment line.

When you relax rules and requirements for one player, it immediately forms a divide in the locker room. Childress, never on solid ground inside of his, lost it with his sick courtship of Favre.

"Chilly" was not only his nickname, but that's the reception he often received from his players.

You can't win that way. He clearly lost his locker room. The players looked like quitters Sunday in their 30-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers. The word was owner Zygi Wilf was livid as he left the stadium, setting the stage for this move.

I have great respect for Leslie Frazier. I think he can turn this thing around and earn himself the top job on a permanent basis. When he worked as an assistant in Indianapolis, people inside the building raved about him. They said he was a lot like Tony Dungy, and the two bonded like brothers. That's high praise.

Frazier brings that cerebral approach to the game. He's also an aggressive defensive coordinator, which you need in this pass-happy league.

The first thing he should do is bench Favre. Play Tarvaris Jackson and find out if he's the long-term answer. If he is, then all the things Childress did to keep Favre as his quarterback will be laughable. Insert jokes here.

Childress had this arrogance about him that players sensed and despised.

Frazier is the exact opposite. That's a good thing.

I doubt you'll ever see him sending a plane to pick up a player or chauffer that player around. Frazier played the game. He knows what it takes for a coach to have and earn respect.

This was a move that had to be made.



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Posted on: December 11, 2010 9:08 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

You are right.  I was wrong.

Hopefully that puts me miles ahead of all the stupid writers here on CBS, and I actually feel dumb for that comment.  Especially when I already knew that to start with years ago but somehow forgot.  Sorry.  But I hope you got more out of my post than that stupid comment I made.

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Posted on: December 11, 2010 8:50 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

You are too young to appreciate Favre.  I wish you were old enough as a Packer fan to watch him pull them from the ashes of the NFL, win three MVP's, take them to two superbowls and win one.  Take it easy on the man who pulled our team back into greatness.

Also, you cant become a traveling quarterback when you are 41 years old.

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Posted on: December 11, 2010 8:39 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

yeah... except when he took the vikings to the nfc championship game and swept the packers in the process.  and i am a packer fan.  idiot.

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Posted on: November 24, 2010 11:32 am

Favre decision doomed Childress

The Vikings were backed into a corner with Favre this year. He makes it so you don't dare draft your future QB when you could get more weapons for him. The Vikes had to roll the dice and give it one more go with Favre. He was their only chance, and this season they rolled a c.raps. Many predicted it, and the Vikings fan base in general didn't want to hear any of it, so they closed their ears and crossed their fingers.

But it was not all Favre.

Jared Allen has a few good games a year, and is invisible the rest of the time. He is not earning his huge salary. He is paid to sack the QB.

AP is inconsistent. He can break one for 20+ yards, but then he will average 2.5 yards for the next 10 carries, and even have negative plays far too often. I thought he was strong and elusive? He is not effective on 3rd and long, so he rides the bench, which makes the Vikings one-dimensional on the most crucial plays in the game. It would be better if AP had a lot more 5-yard gains even if he got fewer 20-yard gains. The Vikings would be balanced and could march down the field while the defense can only guess what's coming.

The Williams wall cannot stop the run. Has anyone told Pat he's allowed to shed a few pounds in the offseason? What a disappointment.

The secondary was not fixed in the offseason. They haven't really let the team down because expectations were never very high to start.

Rice's selfish decision to delay surgery going into a contract year was a huge blow. Had Rice taken care of it, who knows how much better the offense could have been. We know Randy Moss would never have been brought back to Minnesota.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 3:11 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

To the Packers credit there Petey the score was 31-3 stops point shaving you dope...LMAO!!  this is why you don't listen to ANYTHING Pete says...LMAO!!

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 3:01 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

Actually, Favre just delayed the inevitable. He was on the hot seat after 2008 and he needed that miracle season by him in 2009 to save his job for the time being.

Looks like Ziggy Wilf was too stupid to realise that.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 2:38 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

I say they bench Farve to end his start streak.. then dump him.  Show him the same commitment he has shown the Vikings.  Let history decide Farve's fate. Will he be remebered for the passer he was or the selfsh, over the hill, side show he has turned out to be.   Stop putting this guy up on a pedestal...and send him to the gutter where he belongs.  The Viking started to teke out the trash (moss and childress).. finish the job with Favre!

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 12:52 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

I can't say that I agree with Prisco about the decision to "court" Favre like he did led to his ultimate demise. I believe the events that occurred after that part is what led to the firing. First, he allows Favre to skip training camp AGAIN this year after the last year when yeah, about 99% of the players did not mind the fact that Favre skipped training camp the prior year because they were all so excited about getting him to play QB. However, AFTER reaching the NFC Championship game and losing because Favre threw one of his famous INTS to lose yet another championship game, (see Packers loss to Giants 2 years prior) Chilly did not take a stand and act like a leader and say Favre has to be at least present at the start of training camp this year. At that point, he started to lose the respect of the players in the locker room who were busting their butt's in training camp, especially the veterans. Then, Chilly started to lose it at the podium after games and when he started to blame Favre for the losses, he then lost the other half of the players that supported him for letting Favre be a primadonna up until that point. Then, Moss comes on board as a result of Chilly's decison to let a third round pick go to the Patriots, then cut him three weeks later was a move that ultimately doomed him. Prisco simplify's it by saying that the decision to get Favre 2 years ago doomed him, because if they played their cards right this year after they went to the NFCCG and made Favre go to training camp and prepare for their season and Chilly does not act like a moron at the press conferences and sign Moss, I believe he is still there.  Prisco also said that Frazier's first move should be to bench Favre. Prisco HAS to be smarter than that right? First move a rookie head coach who is trying to prove his worth would be to bench a hall of fame QB and break maybe one of the greatest streaks in sports history huh? Something tells me that Frazier is a little smarter than that.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 12:41 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

Childress' demise, to me as a Viking fan started when he choose and continued to chose T-Jack to be his quarterback. Early on in Jackson's career, it was evident that he did not have the ability to perform at the NFL level. Other teams stacked the line game after game daring him to throw the ball.
Childress figured it out and attempted to save himself by begging Favre to come. I didn't like the move last season and hated it even more this year. I think brining Favre in was desperate move by Childress to get some wins and to help T-Jack become a better quarterback. He got the wins last year but having an unorthodox qb who takes a lot of chances does not a good teacher make.
At this point, I don't believe the answer. I'm in favor of putting Joe Webb in and seeing what he can do.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 12:37 pm

Favre decision doomed Childress

Brett Favre is a Cancer.......he is a very selfish individual.. If all isnt just like he wants then anybody around him will suffer....He was that way in Green Bay and with Holmgren and in NY ...The only people that look Great right now are the Green Bay Packers... Wow --dont they keep emerging as the Good guys in the whole Brett Favre vs PAckers Management ordeal. And did they ever make the right decision.....Unfortunately for the Vikings Favre has taken the franchise backwards with his play and his distractions.. And now they must release him...I think his QB rating may be the worst in the NFL and the Vikings owe him NOTHING.. I would release him and give Tavaris Jackson the reps the rest of the season....You need to find out what you have in Jackson and The team you will have NEXT year... Favre will not be around next year... And it would be justice to have Minnesota just release him. Based on his play and his cancerous self. Also If Jackson cannot play --you have to trade for Kevin Kolb or draft a young QB.

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