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Monday Musings

Posted on: December 20, 2010 6:02 pm


---Fire Tom Coughlin? Are you serious? If the Giants beat Green Bay this week, Coughlin will have the Giants in the playoffs for five of his eight seasons with the team, and he has a Super Bowl ring. Yet after Sunday's horrible loss to the Eagles, there is growing sentiment that Coughlin could be in trouble, with Bill Cowher as a possible replacement.
Why is that Coughlin with his ring is ripped, while Jeff Fisher, who doesn't have one, is praised? Fisher is regarded as a coach who could get a job anywhere. I like Fisher. And I think he's a good coach. But Coughlin is better and has done more.
Fire Tom Coughlin? Are you serious?

---It's amazing what happens when criticism comes your way. Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has taken a ton of heat in recent weeks for some bad play-calling. So what did he do against the Saints? He finally got the ball into Ray Rice's hands. It's about time. Rice is a weapon as a runner and a passer, but he's been underused this season. He needs at least 25 touches a game. Rice ran it 31 times for 153 yards and a touchdown against the Saints and had five catches for 80 yards and another score. If the Ravens are to do anything in the playoffs, Rice has to get more games like this.

---Is Matt Hasselbeck done? It sure looks that way.  He has thrown 10 interceptions in the past four games. If Seattle makes the playoffs, which is possible, the Seahawks still will need to address the quarterback position in the draft. It doesn't look like Charlie Whitehurst is the long-term answer either.

---With three concussions this season, Austin Collie has to be concerned for his future. I wonder if he's thinking if it's worth it. I would be.

---I didn't like the decision by Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio to go for a fourth-and-1 from his own 38 early in the third quarter. Why not punt there and play defense? The Colts had lost Collie to the head injury and he was their most effective weapon in the first half. The Jaguars fumbled a botched pitch to Maurice Jones-Drew, but even if they had made it I still think it was the wrong decision. Del Rio plays that way, but sometimes rationale thinking has to take over instead of emotional thinking.

---Terrell Owens tore the meniscus in his right knee Sunday. His playing days with the Bengals are probably over. But I think he can help a team. He proved this season that he can still get it done. That's something that Randy Moss can't say.

---Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning is rumored to be preparing to retire. If not, he has to go. The Dolphins offense just doesn't work. The run-first style is something that worked in the 1980s. It doesn't work anymore. Then again, it might not matter. What if Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants to make a change at the top and fires Tony Sparano? There is talk Cowher is eyeing this job as well. That would be a big splash for Ross, who seems to like that type of thing.

---Why don't the Falcons get much credit? They can lock up the top seed in the NFC by beating New Orleans Monday night and all you ever hear about is the Eagles, the Saints, the Giants and the Bears. Is Atlanta boring or something? I can't figure it out.

----Why do offensive linemen play without sleeves when it's freezing out? It doesn’t make you look tough. It makes you look stupid.



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Monday Musings

One obvious reason the Falcons don't get much credit (i.e., hype) is because they don't play in the Meadowlands.They are otherwise getting plenty of credit; the local newspaper has had them ranked #1 or #2 in their power ranking the last several weeks.

Maybe it's not as much a matter of getting credit as why don't certain individuals spend time talking and writing about them. Well, who has time with the constant demand to know what Brett Favre is doing, or who shot themselves in the leg at a disco this week?

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