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Tebow not ready

Posted on: July 26, 2011 10:51 am

So the Denver Broncos must think Tim Tebow is ready for a starting role.

I don’t.

But I get why they are looking to trade Kyle Orton. They have to find out what they have in Tebow. The previous regime used a first-round pick on Tebow in 2010, so now it's up to John Elway and John Fox to find out what he can do.

The reason why is that is true is because next year's draft is loaded with top quarterback prospects. So find out if Tebow can play or not.

When watching Tebow's starts last season, I saw a raw prospect who doesn't allow plays to develop. He was too antsy in the pocket. He rarely got to the second or third read. He made some nice throws, but they were pre-snap reads.

Yes, he ran well out of the pocket, but NFL quarterbacks don't make their living that way.

As for Orton, Miami and Arizona could be players.  The Cardinals, according to a source, have Kevin Kolb at the top of their list -- provided Carson Palmer isn't up to be traded -- but if that deal to acquire him can't be worked out Orton would be the fallback.

"The concern I would have with Orton," the source said. "is that two teams would have given up on him even though he had some productive games for them."

Orton or Tebow? For the now, that's an easy choice.

But it looks like Denver is looking to the future.

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 9:33 am

Tebow not ready

Well, Pisco is like half the nation on Tebow: glass half empty. No big deal, really. Tebow's actions have already been speaking volumes. 

The real story here is that the Broncos do value Orton and they are seriously interested in developing Tebow. 

 you ask.

It's simple. Orton is a proven starter and has serviced the Broncos well, but Fox and Elway are more intrigued to start their new era with the Broncos by developing their young, raw, talented 1st round draft pick, left over from the McDon'tknownothingaboutrunningateam nightmare. Orton is getting paid nearly ten million dead presidents this year. With the new salary cap, the Bronco's other needs are more important than keeping two starting QBs on the roster. Orton doesn't fit.

I actually think the Broncos are professionally doing both Orton and Tebow a favor if this move works out for both parties. It's a classy gesture.
Orton could be dealt to a team ready to win now. With, say Miami or the Cards, that actually gives Orton his best chance at this stage of his career to succeed. Make no mistake, Orton is the real deal. He has only developed into that Real Deal role since last year, but the year before, he and Marshal had great chemistry and Orton proved that he can play with the big boys. This is nowhere near the Orton that played for the Bears. That "Kyle Orton" is dead. 

With Kyle O out of the way, Tebow has the best chance to develop and gain confidence, work on his mechanics and prove the doubters that technicality is not even half of what it takes to win in the NFL, or is it? 

Time will tell. But Bronco Bashing on this move is out of the question. This move makes sense and the Broncos are serious about turning around what Mike Shanny was close to and What Josh McD completely annihilated in the past four years. 

Some people on here are dissing the Bronco Fans and that is just down right ridiculous. Everyone in Colorado is always bleeding Orange and Blue and what we've all just gone through in the post Shanahan era and all of the drama with our players has been pretty messed up, man. We lost four Superbowls before we won two, so we are well versed in perseverance and patient determination. With Elway and Fox in the fold, you can bet that even if it's not this year, we will return to competitive form and keep our heads up high when we lose until then, knowing that the ship is set straight again. 

Peace and Respect!

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 8:00 am

Tebow not ready

Ask trent to show off his Superbowl ring for you dingalings.
HAHAHAHAHA.  Really dude?  Seriously?  Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl behind an all time historic defense.  Kinda like Jim McMahon.  During the Ravens' playoff run and Super Bowl win, the most points scored against them was 10 and over their 4 playoff games they averaged giving up less than 6 points per game.  Please, just stop.

Fox took beurline and made an all ro out of him.
No he didn't.  Beuerlein played for George Seifert.

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Posted on: July 27, 2011 6:50 am

Tebow not ready

It's going to be a long season Broncos fans...

Tebow may have a heart of gold a tremendous work ethic but he's short on talent at the QB position.  Look on the bright side he won't snap like leaf, he'll spout some dribble and keep the faith.  Lots of people love this guy (and for good reason) BUT he's not ready.  MAYBE if he had a full offseason to prepare he'd have a chance but when the owners locked out the players they locked out any chance Tim had.  Watch the film, he can't make the progressions, he has poor mechanics and he puts a lot of air under his throws.  His few snaps were all close to the goal-line and mostly running plays.  I'd hate to see what happens once the field is extended with this guy; locking in on the first look when he can't just run it in for 2 yards spells disaster in most situations other than goal line.

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 10:36 pm

Tebow not ready

Dilfer and Tebow are different - but people need to stop knocking the QBs already...  McMahon, Dilfer, etc weren't the greatest QBs but it wasn't just their defense - if it was - they how come the Bears in 85 only won one?  How come the Ravens didn't go back?  People always want to find an excuse - Bradshaw only won because of the Steel Curtain, Montana only won because of Jerry Rice, Brady only won because of Vinitieri (ok, that one is true.)  It all sounds soooo stupid.  Dilfer was a good quarterback. Good enough to help a team win a Super Bowl.  He wasn't great, fine I'll give you that - but the Ravens scored points when they had to that season and playoffs - check it out and see.  Just enough already with all the talk about how Dilfer sucked and the Ravens D won it - cause they had that D for a few years before and after, and didn't get back with any other QB.  Just drop it, don't end up like Prisco...

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 10:29 pm

Tebow not ready

Also, to those of you who say Tebow's running style will get him killed - guys like Elway, Favre, Cunningham, Tarkenton, etc played an old-school running QB game to Pro Bowls, Super Bowls, and Hall of Fames..  enough about running quarterbacks being unable to make the transition.  I think Vick is doing pretty well for himself too...he just tries to run around people rather than through - but a couple of the aforementioned guys didn't mind lowering the shoulder - and played for years and years.  

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 10:27 pm

Prisco sets the record for moronic articles!

Orton isn't the answer. Denver knows it.  Tebow is - when he is developed - that's why Orton has to go.  Let Delhomme come in and play teacher as the #2 and let Tebow go through his growing pains.  No one is going to listen to Prisco anyway - I wouldn't ask him his opinion on what to put on my cheeseburger.  You move Orton now, get best possible value from him - and Tebow starts, and struggles, but he will win, and the fans will be happy - which is the point of this anyway.  They aren't going to start with just Moreno there for him, they'll get another solid back - they made out well in the draft, have an awesome Offensive Tackle - they need a leader.  Tebow is a leader.  A winner.  Eddie Royal stays healthy, and he's back in the discussion as one of the elites...  

And I'm a lifelong Raiders fan - so it hurts for me to even talk positive about the Broncos - but I look forward to the competition. 

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 10:23 pm

Tebow not ready

Every starting QB, even the elite ones, starts out having trouble reading defenses, making poor decisions. To Prisco, and the rest of you naysayers, I say give him a chance. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees all started out having many of the same issues. I think Tebow will handle it fine. And when he does, I'll be back to tell Prisco and you negative morons about it.

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 10:09 pm

Tebow not ready

If a qb has the endorsement of John Fox, he is doomed.  Look at Delhomme.  He was a train wreck for the last few seasons in Carolina.  It seems like Tebow's habit of tuck-and-run will be his undoing.  In the last preseason game against Cincinnati last year he go crushed on the last play.  Granted he scored but that kept him off the field for a while. 

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 9:47 pm

Tebow not ready - True

I have a rule, which is that I will agree with Prisco only once a year and this is it for this year.

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 9:28 pm

Tebow not ready

Why does everybody put the onus of scoring TD's on the QB? Does he pass the ball to himself! Same as people pointing out that - oh look at his poor game win percentage! hell so the QB plays all defensive and offensive positions? When are people going to realise that a passing QB like Orton needs a Offensive line to protect him. Not even greats like Manning, Brees, Brady can pass when they are on their back with a 300 pound DL laughing in his face- ask Brett Favre how good he was last year. Orton is a far better than Tebow - gets through his reads better and manages the game. If Denver actually had some decent receivers/tight ends with an improved O-Line, hell even Leinart could make a TD pass or two.

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