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Even I believe Vick is changed

Posted on: August 29, 2011 8:18 pm

Being cynical is my way. I don't believe a lot of things.

I don't believe in UFOs. I don't believe in ghosts. And I usually don't believe the person-has-changed talk after somebody gets in trouble and goes to jail.

I do with Mike Vick.

Even when Vick was doing the things he wasn't supposed to do and not the things he was supposed to be doing in Atlanta, I still liked him. He was funny. He was engaging. You could see there was something good there.

Like everyone else, you heard the stories of how he didn't work. The stories of how he hung with a bad crowd. The stories of how he wasn't committed.

We all did. And it showed. He wasn't prepared. He made due on his wonderful God-given talent.

But he has paid his price. He served his time. He deserved a second chance after the dog-fighting escapades -- and for once I think this is a player who will make the most of it.

So even though the dog-loving public will hate this, I'm about to say it anyway: I'm glad Vick will be getting a long-term deal from the Eagles.

He will receive a reported six-year extension worth $100 million with $40-million in guaranteed money. I'm not sure I would have done that just yet if I were the Eagles.

I'd want to see him do what he did in 2010 for a half a season -- and then pay him.  What's the rush? I'm talking about on the field.

Off it, he's a changed man. You can see that. So he's worth the risk there.

I rarely think rushing to pay a guy is good business. But the Eagles believe in him as their long-term guy or else they would have never traded Kevin Kolb and this does free them up to give DeSean Jackson a new deal.

Eagles coach Andy Reid is a big believer in Vick. And people do change. And Vick seems to have done that, which is nice to see.

This is one instance where sitting in a jail cell pondering life might actually have helped him in the long run.

He truly looks like a changed man. 

Even a cynic like me can see that.

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Even I believe Vick is changed

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Even I believe Vick is changed

I'm sorry [not really!] but paying ANYBODY 40 mil guaranteed or 100 mil over 6 years is just plain wrong. I don't care who they are or what they might be able to do. But I guess I'll never have to worry about increased ticket prices for going to an NFL game anyway. My kids are grown up & have decent job but they'll never be able to afford to take their families to pro games either the way it's going. It's all about being rich nowdays but if I could, I would talk folks like me into boycotting watching NFL & other pro sports on TV. Why?! Just MAYBE if we all did just that, the owners might get it into their heads that an awful lot of Americans are fed up with skyrocketing prices & salaries involved with ALL pro sports. But that's not my only "beef''----no, no way is it! To think that not all that long ago, Michael Vick was behind bars serving time for a very crude crime committed against "man's best friend" & to most of us, this was a very sickening way to treat almost any animal [whether they're fighters or not. Some claim they're great pets. Yeah! Right!]. So we go ahead & overpay a QB that hasn't won a Super Bowl yet while so many on the team [busting their humps blocking & tackling] are making ''peanuts'' in comparison. Makes me sicker than the fluid I drank before my colonoscopy today. In fact it SUCKS! Yell I hope he ends up not living up to their expectations.

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Your Ignorance Is Evident!

Excuse me?  Pit Bulls have been bred to be killed?  Not trying to convince you by any means, but Pits are actually one of the most gentle and loving of all breeds.  The ONLY thing that makes an APBT 'good' for fighting is their mouth strength.  And actually, they are not the breed with the highest psi...that may be Rotties.  It has nothing to do with how 'terrible' or 'bad' you think the breed may be.  Dogs have an inate need only to please their owners and any unwanted action or behavior is learned and/or taught.  For the record, your family Golden Retriever is more likely to bite, and has the stats to prove it as far as bite stats go.  Folks like you who blame the dog and not the owner make me sick. 

Go Birds!

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Posted on: August 30, 2011 12:32 pm

Even I believe Vick is changed

I do care about broader issues of justice and retribution.  Vick behaved like an ass for many years (the water bottle issue, etc.), and society is a little too forgiving.  At the time of his arrest, and ATF agent mentioned that all dogfights had 3 things in common: illegal money, drugs and weapons, and a host of scumbags.  I think Vick got of easy, frankly, as did Rapistberger and Ray Lewis.

I follow this stuff because I enjoy fantasy FB and BB.  If both sports went away, so be it...there are plenty of other things to do in life.  I no longer attend or watch games, and I'm sad about that, but I’m over it.  You should be too.

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Even I believe Vick is changed


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Even I believe Vick is changed

Way to early. I bet Kolb has more passing yards than Vick does this year and is within 2-3 touchdowns +/-. I'm RRRiiiccchhh BBBeeeyyyooottcch

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Even I believe Vick is changed


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Even I believe Vick is changed


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