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Monday Musings: Vick off base

Posted on: September 26, 2011 4:03 pm
Edited on: September 26, 2011 4:10 pm

Mike Vick needs to stop crying.

He doesn't take any more late hits than any other quarterback in the league. He just takes a lot of shots because he holds the football, always looking for the big play.

Vick was way off base when he whined about the shots after the Eagles loss to the Giants Sunday. Vick's problem is that quarterbacks who hold the ball will take a lot of shots.

Quarterbacks who hold it and run take even more. Quarterbacks with a bad interior of the line on top of it compound the number of hits.

Vick has been knocked out of the past two games, but both injuries came in the pocket. But both times he was hit while holding onto the football.

I think Vick has made great strides as a passer. But the next big step is getting the ball out on time.

If that happens, he will take fewer hits.

Maybe a concussion and an injured hand on successive weeks will help get that message through to him.

Vick is expected to miss possibly three weeks with the broken hand. Maybe if he spends that time watching the tape he will see how much safer it can be to quit looking for the big play all the time and take the check-down.

--Green Bay Packers corner Sam Shields hangs out with Chicago Bears receiver Devin Hester in the off-season. It's a "U" think since both played at the University of Miami. But that didn't stop the two of them from getting into a fight, punches thrown, in Green Bay's 27-17 victory over the Bears. "That's what goes on all the time in football," Shields said. "Hey, at UM, we fight all the time like that. So it's nothing new. He pushed me during a route, and he kept pushing me in the face, and I pushed back. He kept pushing and he just got caught.''I asked Shields if he planned to hang out with Hester again, and he said he would. But this I thought to be interesting: He didn't shake his hand after the game.

----By now, you probably know that Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio is on shaky ground. His team is 1-2 and this is likely a win-now situation or he's gone. But what's interesting about that is this: He is the only person of substance inside the Jaguars building that is not in the final year of their contract. That includes general manager Gene Smith, his staff and all the assistant coaches. Owner Wayne Weaver opted against giving Del Rio's assistants extensions, which puts them in tough positions since they know that with Del Rio's head on the chopping block they have to be prepared to move on. As for Smith and his staff, that makes little sense. If he has the keys to rebuild the team, which is what Weaver has said many times in the past since promoting him to run things, shouldn't he have more years on his contract? I think Smith deserves that. If Del Rio is let go -- and facing New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the next four games he is staring 2-5 or 1-6 in the face - expect to see either offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter or defensive coordinator Mel Tucker named interim coach. As for the future, who knows?  But if Smith is going to remain in charge with building this team into a contender, he needs more job security. If he isn't, then is begs this question: Is Weaver ready to turn to a coach/general manager type?

---I've been saying for years that the Ravens lack of speed outside showed up every week and hurt their passing game. Say hello to Torrey Smith. When the rookie came out of Maryland, the book on him was that he could fly but had problems with his hands. In his first start Sunday against the Rams, he showed off that speed with three touchdown catches in the first quarter. Smith will help open up a Ravens offense that needs it. Joe Flacco threw for a career-high 389 yards against the Rams. Anquan Boldin as a compliment to Smith's speed will make for tough covers for opposing defenses.

---Count Dolphins coach Tony Sparano as officially in trouble. The Dolphins are 0-3 and Sparano has lost 21 of his last 35 games, including six in a row. With the Dolphins courting Jim Harbaugh this past spring, then settling on Sparano for another year, there's no doubt his days are numbered. Nice man. But business is business.

---Amazing stat: The Jaguars are the only team in the NFL to hold opponents under 300 yards in each of the first three games. Too bad their offense averages 9.6 points per game.

---The Patriots are scoring a lot of points. They're also giving up a ton of yards. The pass rush is non-existent and the secondary has issues. That will make for a lot of shootouts, which we've seen already. New England didn't sack Buffalo's Ryan Fitzpatrick and he carved them up Sunday. For all the talk of how good they do things in terms of personnel, how come they can't find a pass rusher?

---Packers tight end Jermichael Finley had three touchdown catches against the Bears, showing off his ability to beat any type of coverage. He creates real match-up problems for teams. Finley is the prototype tight end for the modern game, a big, speedy player who runs like a receiver.

---The Ram are 0-3 and in the middle of a brutal stretch of games. When I spent time with the Rams this summer that was a big concern of the staff. They thought their team might be better, but take a step back in terms of record because of the schedule. The early-season injuries haven't helped. But let's table any talk that coach Steve Spagnuolo is in trouble. He isn't.

---I am still amazed that Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz doesn't let Jay Cutler audible out of bad plays. I know it's worked in the past when he was with the Rams, but this is a different era. Defenses are much more complex. It's time to change that.

---Is there a better coach than Tom Coughlin of getting his team to play better when nothing is expected of them? It's been that way his entire career. Coughlin coaches better as an underdog.  The 2007 Giants are proof of that. Upsetting the Eagles as 9-point underdogs on Sunday is more proof.

---Andy Dalton and Cam Newton both looked like rookie quarterbacks Sunday. That will happen. There still learning how to play the position.

---If the Steelers don't play better on the offensive line, Ben Roethlisberger might not make it through the season. Imagine if Roethlisberger couldn't move around the way he does?  

---I have to give credit to Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. He has played well the past two weeks, proving me wrong. Three games does not make a season, though.

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Monday Musings: Vick off base

Define holding the ball too long and looking for the big play ? A lot of the hitsd he takes his offensive line look like bull fighters vs the defensive linemen they face. Winston Justice has had more DL's, DT's run by him untouched and unabated to the QB than I have ever seen from any OL. Vick is scrambling away from the moment the snap occurrs. Watch highlights vs the Lions last season. It's simple, Vick got his contract & paid. Those keeping him alive & safe didn't get compensated accordingly. So like any business or position, regardless of industry, pay someone else, why do more than the bare minimum to keep a job and stay healthy for yourself ? It's called incentive and it's not there for a lot of other players & employees. It works that way where any of us work. They pay another better, don't come to my office looking for me to do his work and if the project gets stuck, go ask wonderboy for the solution, otherwise better bring his sack of money and pay me with it and I may just come up with the winning solution.

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Posted on: September 26, 2011 4:45 pm

Monday Musings: Vick off base

Vick should cry.  Why not? He is a QB and he is angling for a call or two to help his team.  This is not about the calls, but about the officials.  Say something and usually someone does something.  Good for him.  Sparano is out, but you did not mention Haley.  Haley is gone before Sparano (IMO) since he had something to work with and now they look like the worst team in football.  Also, Cam won, so lay off.  Good for him too.  I do think Del Rio is not in trouble since he has a built-in excuse and that is Mr Gabbert. 

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