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Did Jaguars know about Garrard's back?

Posted on: October 18, 2011 2:10 pm

So David Garrard's agent Albert Irby thinks the Jacksonville Jaguars did his client wrong?

He thinks the Jaguars released Garrard because they knew he had back troubles?

If that's true, why didn't Garrard fight the release, rather than thanking people in the organization for what they had done for him on the day of his release?

Here's what I know: Coach Jack Del Rio was the one who facilitated the Garrard release. But Del Rio was not in the building on cut day, instead attending his son's football game in Atlanta. So the decision wasn't made on the Saturday of the final cuts.

It was instead made the following Tuesday, after Garrard struggled through a practice on Sunday. Del Rio planned to bench Garrard, which he told general manager Gene Smith, and the decision to cut Garrard was made because the team would have been on the hook for his $8 million salary if he were on the opening-day roster and then let go.

Smith took the heat for the move. And it was indeed his decision to release Garrard, but only after Del Rio made the move to bench him. Fiscally, it was the right decision once Del Rio made the move to sit him.

At the meeting to tell Garrard he was being let go, the quarterback thanked those in the room -- including Smith and Del Rio -- and thanked them for the opportunity they had given to him. He even hugged some people on the way out, according to a source.

Did Garrard's back injury play a decision in his getting released? It had too since team sources say there was a concern that Garrard seemed to be hesitant and not playing with the same toughness he had displayed before hurting his back. 

Toughness was always one of his strong points. He took a ton of shots, but the back injury made him a little jumpy in the pocket, according to sources.

Now Garrard is having surgery for a herniated disc and one has to wonder if he will try and go after his 2011 salary through the courts. 

Keep an eye on this. It could get interesting

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Posted on: October 24, 2011 12:44 pm

Did Jaguars know about Garrard's back?

I guess they're really moving to St Louis since they drafted a Mizzou QB.  And the Vikings are moving here since they drafted from FSU, and Miami is moving to Pittsburg since they drafted Marino.  You're just mad because they cleaned all of the Gator trash out of the locker room.

If anyone should have known about Garrard's back, it should have been Garrard. 

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Posted on: October 22, 2011 10:45 pm

Did Jaguars know about Garrard's back?

Absolutely.  Don't think for a second that because it's Jacksonville that it is not a calculated move.  $8 million reasons to cut him.  Just like Sims-Walker..they knew he wouldn't make it...especially @ his price.  They let him go...Bring him back on the cheap.  Don't think for a minute that the Jags are not moving to L.A> either.  Where are a lot of their recent high profile draft picks from?  Maurice Jones-Drew UCLA, Marcedes Lewis UCLA, Mike Thomas Arizona, Tyson Alualu California, Kyle Bosworth UCLA, and Russell Allen San Diego St.  Several other players not as well known as well.  "If you build it, they will come."  (If you have local players you have a fan base).  Shrewd business moves!  Not an accident.  The L.A. Jaguars coming your way! 

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