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Stay out, Commish

Posted on: July 23, 2008 6:41 pm


So Brett Favre is above all other National Football League players, looking down from his lofty perch at that top?

Why do I say that?

When was the last time NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told a team to do something with a disgruntled player?

That's what Favre has become, like it or not. He's trying to be bigger than the game, trying to force the Green Bay Packers to let him go after playing his retirement badminton game the past four months.

The Packers have said they will welcome him back -- if he wants back, but only as a backup.

Is that any different than the end of other great careers? It's a cruel business this NFL, one that can turn a quarterback icon into a clipboard holder in a couple of months.

It's the Packers decision to make on Favre. Not Goodell's. If they want to keep Favre as a backup, so be it.

There are a 100 backups in situations they might not like who would love to have Goodell intervene on their behalf, players, like Favre, who have contract obligations.

I respect Goodell greatly. I think he's been good for the league. But if he's pushing the Packers to trade or release Favre, I think he's overstepping his powers.

That's a team decision.

Not a league-office decision.

When you boil it down to the basics, and sift through the Favre love-fest we've witnessed over the years, he's still just an NFL player, nothing more, if he wants to come back.

Deal with it, Brett. You're a backup in Green Bay.

Having the commissioner intervene isn't good for the league. Can't you see it now?

Player: Hey, commish. Any chance you can talk to my coach about getting more playing time? Any chance you can get me traded?

Goodell: Is your name Favre? Uh, can't do it.

Nobody is bigger than the game. Let's keep it that way.



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Since: Oct 6, 2008
Posted on: October 6, 2008 12:17 am

Stay out, Commish

prisco sucks. only positive things about him show up here. I've ripped him for years cause he sucks, but it does'nt  show up!

Since: Oct 6, 2008
Posted on: October 6, 2008 12:15 am

Prisco sucks

 had my worst week ever listening to this chump. I do better on my own. should start my own web site. he is a fag.

Since: Oct 6, 2008
Posted on: October 6, 2008 12:12 am

Prisco ice cold...

I followed your picks this week. You suck. I know more about football than you do.  How easy is it to get your job? whatever it is.

Since: Jul 24, 2008
Posted on: July 24, 2008 11:58 am

Stay out, Commish

I agree with Prisco.  I've heard all the rumors and the Simms discussion, but I still think we stick with Garcia.  He got it done last year, knows the system and proved to be a great team leader.  Trade Simms for another receiver and let Farve be backup at Green Bay. 

Since: Jul 7, 2007
Posted on: July 24, 2008 10:33 am

Wow, Prisco Is Right!

Who would have ever thought Priscoe could be so dead on about something. It's simple, Green Bay owns his contract and it's up to Green Bay to decide what to do with it, after all they alone are going to have to deal with the consiquences. Favre has gotten special treatment his whole NFL carreer and it's time to stop. I like Roger Godell and he has done a good job so far, but where was he or any other commissioner when Brett was holding the Packers hostage year after year with whether has was going to retire or return? Why didn't someone from the head office step in then? They didn't see fit that it was their place to intervene then and it certainly isn't now.

Since: Mar 17, 2007
Posted on: July 24, 2008 10:31 am

Stay out, Commish

Well stated, Pete.

My feeling is that Roger taking the initiative to contact Ted, but not Brett, implies the Packers are the ones at fault (which I couldn't disagree with more!)  Brett is the initiator, the waffler, the one making unusual (and unreasonable) requests!

Where was Roger over the past four months when Chad Johnson was whining through the media......AGAIN?  Shall we expect to read about his conversations with Bears' management now that Devin Hester is unhappy?

Pete, you hit the nail on the head.  Roger is now into micromanaging.  This is setting a precedent that will create more problems than solutions.

Thanks for recognizing (and writing) the obvious.

Since: Mar 17, 2007
Posted on: July 24, 2008 10:23 am

Stay out, Commish

Well stated Pete.

The GB Press-Gazette reported this morning that Roger's calls to Ted were "to stay abreast of the rift between Favre and the team than to advise a course of action."  

IF there is any persuasion or coercion on behalf of Roger, why wouldn't he also be directing it at Brett?  He's the initiator....the waffler.....the one making unusual (and unreasonable) requests.  His contact with Packers' management but not Brett gives the implication that the Packers are the ones at fault.  Bad message.

Where was Roger over the past four months when Chad Johnson was whining through the media.....again?  Shall we expect him to contact with the Chicago Bears now that Devin Hester is unhappy?

You're completely correct with your take on this.  He's being short-sighted and setting a precedent of intervention that will create more problems than solutions. 

Since: Jan 30, 2008
Posted on: July 24, 2008 8:41 am

Stay out, Commish

I'm sooooo sick of hearing about Roger Goodell.  Is this the NFL or the WWF?  Next thing you know he'll be challenging Belichick to a steel cage match at Lambeau Field. 

I miss Paul Tagliabue ... <sniff>

Since: Aug 16, 2006
Posted on: July 24, 2008 2:57 am

I'll tell you straight up, buddy

I disagree.  Favre is not like every other player in the game.  You want to know why?  I'll tell you why.  And I'm a Vikings fan.

Favre has done more for the Packers franchise than anyone not named Lombardi.  Single-handedly.  And what about for the league?  He's been their Peyton Manning-esque hero, years before there was a Peyton Manning.  Do you realize how much he's done for this league?  He wasn't as great as Michael Jordan, but you know, it's a pretty good parallel.  Better than with anyone else in this league.  I think the NFL should do the smart thing and stop this spectacle before it drags on any longer.  And that's what Goodell is doing, like it or not.  It is a distraction that is hurting everyone involved.

It's obvious that no one involved is going to budge, so why force an awkward situation?  Someone's got to stand up and fix this mess.  Who better than the commish? 

Since: Nov 10, 2006
Posted on: July 24, 2008 2:41 am

Stay out, Commish

I agree that Goodell should stay out of this type of thing, but I'm unsure as to what he has said to the Packers.  The only thing that I had heard was that he encouraged the Packers to get this situation handled.  I was unaware that he had told the Packers to trade or release Brett Favre. 

Priscoe is right that no player is bigger than the game.  I just wonder if Goodell's action here is motivated by the very comment that no player is bigger than the game itself.  What I mean is that if Favre and the Packers continue the route they're on that this will be the topic all season long.  If it continues, then Favre is becoming bigger than the game itself as he will be the headlines and 1st story ran each week.  I'm not saying that's Goodell's intent, but it may be---based on what I've heard/haven't heard.  By taking care of this sooner rather than later, it will put the emphasis on the NFL and the games/players involved and not a retired disgruntled QB. 

Granted, if he gets released/traded he will still be the top story at the start of things, but it will also be involving his new team and their highlights.  It won't be about a retired player who wants to play and is fueding with his former organization. 

The only thing that I disagree with is that Favre is just another player.  I don't think he deserves a release or trade if the Packers don't want to do that, but this isn't just another QB.  He is one of the best and holds all sorts of records. 

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