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It's toasty in Green Bay

Posted on: July 27, 2008 8:05 pm

The last time I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the temperature was 15-below zero, causing me to praise the fact I live in Florida.

It was 100 degrees hotter than that when my plane landed there Sunday.

It's even hotter inside the Green Bay Packers' offices. With Brett Favre threatening to send in his letter of re-instatement any day, the Packers can't be too happy. If he comes back, they pay him $12 million to sit and watch, not to mention have to deal with the legion of Favre lovers who want him to play.

Favre will put off reporting a couple of days -- the team reported Sunday -- to try and give the Packers time to work out a trade. If not, he said he's coming to camp.

Practice that clipboard holding, Brett.

If the Packers can't trade him, they don't want to let him go to a team in their division, which he would do if he were released. So life as a backup might be in Favre's future. Aaron Rodgers is their guy.

Favre went national this weekend to some of his buddies in the media and let his story out, basically once again trying to portray himself as a victim. He said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to him again Saturday, with the chance the Goodell could intervene. He said he talked with Packers general manager Ted Thompson, who urged him not to report Sunday.

Why Goodell is involved is questionable. It's not his business. Favre's a player under contract and the team views him as a backup.

Story over.

The Packers have moved on. I feel for coach Mike McCarthy, a good man who doesn't need this circus hovering over his team and their camp.

Once again, Favre is trying to be bigger than the game. If his name were Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens, he'd be getting fried like a cheese curd. As it is, Favre is getting a pass.

Pass is an interesting word. Do those who think Favre can still be a star forget his last pass? That went into the stomach of one Corey Webster, leading to the Giants' game-winning-field goal in the NFC Championship Game.

That was six months ago, the last time I was in Green Bay. It was bitter cold that day.

Too bad I didn't have the Favre-Packers fire then to warm me up.


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Since: Feb 18, 2008
Posted on: July 28, 2008 1:54 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

This is no different than when Joe Montana or Jerry Rice had decided they wanted to continue to play, but the 49ers had other plans "to move on" much like we keep hearing from the Packers.  If the Packers truly appreicate everything Brett has done for the organization over the years, then they will grant him his release and allow him to possibly play for another contender for 1-2 more years.  Brett has earned that right.  The idea of paying $12 million  for a back-up QB is almost funny.  The big picture here for the future of Packer football is the implications that would have on the salary cap?  I believe that is money the Packers could better spend elsewhere...  so thank Brett for his many years and let him have his release.  He has earned it, and it will allow both parties to move forward.

And in the big picture it has no meaning anyway because Indianapolis will have the best team in football on the field anyways.

Since: Jul 28, 2008
Posted on: July 28, 2008 1:41 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

The Packers management, specifically Ted Thompson, has really messed this whole situation up.  Why would the GM not want the top QB to play for the Packers?  With out a doubt Brett Favre is the best QB on the roster.  Why not let them compete for the starting job?  It just does not make sense.  Aaron "The Chinaman" Rodgers will not make it past the 3rd game of the season.  Mark "Howdy Doody" Murphy needs to get Ted "Deer in Headlights" Thompson in line.

Since: Aug 26, 2006
Posted on: July 28, 2008 1:27 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

Brett Favre is 12-10 in playoff games and Peyton Manning is 7-7.  Does Manning suck too?  No, he does not. 

Yes, there's no guarantee Favre makes them better...there's no guarantees on Rodgers either (except that he's probably getting hurt very soon) or anything.  Favre is in the extreme twilight of his career, that's not what this is all about.   

Since: Aug 26, 2006
Posted on: July 28, 2008 1:19 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

He offered to compete for the job Murph/Jeff/Dope and they won't let him.  Get your facts straight.

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Posted on: July 28, 2008 1:00 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

Those who are certain Favre is still an elite quarterback should remember these facts.  Brett Favre ranked 6th, 25th and 31st in Quarterback rating the last three years and has won 3 playoff games in the last 10 years.  Brett Favre is a future hall of famer and was a 3 time MVP.  However, the facts above are just that, facts and while it might, there is no guarantee his presence would make a football team better.



Since: Jan 16, 2007
Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:45 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

Honor his conract???  He will only come in if he is the starter.  I am not a math whiz but since there are 22 starters and 53 guys on the roster, I'm pretty certain most guys have to report and commit and accept the role the coach gives them.

The fact that he made his famous call to MCCarthy the day after minicamps ended is also a little too coincidental.  Seems to me as soon as the parts he viewed as "boring" were over, he figured he could just make a call and be the man.



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Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:39 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

Perfect comment.  What is Roger Goodell in this for.  Brett is viewed as a backup so he'd rather start somewhere else.  There are hundreds of athletes who would rather go somewhere else but Goodell doesn't step in to push a trade and certainly wouldn't force a team to release a player.  You don't release a player with any trade value.  You don't release the 54th player on your roster if you can get a 7th rounder for him.  Expecting special treatment is one thing, expecting the commissioner to push special treatment that hundreds of other players do not get, it taking it to another level.



Since: Aug 26, 2006
Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:38 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

A player selfish for trying to honor his contract?  For trying to show up and play??  That's pretty dumb Prisco, even for you.  You're comparing him to people who hold out, want more money...but then again, you're not too bright.   

Yes, Favre's a serial flip-flopper and he handled everything quite poorly.  But the Packers, in my opinion, have handled things even worse.  The respect meter for the Packers organization is very low right now.  It's sad.  I have tickets coming for a game and I don't even want to go now.  Just disgusted by this mess. 

The opinions of Packer fans and stockholders are the only important ones to me and it seems like we've been ignored.  The thoughts of Prisco, Goodell, Bears fans, etc. can basically go to hell.  What do they have vested in this, anyway?   

Since: Jun 12, 2008
Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:13 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

"Pass is an interesting word. Do those who think Favre can still be a star forget his last pass? That went into the stomach of one , leading to the ' game-winning-field goal in the NFC Championship Game."

Prisco = Moron     

Tell me Prisco, what was Tony Romo last pass? Hmm, it was an interception by the Giants! What was Brady's last pass? Hmm knocked down, could of easily been intercepted, to which team.....oh yeah the Giants. Here's an idea, maybe the Giants played excellent defense? And if you don't like the cold, keep your a$$ in the retirement home in Florida.

Since: Sep 3, 2006
Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:02 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

How about trying a different route to try to please everyone?  I'm suggesting something a little different, yet not totally radical.  Aaron Rodgers deserves his chance to play, so why not let him try to play elsewhere?  Teams would be willing to give up more for someone who has (possibly) a decade to play.  Yes, I know he is an unproven commodity, but keeping him on the bench for a 4th year behind Favre would be as ridiculous as not letting Favre come back to play.  We already drafted his heir apparent or safety valve(whichever terminology you prefer) in Brian Brohm.  I don't know what the Packers could get for Rodgers, but a first rounder and a mid rounder would do it for me, provided it was to an AFC team.   This would allow Brohm the same experience in developing behind a legend, and maybe, just maybe, save the faces of Thompson, McCarthy, Favre, Rodgers, and the entire Packers organization.

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