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It's toasty in Green Bay

Posted on: July 27, 2008 8:05 pm

The last time I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the temperature was 15-below zero, causing me to praise the fact I live in Florida.

It was 100 degrees hotter than that when my plane landed there Sunday.

It's even hotter inside the Green Bay Packers' offices. With Brett Favre threatening to send in his letter of re-instatement any day, the Packers can't be too happy. If he comes back, they pay him $12 million to sit and watch, not to mention have to deal with the legion of Favre lovers who want him to play.

Favre will put off reporting a couple of days -- the team reported Sunday -- to try and give the Packers time to work out a trade. If not, he said he's coming to camp.

Practice that clipboard holding, Brett.

If the Packers can't trade him, they don't want to let him go to a team in their division, which he would do if he were released. So life as a backup might be in Favre's future. Aaron Rodgers is their guy.

Favre went national this weekend to some of his buddies in the media and let his story out, basically once again trying to portray himself as a victim. He said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to him again Saturday, with the chance the Goodell could intervene. He said he talked with Packers general manager Ted Thompson, who urged him not to report Sunday.

Why Goodell is involved is questionable. It's not his business. Favre's a player under contract and the team views him as a backup.

Story over.

The Packers have moved on. I feel for coach Mike McCarthy, a good man who doesn't need this circus hovering over his team and their camp.

Once again, Favre is trying to be bigger than the game. If his name were Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens, he'd be getting fried like a cheese curd. As it is, Favre is getting a pass.

Pass is an interesting word. Do those who think Favre can still be a star forget his last pass? That went into the stomach of one Corey Webster, leading to the Giants' game-winning-field goal in the NFC Championship Game.

That was six months ago, the last time I was in Green Bay. It was bitter cold that day.

Too bad I didn't have the Favre-Packers fire then to warm me up.


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Posted on: July 28, 2008 10:05 am

It's toasty in Green Bay

I think you just took the words right out of my mouth.  It's kind of funny, the Packers say he can come as a backup, but then they say he can't compete for the starting job.  WTF?  So basically they are saying you can come back and stand here.  I Wonder if they know how stupid they sound?  So when Rodgers goes down (and I'm sure he will) would they put Favre in?  Do they really have that much faith in Rodgers?  Do they really think he will be able to play every game?  Ted Thompson needs to get off his high horse and stop trying to make his draft pick of years ago the new franchise QB and toot his own horn.  Look at me I picked our new QB.  Rodgers is decent, but I hardly think he is the next franchise QB.  I think Brohm will overtake him in a year or two.  The only way the Packers can get out of this is to just release Favre and stop acting like idiots.  They did it with Reggie White, why not Favre?

Since: Apr 14, 2008
Posted on: July 28, 2008 9:40 am

It's toasty in Green Bay

I think the Packers are nuts. I was blaming Favre for changing his mind and wanting to come back, therefore causing this whole mess. I am a Viking fan and believe me I was happy that he retired! Then, I thought about it and I changed my mind too. He has a right to change his mind like anyone else and whether it's for money or 'the desire to compete', doesn't matter. Although I think he's almost as much of a liability as an asset, with his reckless style (Please refer to the last play of the NFC Championship Game), I don't want to see him back! My opinion is, the Packers should take him back and let him compete in camp for the starting QB position. For gratitude of service if nothing else.  Aaron Rodgers is talented but unproven and replacing a legend is never easy. They just barely missed the Super Bowl last year and I believe that the odds are, starting Rodgers would be a step back.

Since: Jul 14, 2008
Posted on: July 28, 2008 9:32 am

It's toasty in Green Bay

I couldn't agree more! To add to that Prisco, how is Favre getting a pass? He has been destroyed in the media in recent weeks about his flip-flopping! Are you kidding me? Even your boy Freeman over there ranked him as 7th biggest jerk in all of sports (beating out Tyson and Pacman mind you)!!

It is utterly disgusting how fans are so naive to actually side with the front office on this. If anyone has ever worked in the corporate sector, you should realize that these are cut-throat types of people, whose biggest interest is protecting their own ass. Favre on the other hand, is the blue collar guy. The guy that shows up and works hard, only to get the raw deal by upper management. With that said, I agree that Favre should have considered all of this before retiring (regardless what management was trying to force him to do), and to vent through the media probably wasn't the wisest alternative. However, the man made a mistake, and in hindsight, would rather correct that mistake, then potentially regret this decision of not playing for the rest of his life. For all he has done for the organization and the game of football, has he not earned the right to simply "make a wrong decision".

And on a side note, what kind of answer was that from McCarthy about moving on and emphasizing defense? First off, last I checked, you could emphasize both. Secondly, if they are so high on Rodgers talents, then why the emphasis on D? Then why draft 2 QB's? Then why be so terrified that Brett comes back to burn you with a NFC rival? It is all a joke, and unfortunately Brett will suffer in the short term, but it will be this franchisr that is in turmoil for years to come!!!

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Posted on: July 28, 2008 3:58 am

It's toasty in Green Bay

Prisco, you suck (expletive).


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Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:41 am

Trade him and get some picks and players

You're right. Prisco's comparison of Farve to Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens is silly--not to mention retarded, arrogant, disgusting, and wrong. Let me guess, soon the race card will come out of your filthy sleeve and be played with a smarmy grin. Farve is white and Johnson and Owens are black. That's what you mean, right Prisco?

Johnson and Owens are selfish, arrogant, and unethical--although very talented. Both have refused to play (or threatened not to) trying to extort more money while under contract. Owens has been dumped by several teams for his unprofessional behavior. He has skipped numerous practices, ripped his teammates and coaches, and refused to honor his contract. Johnson is mostly a clown, but even he makes a mockery of the concept of sportsmanship and teamwork. Both of those clowns scream, "LOOK AT ME" with everything they do and say. Both seem to care more about themselves than winning. I think both would greatly prefer to lose and catch passes for 200 yards and a couple of touchdowns than win with low numbers of catches.

Let me detail the "heinous" offenses of Farve: He changed his mind. (That's it!) He has never claimed any mistreatment by the team. He has not criticized them. What did he do? He retired. The team begged him to come back. He rejected them. They proclaimed Rogers the starter and conducted off-season workouts with Rogers at the helm. Now Farve changes his mind. He's not demanding to be the starter. He's only asking to play. He is willing to be traded. He has never--to my knowledge--refused to honor a contract. He has never ripped his coach or teammates publicly. What exactly is comparable to what Johnson and Owens have done? NOTHING!

If you take the Pack managment at face value, this is a great opportunity to trade him and get some good picks and/or players. Why do I sense that the real pain they feel is that they know Farve can still play? They know they are going to be crucified by their fans when he plays well for another team. How childish if true. What they are really saying is: "We decide when you retire. Our plans take precedence over your career. You are inconveniencing us--embarrassing us." This for a guy that WAS their franchise for so long. How ungrateful!

I don't mind the cynical people who pity or laugh at Farve for his emotions (although I strongly disagree with such negativity and nastiness). They are negative people, but at least they don't lie. Farve's changes of mind might be annoying and troublesome for the Pack, too. However, Prisco is a "whole nother story." Either Prisco lied about Farve when he compared him to Owens, or he was incredibly ignorant of the facts about the players he mentioned. Either case is inexcusable for a writer with a major news organization.

Since: Nov 7, 2007
Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:33 am

It's toasty in Green Bay

i've never heard favre say anything that makes him "trying to be bigger than the game", he retired & wants to play again, give him a break geez...  the media is making this whole thing worse for both sides..  if green bay moved on then release him & take your chances with  aaron rodgers that you hope is the future.  if the packers bomb this year & brett does better elsewhere then ted thompson will forever be stained, but that's the choice he made.

Since: Jun 13, 2007
Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:27 am

It's toasty in Green Bay

Mr. Prisco I have been a Packers fan and grew up through the 70's and 80's. Unlike you I have been in this area my entire life and not just a few times a year.If you know anything about the team during that time you know I have seen all kinds of bad football and bad moves. The one thing I can say is that my team had never lied to me before that I know of, that is until now. If Thompson truely told Favre to stay away he lied to Favre and all of us fans for the past month. He is the one who came out and said that they would welcome Favre back in a different role. He said it to anyone who would listen. He said it to the media, he said it at the share holders meeting, he said it to Favre and he said it to the fans. Now Favre says he is going to come and he tells him to hold off for a few days. To me that is not welcoming him back in a different role. That means that the Green Bay Packers lied to me and I am very disgusted by that. Please don't come back and tell me that Favre lied to when he retired and now wants to come back. If that is your stand be ready to call Jordan and Reggie White the same thing two times over each. Also call Mark Martin that as he is returning to full time driving next year. This is a case of not wanting the circus that would come to town if Favre reports as well as people keeping track of who the better QB is during camp. Come hell or high water they are starting Rogers week 1 and beyond and it does not mater if they could have someone better. They may not come out and say it but they are in a rebuilding mode the year after going 13-3 returning almost all of their key players. That is why they refuse to answer the question "Who would give the better chance to win this year?" I have seen it asked of Mc Carthy, Thompson and Murphy and they all skirt around it. Go ahead and play your 2nd best players.That is not how you win a championship though. 

Since: Jan 20, 2007
Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:17 am

It's toasty in Green Bay

Wow, I moved to Wisconsin 7 years ago.  I however am a Bears fan.  Most of my friends are Packer fans, which does make for an interesting Sunday match-up.  I think most of my friends would kindly ask you to please get back on your waggon and find another team to root for.  I think Mc Carthy and Thompson have done a fine job of taking a team that how about as much chance making the playoffs two years ago as Miami did this year, and turning them into a contender.  Yes, Favre had a lot to do with that but he wasn't the only reason.  Your time as a fan of football will be shorted lived if you will only follow Favre.  Stick around, eat some more cheese drink some more New Glarus and keep as a Packer fan, I think you may be suprised.  Just because your team has no face at QB doesn't make them less of a team.  (Trust me on this one.)  Be a true fan and back them up even if they are not winning.



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Posted on: July 27, 2008 11:42 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

Ted Thompson's obsession with get getting rid of Favre borders on lunacy. McCarthy wants Favre back, he's just towing the party line. Anyone who thinks anyone else is deluding himself. McCarthy was the one who nixed the 49ers drafting rodgers causing him to fall to the packers in the first place.

Since: Aug 21, 2006
Posted on: July 27, 2008 10:25 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

And why is that? What has Favre done positive in this situation?

With how Favre has treated Thompson and McCarthy, I hope Green Bay wins the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers leading the way and Favre never plays another down in the NFL. He doesn't deserve that chance. He's a selfish, me-first punk who's getting a complete free pass from some for reasons completely unknown.

Justice would be served if either that happened, or Favre came back and snapped his leg. Thompson and McCarthy are the victims here, victims of Brett Favre's selfishness.

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