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A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

Posted on: January 16, 2009 11:01 pm
Edited on: January 17, 2009 10:50 am
During the course of this week, I had the displeasure of dealing with a less than well adjusted member who insisted on calling me, my posts and my femininity into question. Now, I’ve had a few run-ins with members before. Once, I actually got into it with 2 members who said some rather distasteful things to me. I realized how stupid it was on my part to bother arguing with ignorant people. It only got me aggravated and frustrated, so I vowed to ignore anyone who ever gave me trouble again. I’m not a member of a sports related site to get into disputes with anyone over anything other than sports.  This past week, it all started with a post I made about honor in the game of baseball. This was written as a response on the public board. 

It's too bad your not a chick for real, cuz your statement of honor is humorous like one.What's left in this or any other sport, not to be tarnished. Something as simple as stealing signs has and always will be a part of the game. OMG. Gotta be a 16 yr. old girl makin that statement. Let me teach you something on the premise you've never actually been outside before. Sports, like in life , has people who are interested in making money. This money motivates them do do whatever it takes to gain an advantage. Steroids, B. Belichick. Any of this sound familiar? Collusion. Good business. A little sneaky perhaps. Not in our law abiding society! Women really are in love with 50 yr. old ex-rockers on reality TV. Short, ugly, black-toothless dudes have always been successful with the Babes! Anyway,if you are a girl, you should probably have "The Talk", with your parents before coming back on here.If you are a girl, the ladies room is to your left on the Bosux site. That's where they spew honor untilYankees swoop in and take away X-Mas present named Teixeira. We come on here to escape the women's perspective, so you should go back to sewing.

A couple of regular posters on the Yankee board defended me which I thanked them for, but ignored the poster himself. He then proceeded to start a thread asking for proof that I was a woman, etc. Several regulars on the Yankee board again defended me. I posted one response to this sexist stating I was a woman, and I wasn’t going to let him get to me. I chose not to say anything defamatory to him because I wasn’t going to stoop to his level. I also chose not to thank my defenders on the board because I just didn’t want to get into too much about the whole thing and give the dude the satisfaction of getting the attention he desired. Let me thank the kind folk who stuck up for me now. Anyway, the guy has made some other distasteful posts directed at me and has even started in on another Yankee poster who defended me.   Here's an example.

Yes, I do feel like a man sitting here at my computer, since I am one. Thanx for confirming my point as well chargingrhino. Yankeechik must feel like she wants to be a man sitting at hers. Do you follow? I think there are way more of the Middle-Men in here than you'd expect from a YANKEE MENS BOARD!!!! We've given women everything else, why give them our sanctuary. It's freightening how many would support this. I am also aware the vast majority stay uninvolved and keep opinions on such matters to themselves. It's our PC thing we have to suffer through. So I'll assume most in here are on board with me. Yankchik I would'nt ask u a direct question because u don't really exist. As far as the get a life bullshit- Who comes on sports sites and pretends to be another gender? Gimme a small break? Rhino- I'll just assume your someones Bitch Too!! Still don't know what I'm referring to. This can't be a girl, no matter the Crap Support!!!

I don’t care if he continues, his problem, not mine.  I chose to do a blog item on this partly as a chance to say thank you to my fellow Yankee fans who are regular posters on the Yankee board. I appreciate that the majority of you don’t subscribe to this person’s beliefs and subsequent tactics. The other reason I chose to write this was to set the record straight. Contrary to this idiot’s opinion, I am a woman and proud of it. I’m actually a pretty feminine woman at that. I like to look my best when I go to work or out. I like to wear skirts and makeup. I also happen to like sports, baseball specifically. Because I’m a fairly intelligent person, I tend to speak intelligently about anything I know well, fancy that. I could use a picture of myself as an avatar to prove myself, but why should I have to.  While I respect other female posters on here in their choice to have their pictures as avatars, I chose not to do that because I’m here to talk sports, and I feel a picture of myself would distract from me being able to do that. Yeah, I’m fairly attractive, and judging from some of the incidents I’ve heard about on here, I’m guessing a picture of myself might be taken as an invitation.   It surprises me when men can’t understand why women bother with sports. We’re actually the more competitive of the 2 genders, so why is it so hard to believe? Let us be please. We’re entitled to talk about whatever we want just like men.   
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Posted on: January 28, 2009 1:10 pm

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

ColonelB, you must be very proud of your daughter as you should be.  I appreciate your support. 

PJHokie and WildBlue, thanks for your support too. 

AV, by the way, I actually read that blog post of yours and commented.  I'm glad to see you back, and I hope you're not being bothered anymore and won't be in the future.

Gezemice, I'm sorry you're having a rough time.  Like I said to the admins, I work all day or night, and I just want to come on here to relax and talk sports.  It's an outlet.  I don't know what the exact definition of a troll is, but this guy seemed to be one.  He would post after a lot of my posts telling me to get lost or saying a girl couldn't have written it or whatever.  He attacked a few others who stuck up for me too.  He basically annoyed most of the regulars who post on the Yankee board.   I have to admit, I don't wander much out of the Yankee realm because of the problems we're talking about here.  Sometimes, I'm immediately dismissed because I'm female.  That's ok though because anyone who takes the time to read my posts knows I know my baseball, and the people who take the time are the ones I'd rather talk to anyway. 

For a long time, I've been a manager in a male dominated business, so I know what you're talking about, Gezemice, but I disagree.  I have always quietly gone about my business and done my job to the best of my availability and have never felt like I needed to prove myself more worthy than the men.  I've always let my talent speak for itself.  The only difference I've found is kind of fitting in.  I'm not saying I don't get along with the men I work with because I do, but talking about women doesn't really appeal to me, lol, so there's that lack of common ground.  I think men feel uncomfortable talking about women in front of me too, so there's sometimes an awkwardness.  I don't really care if they do, but it obviously doesn't interest me. 

When it comes down to it, like I said, I only want to deal with PEOPLE who accept others for themselves. 

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 1:13 pm

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

Yankeechick, I know what you are talking about.  I have been hounded by trolls for the last few days because I am female. They hound many people, but attacks on females are more vicious, also females are more often targeted.

But your guy was not a troll (although you could probably say that he has a similar attitude).  Just a sexist idiot.  I get those all the time.  I had voiced my opinion about not ranking Louisville early on in the season and I was told that "women should stay in the kitchen", "you are dumb", and "women should not talk sports". Ironically, I happened to be right, as events unfolded, so they just hated me more.  There is no worse way to hurt an idiot's ego than being obviously right after they called you dumb - it makes them look really stupid.

Now, I happen to know that I am not dumb, but the person who thinks that my sex has any relevance in the discussion, is.  So they can't get to me.  Their idiotic views say more about them than me. 

Since I work with males and hang on this male-dominated board,  I have learned that for a woman to be accepted as part of a mainly male group, the woman usually has to be two to three times as competent and/or knowledgeable as the average male, to be accepted at the same level. If you are just as good as they are, they judge every one of your mistakes as "what do you expect from a woman".  Since you are accepted very well - you are one of the best.

Intelligent males appreciate intelligent females.  Only the dumb ones, and the ones who have self-confidence issues and try to shore their egos up with putting half the population down when they can't come up with an argument, are the ones who would even bring up gender as an issue.

This person obviously has serious issues if he wants to have a "woman-free zone" for his sports.  Sounds like he feels threatened by a female knowing anything about "his domain".  Pathetic.  Not worth your time.  You are obviously so much more intelligent that he isn't even in your league.  And that is what bugs him, that is why he wants you gone - he cannot stand a woman smarter than him. And that is his personal problem, not yours.

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 7:49 am

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

Good for you.  We are all better off without him/her/whoever it was spewing we can get back to other S-U-P-E-R-B-O-W-L XLIII!!!  I wanted Giants v Steelers - but will settle for a Steelers victory over a great effort/season by Cardinals.

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 9:35 pm

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

All I can say is, it's got to be a really little weenied dude to attack like that. I guess there are still plenty of guys still living in the stone(r) ages.

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 6:45 pm

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

I'd like to re-iterate a point that's been stated but in not so many words.

YankeeChick- you're a great baseball person. When I talk baseball (especially on-line) whether you are or aren't a guy or a gal is so immaterial- We're talkin BASEBALL, if you know baseball or at least have a unique position- then that's great. I was embarrassed by the blogs that idiot (won't even honor him by posting his name) put up. It was ignorant, disrespectful, and annoying to everybody on the blog. The only reason he gets away with it on line is because there's nobody standing next to him to escort him out of the building. No need for it to fester on your feelings, the only support he got for his comments was from his elastic waist band. True fans stick up for true fans- there is no barrier.

I brought my daughter up on baseball, she was a 4 years high school all-star, and a Division I softball player, and can talk baseball better than half of the guys I work with. It's great that you love and know the sport and I respect you for it. Stay on, bring friends, and talk up a storm- if you want , throw a jab here or there to me or anyone, that's all part of having fun, and leave ole want's his name wonder what it's like to have friends

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 4:39 pm

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

Hey, an update on this.  The guy was booted, finally.  And, yeah, it took a hell of a lot of enjoyment out of posting here with some idiot following me around though I never let him get that satisfaction.  Luckily, many gentlemen got my back and stuck up for me.  In a way, the troll kinda unified the Yankee board on here. 

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 4:07 pm

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

I look forward to the day when we do have equal treatment (notice I did not say rights) regardless of gender or race.  Judge me on the content of my mind.  I will grant you the same courtesy.

YC - it does take the fun out of it for me when I get a troll chasing me (see older blog).  Perhaps I should come on here and masquerade as a man.  That would be ridiculous. Absurd.

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Posted on: January 20, 2009 1:55 pm

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

Speaking as a male, I have to say I enjoy the fact women post on these boards, whilst they don't bring 'Balance to the Universe" they make it a better place to spend some time.

He belongs in the Dark Ages, treat him with the comtempt he deserves and just keep on posting!


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Posted on: January 19, 2009 1:34 pm

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

And people wonder why there are so few chicks on sites like this, LOL.

It absolutely amazes me why anyone cares about the person on the other end of the PC other than the content of their contributions.  Man, woman, farm animal, who cares?  I sit here posting on a blog by someone 3 states a way, what do I care about what that person claims to be?  It is not like these posts mean diddly squat.  It is nothing more than a forum for people to pass time, maybe talk some trash about the Yankees (because they suck, LOL), and maybe spread some ideas both ways.  in short, it's entertainment.  Period.  I think the original poster needs to get out of Mom's basement and actually meet a girl, not a fantasy on-line one. 

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Posted on: January 19, 2009 11:44 am

A Woman in the CBS Sport's World

The world is full of idiots and they are all too happy to revea themselves to us.  I've found it better to ignore those people who can bring so little to intelligent conversation.

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