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Childhood toys

Posted on: February 19, 2008 11:07 am
What was your favorite toy
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Since: Feb 25, 2008
Posted on: February 28, 2008 12:55 pm

Childhood toys

Legos!  We used to play those for hours at a time.  The other thing was the slot cars.  My brothers and I used to be pretty intense in the racing and used to have some great times.  I found one for my son (and me) a couple years ago, but haven't had a good place to keep it set it up in my house.  Soon though!

Since: Sep 12, 2006
Posted on: February 28, 2008 9:47 am

Childhood toys

I had the fisher price goal post that came with the tee and ball.  It also had the hoop that was suspended in the middle of the goal post so you could practice throwing through it.

I also had a hot wheels city that was pretty cool, the little crank elevator that was next to the car wash.

But who could forget the SIT AND SPIN.........ah......i am getting dizzy thinking about it.

Since: Jan 25, 2008
Posted on: February 27, 2008 3:55 pm

Childhood toys

I made most of my toys, from guns to boats.  I'm the youngest of nine children.  By the time they (my parents) got me, they were all worn out with raising the other 8.  It was an amazing time for me, I felt totally unrestricted in what I could do.  building  go-karts, Kites, slingshots, you name it.

I did have a Volvo metal car i liked. 

Since: Feb 21, 2008
Posted on: February 27, 2008 11:29 am

Childhood toys

Transformers and LEGO

Since: Nov 20, 2007
Posted on: February 26, 2008 10:54 am

Childhood toys

Spirograph, and Legos.

Since: Feb 7, 2008
Posted on: February 22, 2008 11:24 am

Childhood toys

My favorite toy was the Atari untill the 1st Nintendo came out.

Since: Feb 15, 2008
Posted on: February 21, 2008 5:46 pm

Childhood toys

I lived on a farm, we had no neighbors, so me and my sister had to make up games: anything sports related because I made her play.

we played nerf hoop indoors, played soccer, threw softball, and shot basketball.

If I had to play by myself (not WITH myself, pervs) I played with hotwheels cars and made my own city in the roots of an old maple tree.

Since: Feb 18, 2008
Posted on: February 21, 2008 11:31 am

Childhood toys

G.I.JOE. I saw some old school G.I.JOEs at walmart the other day. In the original packaging and some of the original characters. I was going to buy my son one but he was more interested in Star Wars and Transformer toys. Which is fine i have nothing agianst Star Wars or Transformers, But its G.I.JOE the greatt American Hero.

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Posted on: February 21, 2008 2:08 am

Childhood toys

Slot cars . Racing them was fun . Since I grew up in the stone age , we didn't have all the stuff they have today .

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Posted on: February 21, 2008 2:02 am
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