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When College FB fans begin speculating about...

Posted on: February 18, 2008 12:03 am
Edited on: February 18, 2008 12:12 am
...who their new starters will be and how they will do.

I'm a die hard Oklahoma Sooners fan. I hope those who visit here might allow that and show respect for all those who come here who have different favorite teams than theirs. That's really what college football and sports are all about.

Anyway, we have most of our team returning except mainly in the secondary and at LB. But with the really strong recruiting over the past few years, we should be able to reload well at these positions to go along with all our returning starters. We're really optimistic we'll have another very competitive team at the national level next year.

We have our entire OL returning, and they played very well last year. Our young QB, who led the nation in passing efficiency last year as a freshman, is back. And our usual stable of WR's, TE's, and RB's are well intact. Our DL returns intact as well. We're excited about their potential with yet another year under their belt.

But there are many other teams in the NCAA who will have the same kind of optimism about their prospects, as well... and very deservedly so. LSU, Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, USC, Texas, WVU, Va Tech, and many others come to mind. That is in no particular order and leaves so many teams not being mentioned. The point is, this is a great time for virtually all college FB fans, no matter who their favorite team is...the speculation process is a really big part of the year.

I'm hoping fans from from other schools come here to share reasons for their optimism about their teams this year. To me, there's no better way to learn about who's out there and what we should be looking for as the season unfolds. What do you see about the potential of your favorite college football team for the upcoming year?

(And please all, let's not be critical of the optimism...that's a big part of the fun. I want to learn from the best as I'm sure you all do.)

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Posted on: February 21, 2008 9:34 pm

When College FB fans begin speculating about...

Hey Morph!!  Thanks for stopping by my friend.  Always good to see you.

I think it's great that Colorado is well along in making it back.  And Dan Hawkins looks to be the right man leading it,  Really good coach and recruiter,

I remember the year when Nebraska, OU, and CU finished the year 1, 2, 3 in the nation.  Neb was undefeated, OU had one loss (to Neb), and CU had 2 (to Neb and OU).  What a year.

Great to see CU coming back.


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Posted on: February 20, 2008 5:53 pm

When College FB fans begin speculating about...

Try being a Tennessee fan listen to the old foggies out there in the crowd .

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Posted on: February 20, 2008 3:12 pm

When College FB fans begin speculating about...

Great Post WUS the Man. 

Dan Hawkins has done an amazing job in a short time at the University of Colorado and this year we have 6 top recruits coming in.  I am excired about Buffalo football for the first time since McCartney was here.

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Posted on: February 19, 2008 10:10 pm

When College FB fans begin speculating about...

I'd like to add-on a little to what A-Mike91 said about FSU.  One of our budding superstars is on offense ... Preston Parker at WR will be an absolute force in the slot and even in the back-field.  Weatherford is a Senior this year, and while he lacks a down-field threat, he'll make good decisions (we hope.)  If he doesn't, behind him is Junior Ponder who has a great arm and better potential.  The defense will be solid again, and the O-Line will be better.  While 2009 will be our break-out year, 2008 will certainly set the stage.

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Posted on: February 19, 2008 6:55 pm

When College FB fans begin speculating about...

I cannot say I am a fan of any particular team having arrived from the UK in 2001 but there is going to be considerable interest in my "local" team the Michigan Wolverines. 

Will they play a different style of offense from the tradition run first pass on 3rd down they are known for.? How much in his first season will Rodriguez use the spread offense? Who will be the quarterback?  Can they compete with Ohio State?  How far down will they slide before bouncing back, will they bounce back?

Interesting times for Wolverines fans....... me I am just going to sit back and watch!!!!

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Posted on: February 19, 2008 6:16 pm

When College FB fans begin speculating about...

My team (FSU) really didn't lose any key players in the pro draft except for LB Geno Hayes (4th round). Although the Seminoles don't really have many key players. But the future looks amazing for my team, thanks to being 3rd or 4th overall in prospect talent recruits. Getting a at one point a 5-star athletic QB(now a 4-star, due to a mediocre training something), although the QB won't start until the next season when Jimbo Fisher takes over for Bobby Bowden as head coach, and a 5-star LB who will start from game one of the upcoming season, his college recruit report says he has more skill and drive than other great former FSU LB's Derrick Brooks and Ernie Sims did when they were recruited. I'm really excited to see this new LB play during next season, but the next season is where I start actually watching all aspects of the Seminoles team.

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Posted on: February 18, 2008 4:31 pm

When College FB fans begin speculating about...

Hey DaPill!!  Thanks for stopping by and giving us your thoughts on USF.  Boy they really looked good last year.  I would think there would be quite a bit carrying on into this year.  But heavy graduation will takes it's toll on any team.  We all face it at some point on a regular basis.  I'll just bet USF will handle it well.  They obviously know what they're doing.

Good luck and thanks again!


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Posted on: February 18, 2008 11:50 am

When College FB fans begin speculating about...

Well I'm not positive who my teams (USF) starters will be. All I know is we lost a bunch of key players in graduation. I just hope Matt Grothe can grow even more and stop the stupid turnovers and we can do even better next year. With so many new starters on defense though I'm not sure how we could do any better though.

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