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Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

Posted on: January 23, 2009 6:08 pm
Edited on: January 23, 2009 6:15 pm

Herm Edwards never had a chance.

I guess my only question is: What took them so long? The moment the Chiefs hired Scott Pioli as their GM Herm was a dead man. No, the moment former president Carl Peterson stepped aside, he was goner. And he knew it: Why else do you think he told his assistants to find jobs where they could?

I feel for the guy because he didn't have a prayer with the team he was left with this season. He played most of the season with a third-string quarterback and inexperience everywhere, yet somehow he kept the Chiefs competitive. So they won two games. Young players got to play, and I've always said I'd rather be bad young than bad old. Trust me, the time they got on the field this season will pay off in the future.

Edwards was chosen by Peterson, which is another reason he didn't have a chance of staying. The Chiefs made it clear when they interviewed candidates for the GM job that they wanted to distance themselves from Peterson's regime. Now they have.

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Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

U know ur right. I have been a chiefs fan for years, and when they made it to the playoffs that year under edwards i was stunned. They didnt have a really good team, but played there butts off.

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Posted on: January 29, 2009 6:32 am

Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

I totally agree with you. Herm never had a chance but I think he had one hell of a draft last year. The Chiefs added Dorsey, Albert, Charles, Flowers, Cottam, Morgan and Carr who I think will all be in this league for a long time and who knows, maybe Will Franklin will turn into a decent #3 WR in the future.

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 9:08 am

Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

Well said KidDude123, I agree that Herm has built a nice foundation, he is a fine defensive guy, but not a head coach. his team did well for 3 3/4 quarters in a game but the final 2-5 minutes of game were horrible play calling and even more outrageously bad clock management. At times this year were either a good first half team or a good 2nd half team, but never were we a good game ending team. We couldn't seem to put together a complete game all year long. I still question going for the win and not the tie...good arguments both ways but I think we should have went for the tie and see what played out. If you put a touchdown on to each of our losses this year, then we could have been 9-7 and would have made the playoffs easily this year in the AFC. but we didn't score so we ended up 2-14. Thats the way the ball bounces and thats why we play the games. I liked Herm but his time was over in KC as was King Carl's reign (of terror)! If every body in America gave up we would be playing God save the Queen, not the National Anthem.So all I can say to Herm is Thanks for tryin but its time to move on and to my beloved Chiefs is keep on truckin, never quit!

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 8:50 am

Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

Mon67 says The organization sucks and will lose no matter who is there. Expect more of the same from the next guy who gets a check from KC. Folks are pretending this was a championship organization before Herm. People have selective and very short term memories?? 


Really?? Why are you so pissed off that someone not doing what they were paid to do gets fired. If I showed up for work and and did well below average work would you keep me as an employee. If I was a doctor and messed up 80% of my operations would you want to see me in the operating room before they put u to sleep. If I was a fireman, would you want me to show up at your burning home without the hoses. What would you of done MON? with all of your intelligence instead of complaining lets hear what you would do?? Hmmm? We are all waiting to hear what you would do if you were in the organizations lets see if you can respond and let us all know how to handle it!! I expect it will be fire all the white people and hire only "people of color" is that it Mon?? Its a new era in America with Obama as our new prez (whom I might add I voted for...GO BARACK) and this will be a new era in KansasCity, it may work it may not, but we couldn't go on the way we were, just gotta see what the future holds. Its called "CHANGE" Sound familiar? Yeah Mon!! Love it in America 

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Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

CBSSportsline needs fixing. You will be next.


The banned member, who I won't mention any of his nine names, is still here. Nothing is being done. Another member dropped f bombs on a thread this am, and while FINALLY removed by an administrator, he is still here. We follow the rules, we use the system in place to deal with these issues, only to find out that the legislators empowered the gangs. A banned member is roaming the site, instigating people to file warnings, hoping for "my" dismissal. Like that stops someone that is banned from being here, LITERALLY. For those of you that just hopes this goes away, you're fooling yourself. Pipe dream to be sure. You can ignore them. Let them go from thread to thread, blog to blog, saying whatever they want. They don't have any care for the TOS of the site. They know NOTHING can stop them. What's good for the goose......

I am an American. I believe in law, and punishment, and I revere the ultimate price that has been paid for my freedoms. Two younger brothers have served this country through the military, making it their careers. The things they've seen....I'm not going to go into politics as it pertains to the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a sports site. However, there are MILLIONS that bless Americans, wanting to be like an American. They depend on us for protection from the trolls and terrorists of the world. We know, from history, what happens when abandon a people. Or when you give complete abstinence towards the problem. The problem never goes away, the scab becomes a sore, the sore an infection, the infection a festered pool, until something has to be done.

I undertook this blog, with the full intent of seeing it through. It's no longer a choice, it's a necessity. As long as I have a voice, I'm going to act. Some don't want this much involvement. I've been told by a few I respect that this is a no win situation. I'm out to prove them wrong. My deeds would be easier accomplished if some of you that have been violated finally do something other than complain. The system in place DOESN'T WORK, and CBS knows this. An overhaul of the legislation of this site, including some SIMPLE improvements, can take away some power from the offensive. Ignore features are available everywhere; Just not here. It empowers each individual to censor what THEY don't want to read. No CBS employee need get involved, unless part of the NEW legislation needs enforced.

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Posted on: January 24, 2009 7:05 pm

Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

The organization sucks and will lose no matter who is there. Expect more of the same from the next guy who gets a check from KC. Folks are pretending this was a championship organization before Herm. People have selective and very short term memories

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Posted on: January 24, 2009 2:02 pm

Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

I've been a Chiefs fan since a kid and can remember back to Super Bowl 1 vs. the Green Bay Packers.   I liked Herm as a man, a judge of talent, one who knows the defensive backfield inside out and a trememdous motivator of players.   That being said, he was a poor game manager, clock manager and could not make in game adjustments.  He was too infatuated with going young and didn't retain or acquire enough experienced players.   He would not get away from his Tampa 2 offense after we traded away our only real good pass rusher, Jared Allen.   We recorded an NFL all time low 10 sacks this season because he did not allow for enough blitzing.  Had he not assembled a great defensive backfield crew, this season would have been ugly beyond imagination. 

That being said, Herm did put our team back in the right direction.  The 6 years leading up to his hire, GM Carl Peterson put together perhaps the poorest drafting performance ever.  The Chiefs only have 3 of the 48 players that Peterson drafted in those 6 years left on the team.  I feel that with Herm's assistance in the 2006-2008 draft, we put together some nice foundation players for the future.  Like I said earlier, Herm's put together a really good secondary and I think once will fill the void left by Jared Allen, we'll have a nice defensive front 4.    So in closing, I think Herm would make a great defensive backfield coach or a good player/personnel assistant somewhere.   He's a smart football man, but a lousy head coach.  

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Posted on: January 24, 2009 1:05 pm

Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

"This time around we just get the very defensive and sensitive white posters explaining in their own way how this black man was not qualified yet in the end that white coach that follows will do nothing but collect a check"

Black man? White coach?

Is this what it all boils down to for you Mon67?  You are the only poster playing the race card and from reading these posts the sentiment as to how Herm has fared in KC seems to be split down the middle. I can't tell a white poster from a black poster just by the words on a page... if you can then you are a much "better" person than I am.

One thing I can do is tell an ignorant racist just from reading their words though, and you sir are a fine example.

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Posted on: January 24, 2009 11:43 am

Edwards never had a chance in K.C.

I agree that with Carl in charge I don't think any coach would have had a chance to win the last few years.  With that being said Herm signed off on this youth movement and knew the risk that came with it i.e.  losing a crap load of close games. Maybe with a few veterens thrown in they might of won a few more games but in the end the Chiefs were a bad team.  The excuse of Herm dealing with a third string quarterback is played out.  They dragged there feet on Croyle even though they new what they had, a injury prone qb who never won a game.  The two people responsible for the creation of this team were held acccountable and are on there way to new things.  The Chiefs are on there way to becoming relevant again.  

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