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Chiefs get Cassel

Posted on: February 28, 2009 1:24 pm
Edited on: February 28, 2009 1:59 pm

The Kansas City Chiefs have acquired quarterback Matt Cassel from New England for their second-round draft pick, a league source confirmed. Speculation was that the Chiefs surrendered a first-round pick in this year's draft, but that is inaccurate said the source. He said the Chiefs gained linebacker Mike Vrabel and Cassel for the 34th pick overall. Wow. That was just confirmed by someone I trust, which means the Chiefs may have gotten a steal here. Cassel, who was New England's franchise player, becomes the starting quarterback for the Chiefs, and it's appropriate. Their new GM is former New England vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli.


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Posted on: March 3, 2009 7:01 pm

Chiefs get Cassel

I stand corrected, I should have said was he had numerous surgeries(total of 4, initial and 3 follow-up) to correct the infection after Brady refused to go to the Pats doctor and instead went to his own doctor who botched the surgery. Other then that I challenge you to point out "Everything else that I said that was factually wrong"


Otherwise everything I said was opinion. This could be the end, not is the end of the Pat's.  If Brady is not ready or goes down early they are not going to have a quarterback like Cassel to step in and take the reigns.  Yes Cassell had not started a pro game but he had been constantly groomed to step in and had played in a back up roll in the many blowouts that the Pats had over the last few years.  You have admitted that Brady may not be 100% until 2010 so what's going to happen this season, you think the Patriots are so good they can just step in and win 11 games with Matt Guitierez?

You are right that they wouldn't get two first round picks from the Chiefs, but they weren't the only teams interested in Cassel.  The Vikings (22nd), Bears (18th), 49ers(10th), and Tampa Bay(19th) were all prospective suitors for him.

I agree with you fully that the 18mil they freed up will be very helpful to filling all of the gaps based on the number of solid draft picks that they have but without a QB it doesn't matter how good the rest of the team is.  Based on the most recent news I could piece together from the normally silent Bilacheck and Pat's organization it appears he may not be ready for training camp.  With the severity of the injuries and the potential issues of them the grafts healing slower because of the infections I think it's just a risky move to trade a guy who got you a 11 wins.  While their schedule may not have been the toughest it was about as hard as it would get considering they were the #2 team in the league in 2007.

But please point out where I "managed not to say one correct thing"

I would keep in mind that Bilacheck is the mastermind coach but Pioli was/is the mastermind GM.   I think he got the better end of this deal.


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Posted on: March 2, 2009 1:03 pm

Chiefs get Cassel

This was a good trade for both teams. Patriots needed to get the 19 million off the books, and gained another 2nd round pick this year.  They have 4 picks in the top 54.  look for them to grab defensive backs and linebackers.  This draft is deep, and with that much cap room removed they will be able to resign Vincent Wilfork.  I love Mike Vrabel, but at 5 million and in the last year of his deal, it's good move for PATS.  Chief get a real solid pro with the ability to lead young players into the future.  oh by the way, did they pickup the # 1 free agent this year.  It's a hefty price tag, but I think Scott Pioli will get a long term deal done.  Also, look for the Chiefs to trade Thigpen to someone.. 

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Posted on: March 1, 2009 2:24 pm

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Posted on: February 28, 2009 10:49 pm

Chiefs get Cassel

I can understand the Patriots not wanting the 3rd overall pick because of the huge contract that will come with the unproven rookie, but just a second round pick? I was thinking Vrabel alone should have been at least a fifth round maybe even a fourth. Adding Cassel to the trade should have been another second and a third imo. How about Vrabel and Cassel for the second round pick and Gonzalez? That seems to be a fair trade. Well anyways it is a done deal. I just hope good comes from it. Only time will tell.


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Posted on: February 28, 2009 9:27 pm

Chiefs get Cassel

dont think cassel ever signed the deal. pats are dealing shrewd for the upcoming draft and helping a friend of the organization at the same time.

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Posted on: February 28, 2009 8:56 pm

Chiefs get Cassel

I like Cassel, but the Chiefs O-Line is pretty thin - especially with Waters wanting out after his childish outburst. I hope Cassel can take some punishment. I'd like the Chiefs to take Curry with their 3rd pick, but Crabtree looks pretty tempting to pair with Cassel. If Dwayne "Hands of Stone" Bowe can step up and LJ returns to form, Cassel has some nice tools around him. He'll DEFINITELY love Tony G. at TE.


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Posted on: February 28, 2009 5:24 pm

Chiefs get Cassel

Yes sodigha the Patriots did franchise tagged QB Matt Cassel and other teams that did want him would have had to give up two first round picks for him but the team that owns that person can change their mind with the other team that wants him and that's what happened here with the Patriots because they changed their minds and give the Chiefs Cassel for just a second round pick. Look the Patriots are pretty sure that QB Tom Brady will be back a 100% before the season will start because they would have not done this trade I guess if Brady was not going to be 100% and they decided that paying a backup QB that much money was just to much if their starting QB will be back and I have to agree with them because really I doubt that the Chiefs would have give up two first round picks for Cassel or any team for that matter and that's why the only way the Patriots could get him traded away they would have had to came down from their franchise tag offer but to me I really thing that the Patriots would have gotten more picks for Cassel then just one second round pick but that's me only.



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Posted on: February 28, 2009 4:10 pm

Chiefs get Cassel

While it is true that a team trading for a franchise player such as Matt Cassel is expected to give up 2 first round draft picks, I'm quite sure alternative deals can be worked out. There is no way the Chiefs would have given up the third overall pick for Mike Vrabel and Cassel. The trade might be structured so that New England gets a pick in the next year's NFL Draft depending on how well the Chiefs do. Suppose if the Chiefs somehow make the playoffs as winners of a weak AFC West then New England might be in line to receive their first round pick. The Patriots might miss Pioli, but they're not dumb. Even with the 35th overall pick (the article should say 35th because the Chiefs have the third pick), the Pats will land a quality player on D. Someone like a James Laurinitis would be a good fit for our system, because he is hard working and a solid player. There are a lot of good players on D in this years draft. Here's a list of the ones that come to mind instantly.

Aaron Curry, Brian Orakpo, B.J. Raji, Ziggy Hood, Rey Mauluaga, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews,  James Laurinitis, Malcolm Jenkins, Vontae Davis, Patrick Chung, and Nic Harris. Now I don't think even half the 13 players I just named will be gone by the end of Round 1.

However with the pick they get from the Chiefs for next year's draft, they have these potential candidates to pick from.

Rennie Curran (a beast linebacker at Georgia who can move to safety), Taylor Mays, Gerald McCoy, and Brandon Spikes. Those are just the headliners.

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Posted on: February 28, 2009 3:46 pm

Chiefs get Cassel

this might or might not be true but i heard a 3rd team is involved in this cassel trade.. so now we have s.d. second, our own second and now k.c. second,,,were not done either i bet !!!

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Posted on: February 28, 2009 3:45 pm

Chiefs get Cassel


This is a good trade for both sides, although i think KC came out on top. New england probably could have gotten a 4th or 5th rounder from KC since there were 2 players involved in the deal. KC filled 2 large positions of need in adding Vrabel which he can hold down the ILB position until pioli gets there middle linebacker of the future, And cassel is now there franchise QB although time will tell if he was just a product of good coaching, a great offensive line, and having wes welker, and randy moss but i think he's the real deal. Now its almost a for sure the chiefs will take Aaron Curry in the draft if he's available, they could however suprise some people and take micheal crabtree if St. Louis doesn't. But i think they take Curry, and maybe add a Corner Back in Free agency b/c Patrick Surtain is too Old and inconsistent. after all these moves if they happen The chiefs only real pressing need will be to add a Pass rusher to help out Tamba Hali and Glenn Dorsey. The Chiefs will Be set for many years to Come, Hopefully having a dominant Linebacker in Curry, a Franchise QB in cassel in his prime, One of the greatest Prospects at the DT position in Dorsey in the past decade, a Consistent yound good reciever in Bowe, a good offensive line, amazing Saftetey tandem, and a good young CB in flowers. KC will be a playoff team for at least the next couple years depending on one factor CASSEL!

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