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Starting Sanchez a gamble

Posted on: August 26, 2009 9:51 am
Be careful what you wish for. The New York Jets drafted Mark Sanchez with the idea of making him a starting quarterback, and now he is the team's starting quarterback. Rex Ryan made that decision after watching Sanchez and Kellen Clemens struggle against Baltimore on Monday. Neither was impressive that evening, but that happens when you play the Ravens. Ryan must have figured he was going to make Sanchez the starter sooner or later so made it sooner. So what? So Sanchez doesn't look ready for the next step. In fact, he had that deer-in-the-headlights look to him Monday, with his first pass intercepted and returned for a touchdown and his second dropped by Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis. In all likelihood, that would've been returned for a touchdown, too. But it wasn't just that. He flubbed a handoff. He took two delay-of-game penalties. He was sacked. He was rattled. In short, he didn't look like someone you trust with the keys to the car. Look at the Jets' schedule, and it's brutal the first five games. Three of them are on the road, two of them are against division winners and one is against the New England Patriots. It is conceivable we're sitting here in October looking at an 0-5 start and Sanchez in a funk. Of course, it's conceivable that happens with Clemens, too. All I'm saying is that the Jets are hurrying someone who doesn't need to be hurried. As one of the Ravens told me the other night, this is not about the next month; it's about the next decade. So why the rush? If the Jets were a bottom feeder like Detroit you play the rookie because you have nothing to lose. But the Jets were 9-7 a year ago and this close to the playoffs. I know, Baltimore got to the conference championship game last season with a rookie quarterback, but that was out of necessity. His backups were unavailable. The Ravens were also 6-10 the year before. Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan were overnight successes as rookie quarterbacks, but they were also aberrations. Eli and Peyton Manning are more the norms. Rookie quarterbacks struggle, and I hope the Jets and their fans are prepared for a tough two months here. Mark Sanchez doesn't have a lot of experience, period. He was a one-year starter at USC and left after his junior year. Yes, he is talented, but he is also raw. it will take time to make him successful. That's why I would start Clemens a couple of games, let Sanchez sit, then see what happens. If Clemens stinks you put the rookie in; if not, you wait. There's no downside. Now you risk damaging the guy's psyche, infuriating fans and losing a season. Good luck, Rex. You may need it.
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Posted on: August 27, 2009 2:28 pm

Rookie QBs

Last year, when Sanchez started at USC, no body expected the kind of season that he had, the Rose Bowl game sent him high on almost every team draft board. And yes, NFL is no NCAA and AFC East is definitely no PAC-10, NY media should be expecting similar as Eli first season, a losing record, anything better than taht will be success. now, if you're investing on a 1st round pick, and you already know that Clemmens is not your future qb, why not start Sanchez?
He played against a though and fast hard hitting D in baltimore, but he needs tghat kind of experience to get through. some day Sanchez will have to beat the Pats in order to win a division. remember how many ints had peyton on his rookie year? or how many games did aikman won? Im not telling that sanchez will be a HOF or a premier qb, but, you have to provide playing time to your future qb. he has a nice OL, an experienced RB tandem, and some good receivers.
If you start Clemens, and you already know that he's no good, you're at 0-5 and then, you opt to go for the rookie qb, arent those 5 games that were wasted on the Sanchez experience?

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 1:22 pm

Starting Sanchez a gamble

Sanchez scored just as many TDs against the Ravens D as Flacco did against the Jets.

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 12:42 pm

Starting Sanchez a gamble

Why not start Clemens if for nothing else than a smart PR move?  Just take a look at the scedule. Unless the defense takes a tremendous step forward, even Namath would be hard pressed to pul the Jets out of an 0-5 record.  The Jets fan are still excited about Sanchez but how excited can you be about a quarterback with no wins?  Plus 5 straight losses would open up the QB debate.  By starting Clemens and by allowing him to take the fall, by the time Sanchez arrives he will be even more of a god to Jets fans.  He gets Buffalo at home and then the Raiders.  Hey a 2-0 opening mark looks much better than an 0-5 plus it completely ends the Clemens-Sanchez debate.

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 6:07 am

Starting Sanchez a gamble

The Jets D will be improved over the sieve they were last year, but they are nowhere close to the Ravens D.  Sanchez looked like a Baltimore rookie QB on Monday, but not Flacco - he looked like Kyle Boller, ie.- no poise.  Good luck, but hopefully Sanchez doesn't get too damaged starting before he is ready.

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Posted on: August 27, 2009 2:06 am

Starting Sanchez a gamble

It's even more clear than that.
What Sanchez faced in the first two series was the full force of the Ravens D, the best D in the league playing their best players, full out to test their speed and rediness.  You won't even face that in 2 series in a row in the regular season to start a game.  If they played that hard for the first five minutes, they'd be worn out by the second half.  That's playoff D they faced, and so Sanchez didn't do well against it, so what.
After those first 2 series, Sanchez played better, against a more "regular season" D you'll see from the average NFL team.  Call it a learning curve, and he'll face more.
But any NFL team, even a "great" 12-4 team, only beats 2-4 good teams during the season, and loses to 2-4 good teams.  Sanchez played well against the average defenses he faced last week and this week, and that will get a team to 8-8 without much effort.  If he improves, 9-7 is possible.
KC didn't show anything great.  He started out okay, but quickly fell apart under pressure, against the same D that Sanchez played well against.  And last week, KC didn't play well against the starting D he faced.  He had a chance to prove himself this week, to step up after Sanchez struggled, and isntead, he folded, and THAT'S why he's a clipboard holder...

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Posted on: August 26, 2009 10:42 pm

Starting Sanchez a gamble

As a Jets fan, I am all for this move to start Sanchez. Anyone who has seen Clemens the last 4 years he's been a Jet, can tell you he is not the guy for the job. I think the deciding factor was the bounce back Sanchez had. Even after botching the hand off, and getting dinged in the head. He got right back up, and led the Jets to an great TD pass. Unlike Sanchez, Clemens is known for his ability to turn the ball over. I don't just mean against the Ravens, because face it, everyone turns it over to them. In the Jets formula for winning, constant turnovers could kill their chances. Sanchez doesn't have to be an Elway or a Marino. He just needs to keep mistakes to a minimum, and be as efficient as he can be. Other than the Ravens, the other top Ds would be Pitt, Vikings, and the Giants. As of right now, the Jets don't play any of them this season. With that said, I can't see the Jets offense being as overwhelmed, as they were in this game, in their future games. Let's not forget that this was the kid's first start, which also happened to be on Monday Night football. If he continues to play like every game is his 1st start, then maybe there should be some concern. Just like he did in the game, he will bounce back from this, and only get better. This year, if we go 9-7, I will be happy. I think next year is our best chance of going real far in the season.

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Posted on: August 26, 2009 6:37 pm

Starting Sanchez a gamble

Not only is this the right move, they should go play-action on his first regular season snap and let him air it out downfield.
As for his psyche, if you let performing badly as a rookie screw up the entire rest of your career, you don't belong in the NFL. Why baby these guys? They aren't 8 years old.
Getting a jump on the Sanchez era from the get-go can only speed up the process of contending for a championship. Jets will be 8-8/9-7 this year. With Clemens, they go 5-11/6-10. Choice seems easy to me.

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Posted on: August 26, 2009 5:24 pm


we are talking about things that happened but not everything that happens come up in the stats try watchign the game.    smith did almost have that big catch and i liked what i saw from sanchez on that throw but then again how do you know he would have caught the ball if it wasnt for the PI.  i didn't see a replay on that play so i can't really say how much of a PI it actually was.     but what i will say is that all you did was compare the interceptions which is rediculous.  sanchez would have had another but lewis couldnt hang on.  just because he couldnt hang on though dosen't mean that it wasnt a bad throw.  it was poor judgement on his part. and the fact that clemens second touchdown was dropped dosent take away from the throw it was still a good throw just liek sanchez's throw to smith was a good throw but one would just be a third dwn conversion the otehr would be a touch down.  which one is better??????    the botched handoff was also sanchez's fault even if he recovered it they still lost yards and wasted a down.

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Posted on: August 26, 2009 5:06 pm

Starting Sanchez a gamble

im sorry but was usc's offense even that good a year ago?

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Posted on: August 26, 2009 4:28 pm

Starting Sanchez a gamble

Matt Ryan went like 1 for 9 in a preseason game last year, throwing while falling backward a lot, and look how his regular season turned out. Weird sh*t happens.

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