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With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

Posted on: March 5, 2010 4:14 pm
Julius Peppers' move to Chicago is no surprise, and not because he's the best free-agent out there but because the Bears are a desperate team in search of a hammer.

Let's face it, coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo are operating as if they have one-year contracts -- which, as a matter of fact, they should. After three straight years of missing the playoffs, both are in a win-or-else mode, and that makes decisions on players easy. You simply sign them now; ask questions later.

Essentially, Angelo and Smith must make the playoffs this season or find somewhere else to work -- and they're doing what they can to cover themselves. A year ago, Angelo made the bold trade for quarterback Jay Cutler, figuring it would solve the most unsettled position in the Bears' lineup. But it didn't. Cutler was a mess, and so were the Bears -- losing nine games and finishing third in their division.

Something had to change, and something just did. The Bears went for the top free agent, hoping he can plug holes in a defense that, frankly, stunk in 2009, and they paid a fortune to get him.

I worry about Peppers because the guy has been so inconsistent throughout his career, and there's always the danger of complacency with the big pay day. But a coach I trust believes he could be OK in Chicago, with linebacker Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs assuming the roles of defensive leaders and Peppers left to do what he does best -- which is disrupt the pocket.

If that doesn't happen, of course, the whole thing could blow up, but so what? The Bears weren't going anywhere if they stood still. Hiring Peppers and Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna is evidence that Chicago knows it must win and win now -- at any cost. I mean, there's no salary cap. So take advantage and do what you can now because there may be no next year.

And there won't be if Chicago doesn't win. Jerry Angelo gets it, and so does Lovie Smith. Yeah, I think Peppers is a risk -- especially with Peppers pulling down an estimated $40 million the first three years -- but if you have the money you roll the dice, spend it and hope you know what you're doing. Because sitting still only gets you fired. 
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Since: Aug 17, 2006
Posted on: March 13, 2010 2:14 pm

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

been away  for a while so didnt respond  right away, BUT  you are  absolutely  right LOL

the packers clearly  have talent and  clearly in my mind should be  better than they are

the  defense all year made plays , took the ball away and stuffed the run

in the  three  biggest games of the year (except  for the Dallas  game) the Packers were gashed on defense. 

the arizona  game was a disgrace,  granted it was  basically a  hall of  famers last  hurrah, but that was their  game at the end to win,  the  collective  " aw shits"  when  rogers overthrew Jennings was  thunderous.  but when  you score  45 how do u lose  , with out the  biggest letdown in playoff history.

with all  rogers talent and he  has  a ton  of it , he still  has not won the  big game yet, i think he will and  he  really, he is still learning  , but he has to step to the next level this  year

still  the  future is  bright for the packers, seasoning is  coming ,  2010  should be    pretty  good and with some breakout  performances  this  years ( Raji, Finley, Jones  and maybe Williams) this team could be  very special

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Posted on: March 13, 2010 1:41 am

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

Wow..quick to judge the Bears. I agree with most of your comments. Though what I find amusing is your Packers, and believe I'm no Packer hater. The Pack has all the talent..good QB,RB,OL,Defense. Though the Pack only managed to be 2nd best in the NFC North. Anyone can point out the Bears weaknesses and why they can't win. The Pack is set to I ask why are they not a SB team? Maybe the Pack will have a new coaching staff in 2011. Good coaches could win with the amount of talent the Pack has right now...HMMMMM. The Bears have problems..but maybe not as many as a talented team like the 2nd place Packers.

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 6:58 pm

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

Boldin?  Where did u pull this guy from?

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 5:04 pm

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

Jay Cutler reminds you of Jeff George get real. Who the heck are the wr's for Cutler and the bears and Cutler was brought in late. The Wr's are below avg at best. Some where never wr "hester" and shouldnt be my opinion. I agree they need wr's but Cutler is no way the bumb Jeff George was.

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 1:49 pm
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Posted on: March 7, 2010 1:07 pm

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

Let's face it people Julius Peppers is no Reggie White!  And that is the only time you break the bank for an impact player to join your team and put you over the top.  Never heard the minister complaining about his contract, but you did with Peppers. Why? Because he is a me me me and then some more me player.  Ask Washington how breaking the bank for 1 player who played well in his previous teams Defensive scheme is working out?  Haynesworth was nowhere near the player with the Redskins last year that he was with the Titans- FACT!  The Bears didn't need a whiny over-rated all I do is rush the QB crybaby, while mortgaging the team's future, they needed a team player, who doesn't take plays off  (like Aaron Kampman) and more depth on D.  Obviously I am not a Bears fan, but I do like some of their players.  In my opinion Peppers is a disaster waiting to happen, both because of his price tag and his attitude. Ya heard it hear first.

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 11:26 am

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

as a  packer  fan the only potential  move the  bears  made or  were rumored to make was to sign Shanahan as the  new  coach, then and only then would  I  fear  a  resurgence of this  awful team.

peppers is  a  good player with some  miles left, tremendous  athlete with  size. but  where he has been very  good you still get the  feeling he should  be  much  better than he has played,  the  problem though he is  just one player and  aside from  briggs the  rest of the  unit is  just plain  awful.

tommie harris  is   a  decent player, but he  has always  relied on his  tremendous  explosion off the  ball to make plays,  when  he doesnt get that going he is  very  undersized  defensive  linemen,   he has not played as well in the last  couple of years and he is no longer 22  years old when he rocketed off the line at the snap. 

since  we brought up  age lets talk about the main man.  athritic  neck  and  shoulders a  phenomonal player in his  day clearly, clearly urlacher is  not the  man he  was,  and  sorry  to say  to  bear  fans as well  as  any fan of  great players he  is not going  to  get it back.  he   is   just an injury  away from retirement.  Yes he was one of the  greatest that  ever played the  game,  we all want to see  someone like him  play forever like  he  did,  but  father time  doesnt work like  that

The rest of the  defense is in shambles.  the secondary  can't cover  period.

On offense  you have  no wr's,  a verisitle young  running  back,  slightly above average  TE, no OL and a  reckless undisciplined QB who will not  listen to his coaching.

Hester  a  wide  receiver?   well  at times he shows some promise but  come on bear fan look at the  numbers,  this is  throwing league and hester  can not be  compared to any of the  top wrs on any of the  top throwing offenses

why  would i  fear  shanahan?  well  first  and foremost he would  harness cutler who despite his  reckless ness , can not  deny his talent,   then he would   change that terrible OL either  by adding players or  by putting in more coordinated schemes that stress the sum rather than the  parts,  take advantage of  forte both on the ground and out ont he  flats. Forte has size,decent  speed and  GREAT  hands  he  should  be  catching   at least  4 passes  each and  every  game.

realize that  unless  you have  deshaun jackson or steve smith speed, you are not  going to  be able to  run smurfs out there at WR.  the other league  trend is  set too,   your protypical  fear  this  WR's all  go    6  2 or  better and unless  your  QB  can read  his progressions expertly and patiently you  can not  run guys out there that cant get off the line.

shanahan  from  marshall,  mccaffery and  lelie (boy did  he suck LOL)  always  ran a  giant out there  at WR.   i cant think of  time when the Bears  had a  great  big  wide out  since Willie  Gault who  was   just  fantastic

anyway  sum it  up  there is  some  reason for  hope  bear fan,   this  should be the  end of the lovie smith era finally,  lovie a  great  guy and  class act but he is not a  great  head  coach,  suck  up one more  year and  barring  a lock out 2011 should  be  the  beginning of  better  times for  you, although the  lack of   draft picks  might  be a  huge handicap

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 9:22 am

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

I am not so sure Chester Taylor will turn out to be an upgrade over Matt Forte.  Remember, last year he played behind the Minnesota O-Line, which is currently considerably better than anything the Bears have.  It makes a big difference when the first contact is made in positive territory, compared to three yards behind the line of scrimmage.

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 12:58 am

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

Cutler has a great season, bears walk into the postseason. 

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 12:25 am

With Peppers deal, the clock is ticking on Bears

Bears need to go get Brandon Marshall.

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