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Quinn deal no surprise

Posted on: March 14, 2010 6:05 pm
Edited on: March 14, 2010 6:51 pm

The Brady Quinn deal should have caught nobody by surprise, especially Brady Quinn. The minute Cleveland signed Jake Delhomme, Quinn was finished with the Browns.

So Cleveland deals him to Denver where the Broncos probably discover what Cleveland did -- that Quinn is not a very accurate quarterback. Nevertheless, coach Josh McDaniels prides himself on working with quarterbacks, and if he can find something here that Cleveland did not then maybe, just maybe, Quinn has a chance. It's a long shot, but it shows that Denver is eager to find a young arm to challenge Kyle Orton. Plus, it didn't cost the Broncos much.

McDaniels is close to former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, and Weis loves Quinn. In all likelihood he sold his former pupil (the two were together at New England) on Quinn's smarts, telling him that he could be the perfect guy to run the Denver offense. If nothing else, he sold him on it being a risk worth taking because, given what you could find, the risk wasn't much.

All I know is that for Cleveland to give up on the guy speaks volumes. Because he was from Ohio, he was popular with Browns' fans who desperately wanted him to succeed. Then there's team president Mike Holmgren, who has a history of developing young quarterbacks -- which should've boded well for Quinn. Plus there was an opening, with Seneca Wallace the only challenger before Delhomme arrived on the scene.

I see where Wallace said he intends to be the starter, and that's great. Only if you've seen Seneca Wallace play quarterback he should never be the starter for anyone. No disrespect to Wallace, but as a quarterback he makes a better running back. Anyway, with all that on Quinn's side, he still couldn't make, and good luck in Denver. Maybe a change of scenery works in his favor ... but I doubt it.

Listen, Cleveland needs a good young quarterback, but the Browns bailed on Quinn after only three seasons. I know this regime didn't draft him, but Holmgren isn't going to jettison young talent. He discarded Quinn, and he did it relatively quickly -- for a 35-year-old who was cut by Carolina and who has 9 touchdown passes and 23 interceptions over his last 12 starts. That tells me all I need to know about Quinn's future.


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Posted on: March 22, 2010 11:54 am

Quinn deal no surprise

Sorry it was Kyle Orten not Rex Grossman...though Grossman's INT is similiar haha

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Posted on: March 22, 2010 11:52 am

Quinn deal no surprise

Seriously? Judge is a sports analyst? the same Judge who said the Cowboys wouldnt make playoff's? The same Judge who predicted Arizona to repeat? Come on, i cant believe this guy is still employed at all, he should be in the tabloids....Denver just got a STEAL from Cleveland. Brady Quinn is a Well rounded QB! and for those of you idiots who want to say otherwise you are as clueless and ridiculous than Mr. Judge's Articles. I have been a member of for 3 years, and i honestly dont know who is more Clueless Prisco, or Judge it's almost like they are typing right beside eachother.

How can you sit here and redicule Brady Quinn and his "QB Ability" when he has been playing for the lowley Cleveland browns? i mean really when is the last time this team made it to the super bowl.....the AFC Championship....hell when is the last time they made playoff's? This is the same team who traded David Clowney AND Braylon Edwards. Both of them currently on the jets, The same team who has spend the last 5 years within the top 5 draft picks EVERY YEAR and blow them on mediocre players. WAIT! let me correct myself, Good players, with a lack of Coaching and the ability to utilize them in the way they should've been used.

But see thats not the worst part, This is the same team that JUST cut Derek Anderson allowing him to go to the Cardinals, then trading Brady Quinn to the BRONCO'S!!! REALLY!! Let's just send this guy to an already GOOD team who is lacking only at the QB Position and 2 explosive deep field threats!! But wait it doesnt stop there!! A team you will more in likely be facing in the 1st round of the playoff's for the next 5 years GIVEN you can make it any time soon. A team in an Already WEAK division who 8/10 is always a contender from year to year.

3. Chiefs

It's not even like you are giving him to a team who has an entire division that is .500+ like the NFC East, or the AFC North.

I am an Amatuer at Sport's writing, and garuntee i get WAY BETTER Ratings than either one of this " Sports Analyst's " mentioned above.

If this keeps up i might as well just fill out an application for CBS because atleast i know what i say is atleast common sense.

Them Blasting Brady Quinns career with Cleveland was like comparing Doug Fluties Career with Buffalo before going to San Diego or Jeff Garcia with San Francisco, GOOD QB in a Terrible position.

Tell you what, Put me at a desk like Prisco and Judge for a year at CBS and i garuntee i will be more hellified in my post's that any of them. I will even TAKE A PAY CUT, while they are making 40+K a year give me 26-30k and i will boost your stats and readers. These so called analyt's dont know Crap about Crap. They sit around at their desk's looking stickly at Stats and scratching their heads like a bunch of monkeys rather than looking at the overall picture.

Brady Quinn will be beast in Denver, he has all the tools he will need to be succesful....especially if he has Rex "18 int" Grossman as his contender.

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Posted on: March 16, 2010 12:09 pm

Quinn deal no surprise


In all fairness to are not from Cleveland and it is doubtful you get any Cleveland publications...because if you were, you would already know that the Cleveland offensive philosophy is going to be dramatically different the up-coming year (I am not saying that it will be better, I am just telling you that it is common knowledge here in Cleveland that Holmgren is forcefeeding the coaching staff the West Coast). That is precisely why Holmgren brought in Delhomme and Wallace - they have played in his offense...DA and Quinn have not.

Additionally, you have not had the benefit (if you want to call it a "benefit") to see first hand (every minute of every game) Anderson's incredibly poor decision-making...and Quinn's incredibly poor arm strength and accuracy issues. The bottom line is that this team will be grooming a young quarterback after this draft. Having Quinn around would have just got in the way because he has a rather rabid following in Cleveland despite his lack of accomplishment. Having Wallace/Delhomme around to teach the new kid the offense is a better stategy than having Quinn around so the new kid could hear the fans begging to put in Quinn.

DA was toaste once his bonus came, he believed that he was "wronged" by the coaching staff AND the fans because of their unrelenting love of Quinn. Dunn and Peppers were entirely different situations - the fanbase loved them. Right or wrong, the fanbase in Cleveland was brutal to DA.

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 7:02 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

I agree, Quinn was never given much of a shot to succeed in Cleveland. They dumped Kellen Winslow and Braylon "I couldn't catch a cold" Edwards in one year...and replaced them with whom, exactly? Handing off to gray-haired Jamal Lewis and newbie Jerome Harrison didn't help much, though I think Harrison might do well. The only thing Quinn had going for him was the left side of his OL with Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach.

Coming over to Denver should help Quinn in a number of ways. One, his OL is still solid. Secondly, his WRs will be much better (with Eddie Royal, Brandon Stokley, Brandon Marshall and/or Dez Bryant) to go along with Knownshon Moreno...this is a lower pressure environment that could spark his career. Then again, he could be forever messed up, but to give up Hillis and two low-round picks for Quinn isn't much of a risk to take. Remember: Steve Young was in a similar situation in TB before SF traded a 3 and 5 for him and stole the HOFer after a terrible and short career in TB.

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 6:50 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

Pro Wide Receivers in Denver?  name them...
and Brady was great when ND played Navy and Army...but in the NFL a QB has to be able to HIT A MOVING TARGET.  Regardless of your covey of WR, RB, TEs...OR coaches....If the QB can't make the throw, then the game is over.  Brady can't make the throw...not in the NFL when everything moves much faster than it did on the gridiron of Notre Dame.  He's 30% accurate with a stationary target, 10% accurate with a moving target...and divide that by 2 when he's moving, too.  He just doesn't have it.  Sorry Denver.  I'll take an old Jake Delhomme and a more accurate Seneca Wallace over the Laurel and Hardy QB team we had in Cleveland last year.

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 4:57 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

Word of wisdom from a ND homer.  Quinn is not in college anymore and doesn't have an NFL arm. Sorry!

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 4:55 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

To all those saying the Broncos fleeced the browns you never watched quinn play.  He was innacurate, had happy feet, made poor decisions and couldn't get the ball downfield.  Why is it that everyone loves this guy when two different coaching staffs looked at him in practice for three years and couldn't bring themselves to give him the job? You don't think they wanted to give him a shot?  they couldn't because he CAN"T MAKE THE THROWS!

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 3:52 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

A Notre Dame grad sitting behing a Purdue grad, just like in the real world.  Money mouth

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 3:49 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

First off, Anderson will have nothing to do with Cleveland after being cut (which was the only way to get rid of that salary).

Secondly, having Anderson or Quinn around would not have helped anyone "get acquainted with the Cleveland offense" because they are not running the same offense this year. The Browns did make a play for Carr before turning to Wallace...but what have Carr or Redman done in their careers that would make you believe they were better than Wallace anyway?


I disagree with your assessment of Anderson and being waived.  He would have come back if he couldn't get a better deal elsewhere a la Peppers coming back to Carolina the 2nd time when he swore he would never go back, just the same way Warrick Dunn thought he would never play in Tampa Bay again.  My previous post had the stipulation that the whole argument would be moot if they were instituting a new offense.  You are telling me that a 2nd year coach is implementing a second offense in as many years?  I find that hard to believe.

Carr and Redman have both stepped in for injured qb's and performed admirably.  They have won games and not killed their teams with repeated dumb mistakes.  That is more than we could say for Wallace last year.  When Hasslebeck was hurt, Wallace put in some Jemarcus Russell like performances athat would lead be to believe that Carr and Redman are better.  You have to ask yourself why Wallace was the second choice for Cleveland anyway...the answer is that there were better players that had more value (Carr this year).  If I were a Browns fan I would have lobbied for waiting a year, keeping either Anderson or Quinn on the bench to backup Delhomme for a season and wait for better talent than Wallace to come available.  I am not saying that is the only way it could have been done, just what I observe to be a better way to go...but hey, I'm just one man...not claiming to be a genius GM.  Time will tell if it was the right decision.

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 3:23 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

I just read an old post where everyone was sayingholgrm is a QB god but I think he screwed up at QB.  I dont think holgren was getting rid of Quinn for ability I think he is trying to bring in as spark of hope with delhomme. very good qb and was at the Super Bowl. 

This is why I agree with you that Mcdaniels knows QB's also.  so everyone should get off the "quinn sucks thing."  He is a good QB, he knows the old patriot regime (weiss).  Mcdaniel will have an easier time with molding quinn.  On the other hand there is a possiblity that this is  Quinns last chance to do something big.  If he is not a clear starter in 2 years I believe he might retire and go back to ND for Law School?  just a hunch

2 years and Quinn, if he has WR's could be good.  he put up stats at ND with No line or decent running and no defense.

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