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Quinn deal no surprise

Posted on: March 14, 2010 6:05 pm
Edited on: March 14, 2010 6:51 pm

The Brady Quinn deal should have caught nobody by surprise, especially Brady Quinn. The minute Cleveland signed Jake Delhomme, Quinn was finished with the Browns.

So Cleveland deals him to Denver where the Broncos probably discover what Cleveland did -- that Quinn is not a very accurate quarterback. Nevertheless, coach Josh McDaniels prides himself on working with quarterbacks, and if he can find something here that Cleveland did not then maybe, just maybe, Quinn has a chance. It's a long shot, but it shows that Denver is eager to find a young arm to challenge Kyle Orton. Plus, it didn't cost the Broncos much.

McDaniels is close to former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, and Weis loves Quinn. In all likelihood he sold his former pupil (the two were together at New England) on Quinn's smarts, telling him that he could be the perfect guy to run the Denver offense. If nothing else, he sold him on it being a risk worth taking because, given what you could find, the risk wasn't much.

All I know is that for Cleveland to give up on the guy speaks volumes. Because he was from Ohio, he was popular with Browns' fans who desperately wanted him to succeed. Then there's team president Mike Holmgren, who has a history of developing young quarterbacks -- which should've boded well for Quinn. Plus there was an opening, with Seneca Wallace the only challenger before Delhomme arrived on the scene.

I see where Wallace said he intends to be the starter, and that's great. Only if you've seen Seneca Wallace play quarterback he should never be the starter for anyone. No disrespect to Wallace, but as a quarterback he makes a better running back. Anyway, with all that on Quinn's side, he still couldn't make, and good luck in Denver. Maybe a change of scenery works in his favor ... but I doubt it.

Listen, Cleveland needs a good young quarterback, but the Browns bailed on Quinn after only three seasons. I know this regime didn't draft him, but Holmgren isn't going to jettison young talent. He discarded Quinn, and he did it relatively quickly -- for a 35-year-old who was cut by Carolina and who has 9 touchdown passes and 23 interceptions over his last 12 starts. That tells me all I need to know about Quinn's future.


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Posted on: March 15, 2010 2:49 pm

Brady Quinn To Denver is BIG!

A lot of the "naysayers" keep pointing to Quinn like he was the reason that the Browns have not had success.  From what i have seen of him the kid played as hard as he could, with sporadic amount sof PT and a terrible surrounding cast. Yes, hes not as accurate as he should be but he was lso always running for his life!  Im a Chargers fan, so it hurts me a little to ever commend a move by the Broncos, but i have to admit... this could be huge for them.  TWO main reasons this is huge, they gave up NOTHING for him so if he doesnt pan out the way they (and myself for that matter) thought, it was a very low-risk move. 

However if this goes the way i think it will, Brady is going to look goooood in Blue and Orange and he is going to give the Broncos a young, strong, athletic Qb that i think finds his groove and ends up being a top 10 QB next year under Mcdaniels and Co.

Great move Broncos (and thats from a Bolts fan!!!)

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 2:07 pm

Quinn deal no surprise


First off, Anderson will have nothing to do with Cleveland after being cut (which was the only way to get rid of that salary).

Secondly, having Anderson or Quinn around would not have helped anyone "get acquainted with the Cleveland offense" because they are not running the same offense this year. The Browns did make a play for Carr before turning to Wallace...but what have Carr or Redman done in their careers that would make you believe they were better than Wallace anyway?

Furthermore, read why Quinn is gone:

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 1:43 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

Quinn deal no surprise

twy, Anderson would NOT "have been a fraction of the cost of Quinn." Anderson would have cost the Browns $9 mil ($2 mil bonus and $7 mil base to stay)...Quinn's base salary was only $700,000 (he could have made somewhere between $4 mil and $5 mil if he collected various incentive bonuses.


Anderson WOULD have been a fraction of the cost of Quinn.  All they had to do was release him and bring him back at a salary cut.  There is no way anybody else would have paid that 9 mil for him and he would have returned at a much cheaper price a la Derrick Mason with the Ravens.  Even if you argue that Quinn would have been cheaper than Anderson, it would have made sense for continuity to keep the fan favorite around for at least one more year to help Delhomme get acquainted with the offense that is run in Cleveland from somebody that has done it before.  There is no way that Seneca Wallace can run the Cleveland offense better than Brady Quinn.  I understand wanting to get rid of Quinn based on his performance, I just would have waited another year before doing so.  Is Seneca Wallace that hot of a commodity?  Why wouldn't you wait another year and try for a David Carr or a Chris Redman type?  Someone that has proven that they can excel.  Seneca Wallace has never been anything more than a band aid for a starter and last year he did an extremely poor job of it. 

There are plenty of qb's that have actual starting experience that would have been a bigger pick up for Cleveland next year that they could have acquired.  No matter which qb from last year would have been more expensive, it would have behooved the Browns to keep one on for one more year for two reasons.  One, for continuity and help learning the offense for next year.  Two, neither of the qb's brought in are at a point where they are any better than the two the Browns just got rid of.  Fan or non-fan of Quinn and Anderson, you have to admit that as a truth. 

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 1:31 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

There goes yet another fan favorite.  McD finally got rid of the last one from the Shanny era.  And picks up Brady Quinn???  Really?  This move makes so much sense for McD.  He hated the players he inherited.  Hillis would have picked up a few first downs last season on short yardage, but stubborn to a fault McD uses the 4'0" 98lb. Moreno on 3rd and 2.  BECAUSE HE WAS A !ST ROUND PICK???   I've heard the explination that Hillis was the only FB available, so he didn't want to expose him to injury.  Are you serious?  Like blocking linebackers doesn't expose players to injury?  Good luck Peyton, Holmy will use you plenty in Cleveland. 

Now the Broncos have Brady Quinn, who's knock besides being injured alot, has been his lack of arm strength.  Well, for anyone not paying atention, the Broncos finished 2-6 because teams figured out that Denver ran the same play over and over again.  5 yard out.  5 yard slant.  Screen left. Screen right.  The only time I saw Orton try a deep ball was to a wide open Brandon Marshall vs Washington.  And he (suprise) under-threw him  He can't accurately throw more than 15 yards.  And neither can Quinn.  And when you have a 3rd down back, as your regular RB, no one will respect the run, either.  Which is what happened in said 2-6 finish.

So to me, the only thing that happened here was the Broncos losing yet another fan fav.  And gaining yet another QB with no arm strength to back up Kyle "FML" Orton.  This can't get much worse for the Bronco fans that I know.  Until they move Marshall. 

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 12:09 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

twy, Anderson would NOT "have been a fraction of the cost of Quinn." Anderson would have cost the Browns $9 mil ($2 mil bonus and $7 mil base to stay)...Quinn's base salary was only $700,000 (he could have made somewhere between $4 mil and $5 mil if he collected various incentive bonuses.

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 12:02 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

This was simply an addition by subtraction move for Holmgren and the Browns. Holmgren clearly didn't see the potential in either Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn. As long as Quinn was here in Cleveland...the large contingent of Notre Dame/Quinn fans in Cleveland would have continued to root for anyone but Quinn to fail. The organization did not need that. The team was better off admitting the mistake they made in Quinn and moving on.

My guess is that Delhomme and Wallace were brought aboard because they are familiar with the West Coast offense and could at least keep the seat warm until a young quarterback Holmgren hand-picks in this draft is ready.

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 12:00 pm

Quinn deal no surprise

Huge mistake...Why is Holmgren cleaning house at the qb position?  Now the new players have to learn a new system with no veteran to help for continuity.  Unless they are installing a completely new offense in Cleveland, this was a terrible decision.  I agree with shipping out Brady Quinn.  He is the Rick Mirer of the present day.  Holmgren HAD to make one change at qb, but he should have kept Anderson.  He wasn't all that much better than Quinn, but he would have helpted Delhomme transition much easier and he would have been a fraction of the cost of Quinn...1 move good, 1 move bad. 

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 11:46 am

Quinn deal no surprise

"No disrespect to Wallace, but as a quarterback he makes a better running back."

What do you believe "disrespect" means?  You can't just declare something not disrespectful if it is.  You don't respect him as QB. Fine. Your job is to blather opinions, so go ahead and stand by them. Don't try to cower behind stupid qualifiers.

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 11:10 am

Quinn deal no surprise

OK. Now the question is: will it be Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford, depending upon which of these guys will still be on the board come draft day. Because (no kidding here) Jake Delhomme will stricly act as a seat-warmer and Seneca Wallace won't see much action outside the Wildcat package. And for Brady Quinn, I wouldn't be surprised if Mangini had the final say in that move, given the fact he was never, never ever, sold on the guy to begin with. Heck! didn't he already try to trade him last offseason? And if Quinn ends up as the real deal in Denver... Well, it will be nothing more than another blunder on Mangini's résumé .

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 10:53 am

Quinn deal no surprise

Let's see - all the talk is about the Broncos getting Brady Quinn (aka Cleveland's version of Ryan Leaf) but not a word about Cleveland getting Peyton Hillis?  In his rookie season, Hillis became the starting RB for the Broncos, showed an ability to bust tackles and make catches with good hands and a lot of power.  Unfortunately, Peyton got tore his hamstring making an amazing catch and was out for the rest of 2008.  In comes Josh McDaniels as Bronco coach, he wastes the #12 overall pick on RB Knowshon Moreno (aka Noshow Nogaino), and somehow peyton Hillis is in McD's doghouse, hardly plays at all.  Cleveland may well end up getting the better end of this deal, as peyton Hillis is a hardnosed player and was a fan favorite in Denver.  Denver in the meantime has a Cleveland like quandry at the QB position with now Brady Quinn thrown in with Kyle Orton and (lol) Chris Simms.

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