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Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns

Posted on: April 2, 2010 12:24 am
Edited on: April 2, 2010 11:30 am
The Philadelphia Eagles are close to completing a deal, sources said, that would send disgruntled cornerback Sheldon Brown and linebacker Chris Gocong to Cleveland in exchange for one of two packages -- either a draft pick and player or two draft picks and a backup. The deal, which was expected to have been completed by now, is contingent on Brown gaining a new contract.

That, of course, has been the subject of Brown's unhappiness for the past year. It was last April that he demanded to be traded when the Eagles refused to renegotiate his deal, which had four years remaining on it. The Eagles didn't budge, and Brown not only played the season; he played so well that some persons within the organization thought he deserved Pro Bowl consideration -- with Brown producing a career-best five interceptions and returning a fumble and interception for touchdowns.

However, Brown was one of a handful of players -- including quarterback Donovan McNabb and cornerback Asante Samuel -- who did not appear when the Eagles opened their offseason workouts this week, leading to speculation that he might be on the trading block. A second-round draft pick in 2002, Brown didn't miss a game the past six years and missed only one start during that time.

Gocong, a third-round draft pick in 2006, never became the pass rusher the Eagles had hoped and last year lost his starting job as the team's strong-side linebacker late in the season to Moise Fokou. A resticted free agent, Gocong earlier this week signed a one-year tender with the Eagles. He is expected to play an inside linebacker position with Cleveland.

It is unclear when the trade will be finalized, but sources indicated that it could be completed in "the near future" -- with Brown's contract serving as the last major obstacle. It is also unclear how high the draft picks could be, but the Browns have five in the first three rounds.

When completed, it will be the third major trade pulled off in the past three weeks by new Cleveland president Mike Holmgren. Holmgren on March 14 sent quarterback Brady Quinn to Denver and linebacker Kamerion Wimbley to Oakland for fullback Peyton Hillis and draft picks.
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Posted on: April 2, 2010 10:39 am

Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns

Gocong always struck me as for of a 3-4 type player anyway. Maybe a change of scenery and scheme will help him out. As for why would they trade Brown? Ever since the Eagles signed Asante Samuel, Sheldon Brown was unhappy with his deal. My inkling is, rather than do the same thing Lito did, the Eagles told him to show up and shut up, and theyd do their best to move him.

My feeling is this is the first of several dominoes to fall here in Philly...

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 10:30 am

Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns

I actually like this deal for philly. As much as I love sheldon brown, he is not worth the kinda money he thinks he is worth. He has been a very good corner, but he is gonna be 31, and it is definitely evident that the eagles are going younger on both offense and defense. Gocong, who I have always rooted for, never turned out to be what the eagles drafted him to be, and its smart to deal him to cleveland so he can be in a position to start.

The eagles can recoup some draft picks from cleveland in this deal, and then possibly move mcnabb (which I absolutely am pissed about, but I have resided to the fact that its probably gonna happen), and then they will be in a strong position on draft day to make some deals because they will have a stockpile of draft picks.

Plus, remember, we have ellis hobbs too. Hobbs was injured for the second half of the season last year, but when he is healthy, he is definitely a starting calibur corner in the NFL (i.e him and asante samuel were the starters on the pats after ty law left).

All in all, I like brown, but the eagles are getting younger, and its good that they are at least getting compensation for the aging veterans.

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 10:27 am

Depends on compensation

Depends on what the Eagles get back from the Browns.  Gocong is not a big loss, he doesn't fit the Eagles D scheme very well.  Sheldon would be a loss.  I'd rather get draft picks, especially if the Eagles are going to try and trade one of their myriad QBs for another draft pick.  Perfect year to load up on picks, with no cap.  We have tons of holes on the O line and all over the defense.  Sure a rookie heavy year will be bad, but give them a year to learn on the job, and next (or 2012) year they should be better.

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 10:19 am

Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns

wait im confused didnt gocong just resign 2 days ago?

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 10:12 am

Birg Red, Joe Banner, and Mrs Lor-ree LISTEN UP!!

Yo Guys!!! Reid, Banner, Loery, I KNOW YOU Love to add mediocre D-Line men to shift around to keep our line fresh, That is Good and fine and all, but WE NEED ANOTHER STUD PASS RUSHER OPPOSITE OF OUR STUD !!!! Trent Cole was such a find for us in the draft a FRICKING steal for us as a 5th rounder (146overall).  You don’t find diamonds in the ruff like that often.  Last year Cole had 12.5 sacks and was doubled teamed more that half the time Darren Howard (6sacks), Victor Abimiri(2sacks), (8 sacks, which is pretty good, but he isn’t a fulltime DE, he is more effective as a LB) Chris Clemons (3 sacks), (1 sack) (same situ as A. Jordan), (8 sacks) and, . Trent Cole's total number of sacks 12.5.... All the others DE's (leaving out Akeem Jordan cause he is a TRUE LB) combined are  20.5 sacks.  That means then that Trent Cole accounts for 61% of all sacks achieved by our Defensive Ends.  , would be a very complimentary player to play opposite of Trent Cole and could definitely draw some of the double teams off of him, having 6 solo sacks himself last year another 6 assist in sacks accumulated by other Bear's defensive players.  I know that Brown is not another , , or Late Reggie White.  The acquiring of Brown by the would be a positive step in bolstering our Defensive line, and could also send Trent Cole's sack total reach the mid to high teens. (yes I am a very hopeful person.)

This would sure up The Eagles front Defensive Line and allow us to focus the rest of our defensive needs.  It Sounds like and Gocong are going to the , Sheldon Brown, Me personally I’ll miss him and thought he was one hell of a great Corner Back and I'll never   forget when he just straight up LEVELED ! MAD REAPECT to Reggie for playing a little later. For me, Gocong just never played up to expectations, I hope that both continue to succeed, even if their on  a team rebuilding like Cleveland, who I just a mess of an organization!  Philly is supposed either a draft pick and player or two draft picks and a backup for them both.  I think that Brown AND Gocong are at least worth a Rd3 pick, but it'd be REAL Nice to get a high 2nd rd pick from Cleveland.

This would leave us, Philly, in a hole in the Corner back position.  Now with the next few statements I expect to get a few replies.  There has been Trade Rumors going on between Philly an O -Town for Donny McNabb an a late rd draft pick for Corner Back, . Asomugha is UNARGUABLY THEE BEST CORNER IN THE GAME!  I just simply pray that Al Davis is still crazy enough to trade away AsomughaI know the rest of the U.S. has love for D. McNabb, but as a person born and raised in Philly, I got to tell ya... Everyone in Philly wants the era to begin. We have such a GREAT YOUNG Offense: QB, Kolb, RB, McCoy, the acquisition of is Defiantly a sturdy pick up and could be a good 3rd down back with Weaver lining up with him, WR's D.Jack, J. Maclin (potential to be a WR Amazing tandem for years to come) w J Avant as the perfect slot receiver, TE B. Celek(future HOF mark my words) FB L. Weaver. O-line: J.Peters, Stacey Andrews, , (who surprised us all and played great) and C Nick Cole (could use an upgrade there) So Our Offensive, which last year scored more pts than any other Eagle's offense in history is set, so Its Time to look at the D-side of The Birds Squad.

D-Line (if we get Alex Brown) DE A. Brown, DT M. Patterson, DT Brodrick Bunkly, DE Trent Cole- with many interchangeable parts, V. Abimiri, D. Howard, J. Parker, D Tapp. So Eagles D-Line in solid, but not SUPERB.    Onto
the LB's where help could be used; , if healthy CAN be a star, if he CAN remain healthy. Akeem Jordan, very solid underrated player who can stop the run and get to the QB in a Blitz Package, for our other LB, I personally like Tracey White who played great on special teams and can make the transition, LB is overrated and cant tackle, so he is out,  could be good in the middle but makes too many stupid penalties, O. Gaither reminds me of another Dhani "banjo" Jones, who can play good or bad games.  The whole overall problem with the LB core is that they are all susceptible when it comes to the pass game, which is why I was dumbfounded when the eagles let go of , who in my opinion was the best LB on the def side.     
  Onto the Backfield.  This where the Eagles are really going to need help.  Well it looks like Sheldon Brown is gone, his back ups are and .  I know was just brought over from Indy but coming off 2 acl surgeries who knows. So If Brown goes we are in trouble. THAT IS WHY I'D LOVE TO SEE MCNABB FOR Nnamdi Asomugha. We'd be set on that side of the field.  On the other side it is not as bad. Is a BALL HAWK (even though his tackling is subpar to say the least.) his back up is solid and could be a starter on another team, following him is , ya I know, WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY???    Now over to the Safeties and The Birds def did suffer letting B-Dawk go and something needs to fill that gap.  In My opinion the Eagles are O.K. at STRONG SAFTEY. is a BALLER and plays his a** off every single game, he is the HEART and the HUSTLE in the backfield.  Wherever a play ends, you'll see him in the mix of it, I just wish he could play the whole game, because behind him is Q. Demps.  Some see the potential for him to improve, not me, I'm not buying it.  This is Why I see The EAGLES to use their 1st rd Draft pick on Taylor Mays out of USC, who is a hard hitting S.o.B.  Very Reminiscing of Dawkins.  Mays playing behind Mikell for a year of 2 could develop him into a premier safety in the nfl.  Over to the Free Safety Side where the Eagles Are most suspect, If Asante doesn’t intercept the ball or make the tackle it is up to, Sean "Puffy" Jones, who played as well as the real Sean "puffy" Jones would play in the NFL.   Behind Jones there is Victor "Nacho, but please call me .  Harris has the drive to succeed, you can see it when he puts a big hit on someone and he tries to do it ALL the time!  The bad thing about that is that he misses a lot of times on those big hits, and then it is off to the races for whomever WR he misses.

I know this is an Article bout the , but I'd love to see A Brown in an Eagles Jersey opposite of T. Cole Thanks for reading my thoughts on what the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! strengths and needs are. Ps reply with any thoughts on this, other wise I just wasted 2 hours of my life! haha!

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 10:10 am

This is a stupid trade

Why would the Eagles send one of the better corners in the league and a backup linebacker for two draft picks? Makes no sense

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 9:55 am

Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns

Josh Cribbs all the Browns have. It would take half the team to get him. 38th pick at least and a player. I think Reid will look at O linemen.

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 9:54 am

Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns

I realize Al Davis "Crypt Keeper" is a bit crazy but no way he gives up the best corner in the game for an aging QB with one year left on his deal, if anything maybe you get the Raiders 2nd round draft choice for McNabb, and I would think the Browns will give the 3rd they got the Raiders(from N.E) and one of their 5th Rounders.  The Raiders can't franchise both Seymore who they gave a 1st for and McNabb so I see a major problem with that deal even being completed in the first place unless a mulit year contract is completed ahead of time with one of them. 

This trade makes sense for the Browns as long as they don't give up too much.  If it's the 3rd and a 5th like I predict it makes the Wimbley trade make a little more sense, although I still don't agree with that trade.  Browns fans lets hope this trade goes through, Berry drops to the 7th, we pick up another stud CB with our second, and trade back into the second for Colt and we will be looking much better.

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 9:30 am

Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns

In todays pass happy NFL,  your nickle corner has to be a 3rd starter.  Why would we trade a underrated durable corner.  If I see this go trough with a 4th or 5th round pick, and some player I neither care for or heard of I will be pi$$ed.   Who are we gonna start if Brown is gone,  Limpy E Hobbs,   M Jackson.   I hate to add to the speculation but if Brown is traded then the Raiders giving us Nmambdi Assu.  looks a littlke more likely.......

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Posted on: April 2, 2010 9:29 am

Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns

call me crazy but i think it's a good move, looks like they are moving brown as part of the mcnabb deal. i can certainly see Nnamdi Asomugha being an eagle next yr. samuel and asomugha, would be the 2nd best cb tandemn in the NFL(behind revis and cromartie).

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