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Big Ben expected to strike ... out

Posted on: September 1, 2010 6:51 pm
So now there's an ESPN report that Ben Roethlisberger will come to the NFL office Friday seeking a reduction of his six-game suspension to three. If true, it's a bold and courageous move by the Pittsburgh Steelers and their quarterback.

And one that is bound to fail.

Look, if there's one thing we've learned about commissioner Roger Goodell is that he means what he says. So when he says he supports an issue, it means he'll fight for it until he can make it happen -- with the new overtime rules Exhibit A and the New York Super Bowl Exhibit B. And when he says he will suspend a player for four to six games, he means he will suspend a player from four to six games -- period.

Not three. Not two. Four, five or six. Goodell is not exactly difficult to figure out. So if Roethlisberger wants to argue his case for three games, more power to him. He's just wasting his time.

"I can't see it happening," said a source close to the situation. "If (Goodell) meant to reduce the suspension to three games he would have said it. But he didn't."

Precisely. Goodell issued his suspension based on what the NFL uncovered in its investigations of complaints of Roethlisberger's off-the-field behavior. Roethlisberger is the first player suspended for violating the league's personal conduct policy who hasn't been arrested or charged with a crime, and that, apparently, is one factor motivating Roethlisberger and his representatives -- at least, according to the report.

But that's why this won't fly. That the league took such a tough stance tells you it found substance to the complaints and had to intervene to save Roethlisberger from himself. Hey, they even ordered an extensive "behavioral examination," whatever that means. To me, it means a guy has issues. Serious issues. And Goodell hinted at that when, referring to a complaint filed this offseason in Georgia, he said of Roethlisberger, "There is nothing about your conduct that can be remotely described as admirable, responsible or consistent with either the value of the league or the expectations of the fans."

Translation: Clean up your act, pal, or else.

That's why Goodell dropped the hammer. Just because Roethlisberger wasn't charged doesn't mean the guy skates. No sirree. He has to answer to a commissioner who is sick and tired of out-of-control players embarrassing themselves, their organizations and the league, and he's determined to clean it up. And he will make an example of Roethlisberger, with a very clear message that you don't have to be charged or convicted to get bounced.

Now, just because Roethlisberger has been a good boy for four months, Goodell is supposed to lighten up? I don't think so. He is nothing if not consistent. He suspended Pacman Jones for a season after repeated incidents, none of which resulted in convictions. But he'd had it with him. My guess is that he's had it with Roethlisberger, too, and is determined to make the quarterback ... and the Steelers ... understand he means business.

Cutting a suspension in half is not my idea of re-inforcing that message.

When Goodell said, "Your conduct raises sufficient concerns that I believe effective intervention now is the best step for your personal and professional welfare," he meant Roethlisberger needed to be leashed. So he leashed him for four to six games. Roethlisberger may have changed the last four months, but the incidents that got him in trouble are documented -- and Goodell acted based on what he found there. I can't believe he goes soft on him now. What I do believe is that you can take Roger Goodell at his word. When he says he will suspend Roethlisberger four to six games, he means it.

Last time I checked three was not between four and six. Someone pass the message to Roethlisberger.

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Posted on: September 2, 2010 6:39 am

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

Funny that someone brought up about this being America...innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, the rich and famous get a much better deal than the rest of us...they have body guards who will lie for us, Lawyers who will make things go away; and there are star players, who think they are entitled to anything they want, when they want. When someone is drunk and forces himself on someone, and there's a lot of people trying to cover it up, it only means one thing...they think they can do anything and get away with it.

Plus, this isn't Ben's first problem with a woman accusing him of sexual assault...hmmm, where there's smoke, there's fire. Just because you're an athlete, doesn't mean you get a free pass. He should serve the whole 6 games, whether he's learned his lesson or not...whether the counseling worked or not.

I agree with Clark, in that if they cut the suspension in half, what kind of message does that send to the rest of the league? What kind of message does that send to the fans??I bet a lot of people are going to think twice before they do something stupid when they are drunk and there's a woman involved...well, at least we can hope for that.

BTW, a lot of rape cases never go to it doesn't mean the offender wasn't guilty.

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Posted on: September 2, 2010 1:42 am

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

Geez, Judge you are an idiot and you don't do y;our homework if you did you would have found that Pacman Jones was charged and he pleaded time you write something, know what you're talking about.

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Posted on: September 2, 2010 1:25 am

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

Well, if it wasn't clear before, it's clear now... clark judge is a douche.

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Posted on: September 2, 2010 12:27 am

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

I'm a Bengals fan, so take this for what it's worth. He shouldn't get his suspension reduced to 3 games. He should get it reduced to 4 games though. I think 6 is too much. He's a douche, but there isn't a law against that. That being said, he's got nothing to lose in asking for a 3 game reduction.

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Posted on: September 2, 2010 12:06 am

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

(to DM Cowboy)Aaaaaaaaaaamen!  Some things are bigger than sports.  Lets let a rapist have his way because he has two rings.  Haaa.  I gotta get off this site now before I lose my f'n mind!  Shut up Worthlesberger, shut up Steelers fans, and shut up about suspension reduction, period.  I can't believe Rooney didn't boot this guy already.  Instead he's saying, "we're the steelers, we're the pride of the NFL, I'm Art Rooney."  Put you're money where your mouth is if you really want to get you're point across, you arrogant S.O.B., cut the kid, let him sit in free agency while he thinks about what went wrong with his life and how he can change things for the better.  You're paying him a hundred million dollars to complete passes to defensive backs and sexually assault women, idiot!!!  I'm outta here!!!

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 11:53 pm

Judge is an idiot

This is America....not communist China or Cuba. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Read up on the Founding Fathers's one day, and Obama isn't one of them. I guess this is more "change."

Ben was NEVER EVER CHARGED and NEVER EVER CONVICTED of ANYTHING -- EVER! Sorry, but those ARE the facts.

Yet, Judge will have him suspended 4-6 games, and help to continue the ruination of two INNOCENT off-duty Pgh police officers who are impuned by implication in this charade. Ben makes millions of dollars -- but what of these police officers? Their lives are ruined on unproven heresay of which a trigger-happy DA up for re-election could NOT even charge Ben with anything!

Czar Goodell overstepped his bounds, and Judge is a simple-minded follower of him and this new american philosophy.

Let's just hope kharma does exist, and Judge one day is accused of something, BUT NEVER EVER CHARGED (like Ben), but his life and job is ruined or substantially jeapordized. Who cares if Judge is innocent or wasn't charged -- let's just apply our own justice to im beyond the nation's laws. I would love it.

Let's live in America, and not a Goodell/Judge banana republic.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 11:38 pm

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

For those that think Goodell is taking this too far, you must remember that he is the comissioner of a League and isn't bound by the restrictions of a court system.  He is bound by the rules and regulations that are set out by the CBA which, by the way, the NFLPA has agreed to.  For those that have forgotten, the stint in GA isn't the first time Big Ben had been accused of sexual assault/harrassment.  The NFL did its own investigation which is as thorough as Federal Prosecuters (they have a 90% conviction rate by the way) and they found enough evidence to warrant a suspension.  Good enough for me.

Bottom line, Big Ben is an A$$ of the first order.  Nothing will change that, he is who he is (look at Lawrence Taylor as a good example).  Goodell is well within his rights to suspend Ben and if he came to me asking for 3 games, I'd bump it up to 5.  Ben is in no position to be asking for squat.  He's a troll that preys on college kids (with the help of his "body guards") who are darn near 10 years younger than him.  Imagine if that were your daughter or sister he did that too....and all he gets is suspended from playing a game.  Pardon me if I don't shed a tear for Benny the kid.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 11:02 pm

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

good points you make.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 10:23 pm

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

Goodell is Pro-Pittsbugh let alone R-buger. Let him rot! If it was Rivers or some u[p and coming QB he would crucify them. Goodell is a girl, let a real man enter the arena and show some ballz.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 9:03 pm

Big Ben expected to strike ... out

Judge is such an idiot.

Its so stupid its beyond words.

His whole article is focused on "Ben" asking for 3 games.  Where he is entirely missing the point is that it will the the Steelers organization, led by Art Rooney II, who will be seeking the reduction. 

You have to be naive if you don't know what that suspension was about and if you don't think the Steelers organization and leadership had influence on the suspension length.  The reason that organization has been so successful is because it does things a certain way.  They were not happy at all with Ben and wanted him punished.  For them to even think it could be 3 games, means the team management has been impressed with Ben and his reaction to the situation.

He finishes this off with last time I checked three was not between for and six.  Maybe he should check his article instead of his math and get his facts right.

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