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Jets end impasse they helped start

Posted on: September 6, 2010 2:04 am
Edited on: September 6, 2010 2:13 am
So the New York Jets sign Darrelle Revis to a new contract, and we're supposed to be surprised? Count me out on that one.

There was never a doubt the Jets were going to make peace with Revis because a) they absolutely, positively need him if Rex Ryan is serious about this Super Bowl thing; b) holdouts almost never, ever, ever, sit more than a month of the season anymore and c) the Jets were the ones that made this thing happen in the first place.

So they were going to be the ones that made this thing go away.

Now, let's forget about items a) and b) for a moment because I think most of us agree there. It's item c) that's of the most interest because I heard more than one head coach express that sentiment when I was touring training camps, and, frankly, I agree. About what? Rewind the videotape to last season when the Jets were a wildcard entry to the playoffs and hung around long enough to come within three hours of the Super Bowl. Their most noteworthy player was not Mark Sanchez or Thomas Jones or David Harris; it was Revis, and I know because I heard Rex esxtoll the guy's considerable abilities every week.

He didn't tell us he was the best Jet out there. He didn't even tell us he was the best player in his division or the best cornerback in the league. Nope, Rex said he was the best defensive player, period and he couldn't fathom how Revis wasn't named the league's Defensive Player of the Year and Green Bay's Charles Woodson was. 

"I would like to congratulate the people that voted for Darrelle Revis," he said last January. "These guys obviously really know the game ...For me, this is the best year a corner has ever had, the most impact a corner has ever had in the National Football League. That's my opinion. Apparently, it wasn't the opinion of everybody who voted."

Now when you say something like that -- and Ryan voiced it week after week after week -- you better back it up, and Revis did with his play. He shut down an army of the league's best receivers. But it's not Revis I'm talking about. It's the Jets. They didn't just tell us Darrelle Revis was better than, oh, say, Nnamdi Asomugha, who commands the highest salary among defensive backs. They told us he was better than any defender anywhere.

OK, fine. Then back it up. Pay him like the best defender anywhere.

That's how Revis responded, and, frankly, I can't say that I blame him. Yeah, I know, he had three years left on his contract, but so what? Teams are tearing up deals all the time, and the New York Jets are one of them. They extended the contracts of Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum after a 9-7 season -- Ryan's first on the job. Granted, the Jets went to the conference championship game, but that's not the point. This is: What was the hurry? I mean, Ryan wasn't going anywhere, and the Jets had pressing contract issues with guys like Revis, David Harris and Nick Mangold.

Yet they still thought this was a good idea.

Swell. Except don't go telling me that you can't pay Revis the big bucks because you just did it for the head coach and GM, and because the head coach and GM you consider invaluable -- or so valuable that you extended them after a 9-7 season -- spent most of last year proclaining Revis the best defensive player in the business. Put the two together, and you have a contract problem waiting to happen ... which, of course, it did.

"That's why it's always dangerous to say the things the Jets did," an NFC coach told me this summer. "I know that's Rex, but when you talk about someone like they (the Jets) did the danger is that it comes back to bite you."

Consider the Jets bitten.

Yes, they're better with Revis on the field. Yes, he's one of the best cornerbacks in the game. Yes, he might even be THE best cornerback in the game. But don't tell me this holdout was all his fault. The Jets not only share culpability but got the ball rolling in the first place - and hallelujah they found a solution.

But they had no other choice. They put themselves out there on the ledge. They had to be the ones to get themselves off of it because, in the end, if you honest-to-goodness believe you have the best player in the game -- and the Jets kept telling us they do -- then you better pay him like one of the best.
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Jets end impasse they helped start

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Jets end impasse they helped start

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 9:01 pm

Jets end impasse they helped start

Sorry dude, but you don't know what you're talking about.....

The Jets could of signed Revis 4 weeks ago when he asked for 39 million with 20 million guaranteed, that's what Revis was asking.

Now the Jets give him MORE than they could of 4 weeks ago.....  maybe that's because Revis pushed them harder in these last 4 weeks but if the Jets had gotten their heads out of their asses they could of had Revis all preseason for a cheaper price.

Congrats Revis, played the Jets well!

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 8:33 pm

Jets end impasse they helped start

What a shock, Judge has something negative to say about the Jets. I suppose the right way for evil Rex Ryan to behave would have been to tell those covering the Jets that Revis sucks eggs. Coaching is more than x's and o's, there is a psycology to it and when Rex makes those statements, that's part of it. Hate it if you will, that just feeds it. 
It's got to eat at Judge that the deal is done because he knows Revis changes the equation, it makes the Jets (Go ahead Judge, we know you spit every time they're mentioned) a contender of greater significance. The guys in green are in position to shake things up, no matter what they do, Judge will have something bad to say about them.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 7:23 pm

Jets end impasse they helped start

First of all, I will let you know I am a die hard Jet fan, so you can base your judgement of this comment on that if you like. I agree Mr. Judge has overhyped the Rex Ryan factor on this situation, and the fact is Revis played so well is that he caught the Media's eye with his play, not because of his coach. Rex is a coach, he saw what all Jet fans and NFL fans saw, and voiced his opinion for his player. Rex is a hype guy, plain and simple. If it works, he's done his job because you NEED team confidence to win a super bowl. He knows he has the talent. If his rah-rah tactic's don't work and the team plays sub-par, he knows he is the one who looks foolish, but he doesn't care, because he knows how important the team psychological factor is. He's Rex Ryan, for Christ's sake. Thank god we have an entertaining coach who believes in this team, and that filters down to the fans, and most importantly, the players. Rex does this not to hype Revis, but to hype his team and have them believe. The last thing T-Rex is thinking about is how this is going to affect a contract situation. That's Woody and Tannebaum's job. His job is to coach, period. You can't blame him for this.

Secondly, the fact that Revis held out with 3 years left on his contract is unusual, and opens the door for others to do the same. If the Jets give in early in the talks, the owners would look like patsies and more players and agents would be apt to pull this same holdout move. It doesn't matter that he may be the best cornerback in the league (Of which I believe he is, but remember I am a die hard Jets fan), holding out with 3 years left on a contract is setting a precident the owners do not want to cave into. The Jets did what they needed to do: make Revis wait, and put in the public mindset that they will not cave in easily in this circumstance. This has been huge in the Media (as expected) and the Jets made a point to the NFL community/NFL fans for the sake of the NFL owners. Now publicly, it's looks like the battled and negotiating with 3 years left on a contract will not look so easy. On the other hand, the Jets NEED (and I stress NEED) this player there for the first game, so they make the deal right after the final preseason game. It's a win-win for the Jets (not looking as if they caved for this precident, and getting their man), and a win-win for Revis (gets the contract, and doesn't have to go to camp). 

So the point of my comment? That this contract holdout/negotiation is on
ly truly interesting in the fans eyes for what the media portrays from it. So with all due respect to Mr. Judge, although the article is entertaining, and that IS half the job or Mr. Judge to entertain us, the content of it is, in reality, pointless. When a writer pens (or in this case, types) an article, the best articles are entertaining AND have substance. This seems to be one man's opinion, and quite an empty one at that. I think you need to learn a little more about how the NFL business path works and what both sides are trying to accomplish, especially when you look at what the best case scenarios are for the owners as well as the player, and figure out how the outcome may be based on these two circumstances. This played out exactly the way it was supposed to be. No one is to blame. The script was already pretty much written, barring the fine tuning details. And if you look at it that way and then read the artcile....well, you can do better, Mr. Judge. Content and substance, with a sprinkle of opinion, not the other way around.    

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 5:06 pm

Jets end impasse they helped start

Looks like I'm one of the few that agree with Judge here. He's spot on. It's funny to me that some people somehow got that Judge was blaming Ryan for the situation. That's not what he was saying at all.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 3:39 pm

Jets end impasse they helped start

It seems that the only ones blaming Revis for this hold out are the Jets fans who saw their predictions of the Jets dominating the AFC East going down the drain, now they are commending the owner and front office for standing their ground and not caving in to Revis. But the truth will not be known by anyone but those involved in this mess. Revis wanted to be paid like the player his coach and other management people admitted he is, the best defensive player in the league period. All the talk about how much they offered him and he refused is bull. Money offered without guarantees is worthless, how many players get cut or traded because the team doesn't want to live up to the promise they made? It happens every day in the NFL. Revis wanting his money guaranteed shows how much he understands the ins and outs of the NFL salary structure. If he were to get injured playing for the Jets and his career was subsequently over he would be lost without the guaranteed money. If the player is willing to risk their health on every down they deserve some form of insurance from their employers. This is a high risk job and anyone willing to work at it without backup guarantees is a fool.

I don't for a minute believe all the hype put out by the Jets front office, if they had offered guaranteed money from the start there would not have been a holdout. Revis outplayed his contract by a wide margin, they told him he would be rewarded, but he wasn't stupid enough to take them at face value, he wanted guarantees and now he has them, it wasn't the amount of 16 mill per year that was the sticking point, it was how much of that money would he get if he were to get injured.

Because he settled for less than the reported 16 mill and took 11.5 but with 32 mill guaranteed he shows that all the rumors being spread by the Jets was just that, rumors trying to make Revis look greedy and unconcerned about the team. They forget that how they treated other players in past negotiations would influence how a player deals with them today, they lied in the dealings with Leon Washington and now they are supposed to be angels in the dealings with the next player. Give me a break.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 3:25 pm

Jets end impasse they helped start

Since this comment board is thus far filled with management-tool fans, let me say, bravo, Judge!  You got this exactly right: the Jets created the hoopla around DR, even tore up his contract, then reneged: simple as that.  Just a bunch of crude, spoiled, arrogant corporate jerks trying to take advantage ... and hoist on their own petard: blam!   Take further into account the unbelievable gouging of Jet fans taking place via and at their new stadium, and you have a prime case of a regime refusing to shake loose the change for the man who will determine their fate this season.  Judge gets it right.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 2:22 pm

Jets end impasse they helped start

Bottom line, sports salaries are ridiculous and hard for regular guys and football fans to comprehend and swallow. That being said, this proven NFLer is making less than Sam Bradford and whats-his-face in Detroit and every Jets fan anywhere is REALLY, REALLY happy that Revis is under contract and bringing it Monday night. Why target Revis if the entire messed up structure is broken and out-of-control? I'm going to the game on Monday night and sitting in $395 dollar seats with access to the (supposed) Great Hall. I would never pay that kind of money to see a football game but I'm lucky enough to have an "in" on corporate-bought tix. I have 3 kids in college and cannot afford $60 let alone $395 (not to mention the $25,000 PSL) but I guess I have dumb luck and get to go. The problem is this entirely messed up structure, not Revis and not the Jets. As a football fan (and a Jets fan) you have to accept what it is and enjoy it or get out. Knowing what I know and seeing what I'm seeing, I've chosen to stay on the boat. I can hardly imagine how much more egregious it has to get until regular guys like us give up and tell these jerks to go shove it. But, for now at least...J-E-T-S, baby!!!

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