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$18M average in new deal for Brady

Posted on: September 9, 2010 10:59 pm
Edited on: September 9, 2010 11:29 pm

Relax, New England fans. You'll have Tom Brady to quarterback the Patriots another five years.

That's because Brady and the New England Patriots agreed Thursday night on what sources close to the situation said is a four-year extension that pays the former league MVP an average of $18 million annually, with $48.5 million guaranteed. The contract keeps Brady, whose four-year, $48 million extension expires after this season, with the Patriots through 2014.

Negotiations toward a new deal had been going on for some time, with no settlement in sight until this week. According to the Boston Herald, Brady would not accept a contract that pays him less than the $16.4 million that New York Giants' quarterback Eli Manning earns annually.

Reports of an agreement broke earlier this week, with some outlets reporting the Patriots and Brady working on three-or-four-year contracts. In the end, the two sides concluded talks on a four-year extension, and they did it in a hurry -- with the deal brokered after one source close to the situation told me late Thursday afternoon that no settlement was expected within 24 hours.

Fortunately for New England, he was wrong.

Brady is one of the league's most successful quarterbacks ever. He won three Super Bowls and has been to four; he holds the league single-season record with 50 touchdown passes; he is 14-4 in the playoffs and he won the AFC East title in seven of the eight seasons where he played more than one game.

With the Brady contract settled, Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning is next in line for an extension. Like Brady, Manning's contract expires after this season. Unlike Brady, he is expected to break the bank with the largest deal in the NFL.

"It'll be the biggest (contract) in history," Colts' owner Jim Irsay said at Super Bowl XLIV. "There's not much doubt about that."

Manning signed an extension for $99.2 million in 2004, a deal that included a record $34.5 million signing bonus, with all of it up front. The final two years of that deal were voided after Manning met predetermined incentives, making this season the last of the contract. 

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$18M average in new deal for Brady

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$18M average in new deal for Brady

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$18M average in new deal for Brady

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$18M average in new deal for Brady

Brady has won his last title as you well know. It's a team game and you have to be on a great team to win the superbowl. lets don't forget all of the crappy QB's that have a ring on their fingers. The argument that winning more rings makes you a better QB is nonsense to say the least. Brady has three and he will retire with three. Face the facts tool. Your going to feel better for it.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 4:43 pm

$18M average in new deal for Brady

Don't you hate when people talk about where their tax dollars are going and they don't even have a job? His typing pretty bad, but your typing isn't too great either. Speaking as a teacher who gets paid from tax dollars, don't fling stones from a glass house. For example, "didn't" and "neither" would constitute a double negative. Those two words don't belong in the same sentence. But I digress.


Brady has proven himself to be a great QB. Peyton is the greater QB. Yes, it is easy to measure by rings but we'd all be naive to ignore the fact that Brady has played with a stellar defense pretty much his whole career. Also, let us not forget about 2001, in which Bledsoe went in and won the AFC championship game. Though he never regained his starting role, Bledsoe nevertheless proved integral to his team's playoff run when he replaced a hobbled Brady in the  against Pittsburgh. Bledsoe, starting from the Steelers 40 yard line, capped a scoring drive with an 11-yard touchdown pass to  to seal a 24-17 victory.

How in the world do you know what my employment status is moron ???? Do you have a hidden camera following me around stalker ????

 I'll help you out, no I don't have a job you myopic loser !!! I have 2 physical challenges which prevent me from working a job teacher punk !! You're simply taking a shot at me because I root for the team you hate. If you want to defend the guy's pathetic spelling and typing, fine. But if you had any sense, you'd agree with what I and many others on here, said about Coltsforever. Next time, try and remember why some people might be unable to work a job like you do. You have no idea what it's like to have the physical problems I have !! What goes around comes around buster ! One day it may be YOU that's unemployed and physically incapable of working ! If that happens, I pray you can handle it !!

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 4:24 pm

$18M average in new deal for Brady

The Pats are able to afford this contract because of the budget cuts that their AV Dept was forced to take.  

For all the silly arguments about Brady vs. Peyton vs. Favre vs. Roethlisberger vs. Brees vs. Trent Dilfer, I just have to say "asterisk".  Have a good day, Boston.

And all I have to say to you is: sexual assault/rapist QB.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 3:53 pm

$18M average in new deal for Brady

Brady has proven himself to be a great QB. Peyton is the greater QB. Yes, it is easy to measure by rings but we'd all be naive to ignore the fact that Brady has played with a stellar defense pretty much his whole career.
I hope you do a better job then that making your point with your students then you do on these boards because you sure failed here. 

You mentioned a better defence in New England but forgot a key stat that just about seals the victory in this Manning/Brady comparison. Now lets talk about their respective defences and where New England and Indi finished the years the Pats made the Superbowl.

2001-2002 season   New England number 24.  Indi number 29.

2003-2004 season   New England 7th.  Indi 12th.

2004-2005 season   New England 9th   Indi 29th

2007-2008 season   New England 4th   Indi 3rd

So 24th versus 29th is that big of a difference you say?  7th compared to 12th?  3th and 4th regardless of who's in front means nothing.  There was only one year where New England had a huge advantage.  So no.  Your argument doesn't do a thing for me.. you are wrong.

What about sacks? What about protection? Doesn't that mean a lot for quarterbacks? They have both been sacked about the same number of times except for one thing and that is Peyton Manning has actually played the equivalent of 4 more complete NFL seasons then Brady has.   Pretty big advantage, no?

Think about that for a minute.  The protection that Peyton Manning has received in his career is most likely the best in the history of the NFL.  And when you consider that Manning can't even scramble at all those numbers become that much more incredible because any other qb with that line would get sacked even less and to be honest that's not supposed to even be possible.  If you look at it even more it's even more incredible because Brady HAS been protected very nicely yet Manning is sacked much less then he is.

So anyway teacher, I hope I taught you something.  If nothing else I hope I taught you to stop talking out of your ass trying to make arguments that don't exist.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 3:25 pm

$18M average in new deal for Brady

Thats makes him the most over paid player in NFL history. 18 million a year there isn't any three player worth that much in the NFL
Says a big fan of the Sandiego Chargers who pay Rivers 14 million dollars per season.  How many superbowls has he won? How many appearances in the big game has he had?

So 14 million isn't overpaid for a guy that has won nothing but 17 for a guy with Brady's resume is way too much?

Gotcha !  Thanks for the lesson brother... it's much appreciated.

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 3:19 pm

$18M average in new deal for Brady

He is 2-3 in his last 5 playoff games and hasn't won a playoff game since 2007. I gues you could say he deserves it for being so underpaid while he was one of the best players in the league but it seems like a little too much for him now
MNM8674.  First of all, drugs are bad. Stop doing them because you are guaranteed to be in even worse shape later in life.   And if it's not drugs then please grow up a little, be a man and analyze with your brain and not your heart.   Be a real fan of the game and not just some bandwagon fan of a team that knows nothing about the rest of the league.

Brady doesn't compare to Peyton "anymore" ?  Why is that?  Brady threw for just as many yards as Peyton did with a qb of just over 2 points lower then Peyton's rating was just last season.    He hasn't won a playoff game since 2007?  Do you know he was injured in 2008 right?  So basically what you're saying is he hasn't won a playoff game since 2009?  We are in 2010 brother... hasn't been that long where Brady has played and not won a playoff game.

You think 4 superbowl appearances and 3 superbowl victories with his only superbowl loss being the biggest miracle of a catch in the history of the superbowl hardly makes the guy a chump.  And for the life of me considering their regular season stats lately are basically the same and with Brady having MUCH more success than Peyton in the playoffs, how can you not only say the Peyton is better then Brady but that it's not even close?  Excuse the term, but retarded seems to be the perfect word to describe the crap you type.

Finally, I'll explain why you say the things you say.  You are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys who happen to be led by a qb that come playoff time has no clue and can't lead a team anywhere.  The choker's name is Tony Romo, yeah,,, you know him.   Great offensive talent all around him and a very opportunistic defence that creates matchup problems for all teams yet he can't win?   He makes on average just over 11 million dollars per season.  If Tony Romo is worth 11 million dollars then Tom Brady is worth at least double that so the Pats got a bargain with the contract he agreed to.

Oh, one last thing regarding your "was the best player in the league but a little too much for now comment" for of course Brady.  Are you really THAT stupid?  Do you know that Peyton is a year older then him, I believe 34 years old.  Are you dumb and naive enough to think that Peyton's best days are AHEAD of him?  Obviously not.   Players in pro sports get paid today for what they accomplished in their recent past. That's how it is in all sports and how it will remain as long as sports exist.  

If Brady was to ever have become an UFA after this season I guarantee you the offers he would get would far surpass what the Pats offered him, it wouldn't even be close.   It's called DEMAND... there is a HUGE demand for excellent qbs like Brady out there..... that's what it's all about.  Learn something little guy....

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 1:04 pm

$18M average in new deal for Brady

Thats makes him the most over paid player in NFL history. 18 million a year there isn't any three player worth that much in the NFL. I'm glad I don't have to pay for tickets in New Englend  the Pats fans ticket price just went up!

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