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Here's why Castillo makes sense

Posted on: February 2, 2011 11:21 pm

To those on the outside, Philadelphia's hiring of offensive line coach Juan Castillo as the Eagles' defensive coordinator makes no sense. I mean, why would you hire someone who worked the other side of the ball? Good question. Except those on the inside know, which is why the move doesn't seem that illogical for them.

According to people within the Eagles, Castillo and former defensive coordinator Jim Johnson were close friends who worked together over the years. Though Castillo operated with the offense he often would volunteer to help Johnson with game plans, and there was an understanding there that was as uncanny as it was successful. Johnson wanted Castillo involved, and Castillo wanted to be involved, and Eagles insiders said Castillo was so good ate everything he did they would joke that he coach any position.

That is why when the Eagles changed defensive coordinators, coach Andy Reid first thought of him. But making Castillo the defensive coordinator would necessitate hiring an offensive line coach, and Reid wasn't sure where to turn. So he worked on Plan B, interviewing as many candidates for the defensive coordinator's job as he could -- with people tell me Reid had nearly 20 candidates in mind and interviewed nearly three-quarters of them.

Translation: He was serious about filling the position. But he was serious about making Castillo his guy, too. Without a deadline, Reid took his time, hoping he could make something work to his satisfaction -- which meant finding a way to move Castillo. When he convinced former Indianapolis assistant Howard Mudd to come out of retirement and coach the Eagles' offensive line, Reid had what he wanted.

Don't ask me how he entinced Mudd to unretire. All I know is the Eagles have themselves one of the top offensive line coaches in the business ("a Hall of Fame caliber offensive line coach," Reid said in a prepared statement) and someone who will allow them flexibility to be creative at a position that was a land mine last season. They also have the defensive coordinator they want in Castillo ... though he has no experience there. He does, however, have on-the-job training, and that's what has him in his new job.


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Posted on: February 4, 2011 9:15 pm

Here's why Castillo makes sense

You know as an eagles fan i see the logic but  even still it does not make sense. To me this is a gamble. Lets say tha castillo does equal more sacks from the D line, Yippy!! Eagle fans know the main issue was the pass D and when to blitz. When the season was on the line IT wWAS THE EAGLE D that got the sack on  Rogers and give the offense a chance to WIN THE GAME. I just had issues with play calling and the play at corner, and frankly  I was willing to give Mc D  another shot because the play at coner was so horrid at times. The Eagles need to land a top cover coner  this year. You cannot play that style of D and not have TWO guys who can cover 90% of WR in the nfl> DB's have not been a weakness for this team in a looong time. It was weird seeing the eagles get beat nearly all year in the pass. When I think eagles football I think corners who can cover as well as blitz, and tackle when they have to.

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 7:57 pm

Here's why Castillo makes sense

 sorry It makes absolutely no sense......nice try though!

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Posted on: February 3, 2011 12:43 am

Here's why Castillo makes sense

nice article. one thing that might be added was that he was a LB in college at Texas A&I and played for the USFL as LB. Juan also coached LB and DL at Texas A&M Kingsville, and DC at Kingsville HS,  before becoming OL coach.  he has had experience in defenses and has a defensive background.
besides working with Jim Johnson on his schemes, Juan's OL experience is based upon his defensive upbringing. since he had a great detail on defenses, he was able to explain to his OL players what the defense was doing and how to counteract that and had great success with the Eagles OL, this year there wasn't enough talent on the right side and injuries.  now his experience with OL and offenses with his defensive upbringing can work hand in hand as he is a d coord.  Juan loves a challenge and his whole life is about beating challenges.  
the biggest key is how washburn gets the Eagles DL to play nasty, like he did with the Titans Dline. if that Dline can set the tone up front, everything else will fall into play as long as they get the talent.  

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