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Memo to Newton: Get another line

Posted on: February 22, 2011 10:41 pm
So Cam Newton wants to be "an entertainer" and "icon." Swell. Maybe he should just worry about being a quarterback.

I swear, someone should give Newton advice he's not getting these days. To say what he said on the eve of the NFL combine is, well, frankly, stupid. He must convince clubs that he can be the quarterback in the pros that he was at Auburn, that he can win as he did in Auburn and that he is not the next JaMarcus Russell or Vince Young waiting to happen.

He's going to need all weekend.

Look, I want a quarterback who wants to win. Period. I don't need someone who wants to be an icon. Tom Brady didn't enter the league looking to be an entertainer or an icon. He wanted to be a starting quarterback. Period. Same goes for Peyton Manning. I don't remember Aaron Rodgers saying anything about anything other than he wanted to go where he would play.

You want to entertain? Go into show business or get your own reality TV show. You want to win? Play football and make your team respectable.

That's all I want out of my next quarterback. When I hear something like this out of a high draft pick it makes me wonder if the guy knows what it takes to play at the next level or if he has the makeup to become the leader of his next football team. Basically, it makes me wonder just how mature he is.

I guess we just found out. Score one red flag for Cam.
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Posted on: February 23, 2011 1:34 am

Memo to Newton: Get another line

Newton said he is going to fully participate at the Combine. Refreshing and increasingly unusual for a top QB prospect. So maybe you should cancel that red flag. Seems like he's a little more competitive than some of the others. Or does your "judgements" only go one way? 

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 11:52 pm

Memo to Newton: Get another line

You should at least use the entire quote.

"I see myself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon”

Does anybody at CBS Sports do research, or do they all make off the cuff comments on bits of information?
There is also the fact that he has been working with QB coach George Whitfield Jr.. the same coach who worked with Big Ben during his suspension.  This leads me to believe he wants to be a quality NFL QB.  Oh yeah, didn't he also say he was going to THROW at the combine?  Gabbert is not...  Granted Cam has a little more to prove, but he is putting out the effort at least.

I am NOT a Cam fan, but at least look at the big picture. I see effort and work... leave it to people like you to find some bone to pick.  How sad your life must be.

How about we score one more red flag for the blogger who does not really know what he is talking about?

You should change the title to "Fumble, Fall and Suck."

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