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Source: Giants' price for Osi hasn't changed

Posted on: August 3, 2011 10:10 am
Edited on: August 3, 2011 10:14 am
A league source on Wednesday denied a report that the New York Giants have lowered their price for disgruntled defensive end Osi Umenyiora from a first-to-a-second-round draft choice. According to the source, the Giants still are asking for a top pick, which hasn't produced interest to this point.

Umenyiora's agent Tony Agnone would neither confirm nor deny the report when reached Wednesday morning.

Umenyiora insists that the Giants have not been fair with him and that GM Jerry Reese in 2008 promised him a new contract or a trade if he had two good seasons of play. Umenyiora, who is under contract with the Giants the next two seasons, set a league record in 2010 with 10 forced fumbles and believes he lived up to his end of the deal.

The Giants apparently don't. They have not changed their position with him, other than to grant him permission to seek a deal -- with a first-round draft pick the price. Under terms of the new agreement between players and owners, firsrt-round draft choices cost considerably less -- about 40 percent less -- which increases their value.

Result: Clubs are more reluctant to part with them now than they were a year ago.

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Source: Giants' price for Osi hasn't changed

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Source: Giants' price for Osi hasn't changed

We've heard a lot of "head said, he said" this off season frankly im sick of it...this is one of the few player related stories still steming from the lock-out so time to hit it hard...Osi had an outstanding year last season and he deserves to new contract. But unless Mr. Mara's "promise to pay" is in writing he needs to just give it up and play ball.

The Giants are going to make the deal that makes the most sense fot them, thats why the G-men shut down him contacting other teams. Honestly, he could have offers from the half the leauge, if it doesnt give the giants what they want then the deal is dead.

Osi talks about how this is a business...being an employee of that business he should know how it works...and i'd be surprised if he held-out...obviously he can't afford the $30,000 a day...right?

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 4:52 pm

Source: Giants' price for Osi hasn't changed

The giants arent dumb. You cant go by what other people sign there players for. This is why Reese is one of the best. He does not care what carolina signed there player for. Imagine they reupped all there players every year cause of what oteher teams are doing. Osi Just signed a bad contract. It is signed until he is 31 at 31 the giants wont have any use for him anymore. So He is trying to Re Up with a big contract Before it is too late. He will not get 50 mill when he is 31 there is no team exept the raiders that will sign him for that. So I dont think the giants will pay him at all they have all the cards There are three options for OSI get someone to cough up a number 1 pick Or just come play out the remainder of your signed contract Or Retire cause the giants will still own his rights. 

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Source: Giants' price for Osi hasn't changed

the team signed a contract too
Yes, and that contract says the team had to pay him $15 million up front, and after that, the Giants are allowed to release him for any reason. He got his signing bonus, yes? He got paid the $34 million he was due in his forst 5 years, yes? As far as I can see, the Giants are willing to continue with the contract and Osi is the one who wants to break it early. Only the contract he signed doesn't give him the authority to break the contract. He'd have to walk away from it and not get paid the remaining $7.1 mil. Keep playing and cash the checks, dude.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 8:29 am

Source: Giants' price for Osi hasn't changed

Contracts aren't guaranteed -- that's the way it is.  Next CBA -- the players can fight for guaranteed contracts.  But they didn't.  In exchange for teams having the option to terminate a contract early, players get huge guaranteed money up front.  Osi got $15 million up front.  That is the deal he signed under the rules collectively bargained and he should live with it.

I love Osi as a player and have his jersey and want to see him stay a Giant.  Live up to your end of the deal.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 8:04 am

Source: Giants' price for Osi hasn't changed

the giants can absolutely pay him less. that's the problem i have with the whole "you signed a contract" argument. the team signed a contract too. that doesn't stop them for cutting players who are injured or underperforming. ill side with the players 99% of the time on this issue until contracts become guaranteed.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 1:38 am

Source: Giants' price for Osi hasn't changed

The deal is off and he is no longer allowed to seek a trade. My main problem with this is that it's sending a message to the rest of our players stating you will not be rewarded. They are on Osi's side, not managements!! No player is going to want to play for Reese if he keeps this antic up. He had 11.5 sacks and 10 forced fumbles 10!!!! Whether any of you want to admit it or not he is still very valuable to the giants and would be a huge loss for us. Reese is going to tarnish his rep to other players and it could be the beginning of the end for him. This is just a sucky thing to have to go into the season with and nothing good will come of it. Deal with it now or have our season pay the price as well as future ones. Bottom line, it's a business, no one hear has every thought they deserved a raise? Doesn't matter if it's pennies compared to Osi's, you were still making a lot more money then plenty of others around the world, but would it be fair for them to call you a snob? Business is business and always will be, regardless if it's on different levels financially. This isn't the year for us to have such a distraction with the division getting that much better.

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