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Patriots' D deserves an F

Posted on: October 30, 2011 7:11 pm
The AFC officially is up for grabs.

Once I thought the Patriots were the team to beat. Then I watched them get reamed, steamed and dry cleaned by Pittsburgh. Anyone with a defense this bad doesn't go far ... and if the Patriots don't make wholesale improvements in the league's worst defense they're not going anywhere.

Usually, Tom Brady is enough to save them from themselves. But not Sunday. Brady was frazzled, his receivers had trouble getting open and his offensive line committed dumb penalties. In short, the Patriots flat-out stunk. Never has a team deserved to lose more than New England did Sunday.

Look, Hines Ward didn't play. James Harrison didn't play. James Farrior didn't play. And LaMarr Woodley bowed out in the second half. Yet Pittsburgh still clobbered these guys.

Its first drive lasted 11 plays. Its second 16. The Steelers had the ball for 13:36 in the first quarter and 21:13 in the first half. I think you get the idea. They dominated their opponents and established themselves ... no, Baltimore ... no, Buffalo? ... somebody, anybody, as the team to beat in the AFC.

All I know is that New England's not that club. Not with this defense.

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Posted on: October 30, 2011 7:48 pm

Patriots' D deserves an F

Take back what you said weeks ago, Judge, on the JT THE BRICK SHOW. Baltimore is NOT the team to beat, and Pittsburgh isn't done! Admit it when you are WRONG!!!

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Posted on: October 30, 2011 7:47 pm

Patriots' D deserves an F

If Belicheat is such a genius, why didn't he challenge that "blown TD call." By the way you got the hold on Hernandez or it was a T.O.D. the Steelers didn't get the PI when Antonio Brown got knocked down by the EXTENDED ARMS of your DB in the endzone and we had to settle for 3. So effectively you still scored a TD because of a call we didn't get giving a 4 point swing in New Englands favor.

Steelers dominated 3 1/2 quarters, no refs - no video tapes - no b.s. just a win

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Posted on: October 30, 2011 7:46 pm

Patriots' D deserves an F

Another disappointing game by the Steelers. They should have put the game away in  the third quarter against such an inferior opponent. Maybe they'll be better next week.

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Posted on: October 30, 2011 7:40 pm

Patriots' D deserves an F

It's interesting that when the Pats beat the Steelers, the Pats are a dominant team that earned the win.  But when the Steelers beat the Pats, the Pats just stunk up the field.  Why not recognize that the Steelers simply beat them fair and square?

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Posted on: October 30, 2011 7:36 pm

Patriots' D deserves an F

Relax, Judge. It's one game, and they're still 5-2.  If they're not the team to beat, then why does everyone get so damn excited to beat them?  Even though they played that terribly, if a couple plays went differently, they were in it.  The defense is just plain miserable, but the offense looked flat, too.  Not to put any blame on the refs, because NE still had to stop the Steelers, but that blown TD call wasted 2 1/2 minutes, which may have led to a better choice than the botched on-sides kick.  Equally stupid I thought, however, was Belichick not challenging the play.  Then again, I'm just a fan... that's why we don't make the big bucks.  

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