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Lucky Losers: Take Eight

Posted on: November 1, 2011 12:15 pm
Forget that Meet Me in St. Louis sequel. The Lucky Losers are down to two serious candidates, and neither Miami nor Indianapolis shows the slightest sign of conceding.

Nor should they.

Both stink, though Indianapolis gained momentum in that department the past couple of weeks. Now Colts' vice chairman Bill Polian tells us the reason Peyton Manning remains active on the roster is so he can practice ... not play ... if and when he's cleared near the end of the season.


I mean, why try to win a couple of games with Manning when you can lose a lot more with Curtis Painter? Remember, if you're going to be bad this is the year to jam it down the outhouse, and the Colts get it. It's called taking one for the team.

5. St. Louis: I guess that ends speculation over what the Rams might do with the first pick. They not only won without Sam Bradford; they crushed New Orleans. That deserves some sort of reward, and the Rams to draw a four-week vacation. Not only don't they play a team with a winning record the next month; their four opponents are a combined 7-21, including Arizona twice. Congratulations, guys. You earned it.

Next loss: at Arizona. Normally, I'd give St. Louis no more than a 50-50 chance of winning here, but the Rams finally ran into luck ... and I don't mean Andrew. Arizona's Kevin Kolb might not play, which means the next man up is John Skelton ... which also means you're about to find out why Arizona wanted Kolb so badly.

4. Denver: I'm sorry, I just don't get the Tim Tebow bashing. People tell me he's not what he's cranked up to be, and maybe they're right. ONLY HE DIDN'T TALK HIMSELF UP! WE DID! There's also this outrage that he never should have been a first-round pick, but this just in: DENVER DID THAT, NOT TEBOW! Geez, cut the guy some slack. So Detroit's players want to mock him in a lopsided win. Terrific. I don't remember opponents holding up big, fat zeroes when the Lions ran the table in 2007. Anyway, Denver plays Tebow because ... well, maybe, just maybe, John Fox needs to demonstrate to everyone once and for all that Tebow really isn't the answer. Anyway, Denver plays him because they weren't going anywhere with Kyle Orton, and Tebow's the only quarterback signed through next season. So he plays, he struggles, and give these guys room to exhale, for crying out loud. What I'd like to know, though, is this: Why doesn't Denver build its offense around him like, say, then-offensive coordinator Chan Gailey did in Kansas City in 2008 when Tyler Thigpen took over? Tebow isn't your every-day, drop-back quarterback. Neither was Thigpen. So you make adjustments and build your offense around the guy taking snaps. But I don't see Denver doing that. I see Tebow running Orton's offense, with predictable results. My only question is: Whatever happened to Brady Quinn?

Next loss: at Oakland. Paint it black, baby. This is going to be ugly. The NFL last week said it will start using hand-held metal detectors as part of its screening process of fans before they enter games. I can only imagine what turns up here.

3. Arizona: They blow a 24-3 lead in Baltimore, then leave with their quarterback in a walking boot. Great. Can the season get any worse? Why, yes, as a matter of fact. If Kevin Kolb can't suit up this weekend -- and he's iffy with a turf-toe injury -- then it's John Skelton to the rescue, and if the Cards believed in him they wouldn't have been so hot to trot for Kolb. This is Arizona's only home game in the next month, with the Cards off to Philadelphia, San Francisco and St. Louis. And why do I mention that? Because they lost their last 11 on the road.

Next loss: St. Louis. The Rams are on a one-game winning streak; the Cards are on a six-game skid. The Cards are favored by three, but let's get down to what really matters: Anyone know the over/under on attendance?
2. Indianapolis: The Colts didn't plan it this way, but the worse they play the more they look like geniuses. I mean, why be bad when you can stink out loud and walk away with the best young quarterback in years ... the perfect successor to Manning? Once Indianapolis was competitive, but, apparently,  that was before someone sat down and actually studied Andrew Luck. The past two weeks the Colts have been outscored 89-17 and played with the determination of someone who knows what it wants. Never has being this bad felt so good.

Next loss: Atlanta. Julio Jones is practicing again, and I can see why. He looked at the schedule.
1. Miami: They should've beaten Denver, but didn't. They could've beaten the Giants, but didn't. Notice a theme here? Give the Dolphins props for putting up a fight, but when it comes to knowing what's best for their future nobody does it better. I mean, how else to explain blowing a 15-point lead in the last three minutes? Indianapolis doesn't need Luck, though it plays as if it does; these guys do. Desperately. And they prove it each week by gagging in games they should win. Chad Henne wasn't the answer. Neither is Matt Moore. There's one guy who is, and I know how you get him. So does Miami.

Next loss: at Kansas City. The Chiefs just won their fourth straight and are tied for first in the AFC West. Miami lost its last 10 and is stuck in the NFL cellar. This isn't nuclear physics, people.

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 3:00 am

Lucky Losers: Take Eight

Miami is so inept it wouldnt surprise me at all to see the phins win enough games to not get luck.It doesnt matter who we put in at the phins,because the management continues to run this team into the ground.

Since: Aug 30, 2006
Posted on: November 1, 2011 10:57 pm

Lucky Losers: Take Eight

Get over yourself Judge you're holier than thou and uptight. The Lions crushed Denver on their own field. Those guys can celebrate all they want. If Tulloch knew who you were he'd mock you too.  

Since: Aug 30, 2006
Posted on: November 1, 2011 10:54 pm

Lucky Losers: Take Eight

stick to boxing. How are the Colts losing on purpose? Give me specific examples of them purposely losing. Their pass def. might be the worst in the league anyway. 

The Spurs' situation is nothing like the Colts'. There is a lottery in the nba! Come on people.  

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 9:26 pm

Lucky Losers: Take Eight

Hmmm. I can see Luck in Miami actually... Arizon would be a great fit but they will win a couple games . Colts are really pulling a Spurs when they lost on purpose for Duncan though.  Colts will more than likely end up with the first pick in my eyes.

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 6:57 pm

Lucky Losers: Take Eight

Dont be a hater! Just because Audrew is the best quaterback coming out of college since peyton manning and the eagles wouldnt know a good QB recruit if it fell out of the Big East and landed in Andy Reids lap. I mean come on Eagles really D.Mcnabb Syracuse Big East non pro style offense hmm seeing a trend here. Pac-12 6-5 Pro-Style double tight-end offense Stanford degree with the big game poise no question who the better recruit is. I would hate to see Luck go to Miami Indy doesnt need him in the present future but I would like to see Indy do to Andrew what the Pack did to Aaron and also Peyton will have a much better attitude about it then Brett Favrey did. I mean come on no professionalism is Favre what so every. So the suck for luck is still going with three teams in contention but only one can get the luck of the draw and have one of the best quarterback recruits of this century. Good luck, ah Luck. HAHA! Rep the Pac-12 and put us on the map, forget the SEC, Big-12 crap.

U Suk Mike Hawk
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Posted on: November 1, 2011 3:34 pm
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