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Next... No let's rank the NFL

Posted on: March 25, 2008 3:19 am

Now posting this does not mean I think the #1 team will win the Superbowl, but it does mean I beleive they are the best team right now.

1. Patriots- They still have the most talent at key positions

2. Chargers- I hate to say it but load still on D and great skill play on O. Problem Norv Turner is still the coach.

3.  Jaguars- They came on strong last year and I think they will be more consistent this year.

4. Colts- Manning and Wayne are still there. Alot of heart on this team.

5. Giants- Lost a bit but still the best in the East.

6. Steelers- Gotta like them but big question mark with Parker(health wise)

7. Cowboys- Also great talent but can't seem to get to the next level anymore.

8.Packers- Could slip depending on how well Roger's plays.  If the Pack has to play from behind the D might have alot more pressure.

9. Titans- Young team and only getting better, could put together a nice run but they are in a tough division.

10. Browns- Will they continue to play tough or fall back some?

11. Buccaneers - Gruden is still a good coach and seems to get alot out of his teams.

12- Seahawks- Still have talent and play in a weak division, will it still be enough?

13. Cardinals- Finally have a running game to go with the receivers.

14. Vikings- A good team but they need there QB to step up and be able to make some plays.

15. Saints- Brees needs to have his receivers return to form of two years ago. Bush needs to continue to get better.

16. Redskins- Over achevied last year, or did they?

17. Broncos- Could fall even further if Marshall is really hurt as bad as the rumors suggest.

18. Texans- Finally, seriously on the way up.

19. Bills- Could also be on the way up if they can get a QB for the whole season.

20. Panthers- What happened?  Difficult to figure why they dropped so quickly or at least in just tow years.

21. Eagles- Another team that could bounce back if the bounces go their way.

22. Raiders- If some of there money pays off, they could finally be headed in the right direction, or continue the fall.

23. Jets- Another similar story. Will all that money pay off.

24. Bengals- They are going to continue to fall, cursed franchise. The Cubs of the NFL

25. Ravens- A team that is going to the wrong direction.

26. Bears- Another team with a permanent Superbowl hangover.

27.Lions- Kitna 10 wins again?

28. Cheifs- Another team with very little upside.

29. 49'ers looked like they were going up just before 2007, now where are they, which QB will play. To many question marks.

30. Rams- Again a team that needs a makeover top to bottom

31. Dolphins- The Tuna isn't going to turn them around this season

32. Falcons- Need to say anymore. Pileing on Vick is not fun, but he helped hurt this franchise for at least another year.

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Posted on: March 26, 2008 2:13 pm

Next... No let's rank the NFL

I like what you have to say about the Texans but I do think they will do better then that. I live in CO and I know the donkeys will not do that good. with no #1 WR and ? at RB. now I know they will find a way at RB but they have not done any thing to make there team better. They can't keep the best play on there team the kicker!!  But over all I like what you have here. Titans I really don't see as a top 10, but o well. The Jags are a great pick that I did not expect. Over all B+

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Posted on: March 26, 2008 3:28 am

Next... No let's rank the NFL

I like the fact that you got the Raiders inching their way into the Top 20.  I'm just really scared about Javon "Bum Knee" Walker.

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Posted on: March 25, 2008 2:45 pm

Next... No let's rank the NFL

That is a good list with good reasons unfortunatly the Broncos did not place higher and I am sick of seeing the Patriots at the top of any list.  I guess we shall see what happens thats why they play the games huh.

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Posted on: March 25, 2008 4:33 am

Next... No let's rank the NFL

Very nice. I like you picks a lot. I think you are right in most of your picks. I (since l am a Cowboys homer) still think that the Cowboys will be better than the Giants so i would have switched them. I (as i posted in a blog) think that Eli is very overrated. Numberwise his stats were equal to Grossmans super bowl year. Composure wise Eli has him out gunned.  I hate to help your Raiders, but i really like the moves...not many will say that, but they are spending to win. Maybe a lil much, but they are atleast going to field a competive team. The Titans i'm afriad are not that good with Young behind Center. He has the tools, but has yet to do anything special while throwing the ball.  I hope the Titans go to the Super Bowl (Dad claims he will buy us ticktets...YEAH RIGHT).....

If you get a chance can you check out some of my other blogs . Thanks man, and once again...NICE PICKS

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