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Week 8. Awesome.

Posted on: November 1, 2010 8:31 pm
So I was at the Chargers game yesterday where they hosted the Titans. I was so excited to see the Titans with Vince Young and Chris Johnson in action. But I was more excited that the Chargers defense made several critical 3rd and 4th down stops and a goal line stand.

What I don't get is why on EARTH the Chargers went for the 2 point conversion??? They would have had a 2 score lead even without it. Well, despite that bad idea, the Chargers prevailed.

I think that this is a turning point for the Chargers. IMO the season has been bad because of all the injuries. Now, I think the team is learning to play with the weapons they actually HAVE. Offense wasn't as strong as I would have liked, but got the job done. Gates is still a beast. I have nothing but respect for him. I was disappointed that the defense still isn't causing turnovers. They didn't have any sacks, either...which also sucked. But again, it's a win.

I am increasingly mad at the refs for their obvious favoritism of whoever is playing the Chargers. Seriously, it needs to stop. Crayton had what was OBVIOUSLY a catch that they ruled an incomplete pass. Then they called a PI against the Chargers which I believe was NOT a PI. Lame.

Chargers are 3-5 now. Rivers has set a new NFL record and the Chargers STILL lead the league in offense and defense. Now if only special teams could catch up and defense could generate some points, we'd have a more complete team. So, like Norv said we just need to win a game.

Oh, and apparently some blond bimbo with her boobs hanging out said that the "fat b____" behind her needed to sit down and shut up. Really?!?! Since when is cheering for your team loudly AT HOME (especially when they are on defense!!!) a bad thing??? I think idiots like that should be banned from sports. She obviously went to the game to be seen (or at least have her boobs seen) since she wasn't wearing any Chargers attire. She's really lucky I didn't hear her or I would have started a girl fight smackdown.  =)   Ironically, there was a lady yelling at the guys in front to sit down when the team was on defense and I made a comment that the "fat lady over there" needed to get off her fat butt and cheer for her team instead of telling the people in front to sit down. LMAO!
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Posted on: November 1, 2010 9:29 pm
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