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Re: Miguel Cabrera

Posted on: February 18, 2011 9:04 pm
There is one thing I find unacceptable regarding Miguel Cabrera's current problems and that is the fact that he is driving while intoxicated. He is a rich man who can afford a taxi. He is a rich man who can afford a limousine. He is a rich man who could call me up and pay me $50 to drive his drunk #$% home.

He was charged with 2 misdemeanors, DUI-Misdemeanor and Resisting an Officer w/o violence. It is quite clear he is one of many people around this nation that act like a complete inconsiderate retard while drunk. But does he have a serious personal problem? Perhaps. Keep in mind he is not from this country, and his culture is a lot different from ours .

Should he go to jail for 364 days? Heck no.

Should he be rahibiltated and educated on the seriousness of driving drunk? Certainly yes.

Is he a dirtbag for doing what he does while drunk? The hell if I know. I don't know the dude personally and probably neither do any of you. So why should we judge him or his reasons for drinking?

Should Miguel miss an entire season for this incident? Joba Chamberlain didn't so neither should Cabrera. Scott Olsen didn't either, neither did Daryl Strawberry, Gary Sheffield, or Tony Larussa and they did much worse than Miguel.

Miguel needs to be educated on how to drink properly, because a lot of us do it responsibly. To say he has a drinking problem is absurd. How do you measure "a drinking problem"?

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Posted on: February 21, 2011 8:19 am

Re: Miguel Cabrera

First, let's say Tigers Miguel Cabrera has a drinking problem...and he shouldn't be drinking. Anyone who has or knows of someone  who has a dirnking problem, understands this is not going to go away. He needs help...rehabilitation, yes. Jail, hey, if it was you or I, we'd probably be in jail...for sure. Cultural differences shouldn't have anything to do with it. He's a young adult, and he should be responsible. He needs to get a cab, or hire a limo, either works for me.

I am not familiar  with the Yankees Joba Chamberlain incident or Scott Olsen, and it doesn't really matter. Baseball tends to look the other way at specific bad behaviors outside of the baseball field. The NFL has a personal conduct clause in the contract and if you don't fly right away from the sport, you are punished...i.e. Ben Rothliesberger of the Steelers.

If you want to help Cabrera, there's only one solution, keep him from playing and force him to get straight...I don't care if it's rehab or the 9 step program with AA. He needs help...he's admitted to having a problem, so now, he needs to step up and take responsibility.

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Posted on: February 20, 2011 12:55 pm

Re: Miguel Cabrera

Retard means moving at a slower rate. A lot oof people use the word its not a slur towards your child i assume hes just rying to prove a point. Im sure youve used the word when u were younger to.

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Posted on: February 19, 2011 7:38 am

Re: Miguel Cabrera

As the parent of a child with special needs I really take it to heart when I read words like yours.  Did you really need to use the word retard when describing Mr. Cabrera? You took it to the next level calling him an "inconsiderate retard" as if that's a real thing.   Retard doesn't mean stupid.  Using retard as a slur you just continue the marginalization of people with special needs.  I can't speak for Mr. Cabrera.  Only for my child and the millions like her that you slammed with your cruel words.

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