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Week of the Upsets

Posted on: January 11, 2009 9:42 pm

We just had a very unusual week in the football playoffs.  Somehow, 3 of the 4 road teams managed to win, including the Arizona Cardinals, who, after getting demolished in Week 16, appeared to have no right to be in the playoffs.  However, behind Larry Fitzgerald, the managed to pull of one massive upset, and got a ride to the NFC championship game.   

The Ravens, a very good wild card team, managed to defeat the Titans despite a poor job defending the pass, with a late field goal by Matt Stover.  It was a very good game, from what I heard, as I was not able to watch it due my son's hockey game.  After this game, I wouldn't be surprised if the Ravens manageed to beat the Steelers next week.

The Chargers were manhandled by the Steelers, which wasn't surprising to me.  Of note, however, is that this is the second time that LT has sat out in the playoffs in a game that the Chargers couldn't afford to play without him. 

Finally, the Eagles also won against a poor playing Giants team.  I was actually expecting the Eagles to win, but not as handily as they did.  Despite poor play by both Brian Westbrook and McNabb, the Eagles won, helped greatly by Eli Manning, who threw 2 interceptions, one of which was returned deep into the Giants territory. 

My predictions for the next two rounds are as follows:

NFC Chanpionship Game:  Eagles over Cardinals.  This shouldn't be very close, if the Eagles play like they can, but something makes me think that the Cardinals will keep it close.  However, I still believe the Eagles will win by about a touchdown.

AFC Championship Game: Steelers over Ravens.  This will be a very physical and low scoring game, between two divisional rivals.  I believe that the Steelers will win a very close game, probably decided by a field goal.

Super Bowl:  Eagles over Steelers.  With the way the Eagles have been playing, I believe they will defeat the Steelers, and claim their first ever Super Bowl victory, although they won before it was called the Super Bowl.


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