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AL Allstar Game Lineup and MidpointAwards

Posted on: June 17, 2009 12:18 am
Well, time for another one of my random and very rare blog entries, which just might have upwards of 3 views alltogether now.
And so, because no one will read this anyway, its time for my AL Allstar Starting Lineup (including the starting pitcher), with the person who will win/be selected and my analysis following closely after.

C- Joe Mauer (Twins)- Joe Mauer- This is a no brainer, as he is heads and shoulders above the rest.
1B- Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox)- Mark Teixeira- A close race between him and Mark Teixeira, he wins based on his OBP and defence, and also because I'm a Red Sox fan. But the Yankee fans will vote in Tex 
2B- Ian Kinsler (Rangers)- Ian Kinsler Again, an easy desicion, as he has better stats around the board.
3B- Evan Longoria (Rays)- Evan Longoria- If Alex Rodriguez had played the entire season, it would be him, but he didn't, and he is underperforming
SS- Jason Bartlett- (Rays)- Derek Jeter Bartlett has better stats, better defence, better everything except intangibles...but Jeter will win because of the Yankee fan base.
OF- Jason Bay- (Red Sox)- Jason Bay
OF- Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners)- Ichiro Suzuki
OF- Torii Hunter (Angels)- Josh Hamilton- These are fairly obvious, but Hamilton will win over Hunter on his name recognition.
SP- Roy Halladay (Blue Jays)- Roy Halladay- If Zack Greinke had continued his streak, he would be my choice.  But he didn't, and Halladay is far and away the best pitcher in the majors.

I have no idea about the lineup, so don't ask me.

Now the awards (all in the AL)

MVP- Mark Teixeira- With the return of A-Roid, he has been nearly unstoppable, leading the AL in HR, and being near the top in many other categories.  It pains me to say this, but he has been carrying the Yankees despite his slow start, and will probably, though hopefully not, continue to hit and field well.

Cy Young- Roy Halladay- No brainer.  He leads the AL in most categories, and is nearly untouchable.  No other pitcher can match this over a long period of time, not even Greinke, who has been struggling lately.

Thats all I have time to write, but who knows, maybe some day I'll right another blog.  It might happen, but maybe not.  To my 1 reader- keep on reading, and please post.  Its the only way I'll feel like this essay was worth it.  Say I'm smart, stupid, mentally retarded, or even that you know a beagle with half its brain removed at birth who could make better picks.  But please.   Comment
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