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Dantheman's Live Tournament blog

Posted on: March 16, 2009 2:55 pm

Last year I did a live NCAA Tournament blog and this year I will be doing it again. I expect all of you guys to participate! It was a huge success last year and I can't wait to start it back up. Right now my right wrist is bothering me and it's delaying my NCAA Tournament preview. Hopefully I will get it out shortly.

For the live blog please send your questions to my email . Please put your name and location along with the question/comment.

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Since: Feb 3, 2008
Posted on: March 17, 2009 4:06 pm

Dantheman's Live Tournament blog

You know what? Maybe the NCAA Tournament should get there selections from the people. Just like in Baseball, You have an All Star Ballet. Take the the top 80 to 100 teams and place them on a ballet. Let the people select who they feel are the best teams to enter the Big Dance. This would probably be more fair and exciting then sitting back and watch someone else dictate who's in and who's not. I know this will never happen because of the money involved by Networks. But at least it would be more fair to some of the smaller programs who the people recognize as talented or have talent on there team that goes unrecognized because they arn't playing for Pitt, Duke, Kansas, North Carilina and so on. Even the President agrees that there should be a Playoff in NCAA Football and not someone else dictating who's going to be in the Big Show. But we are back to square one. Money Talks and our opopinion and thoughts arn't woth a penny when they can make a dollar. It's actions like this that ruined this Great Nation and noone, no matter how rich you are, arn't safe. Their Greed is what will bring them down, and us common folk will have to pay to the Piper to ensure that they continue to live like Kings.    

Since: Feb 19, 2007
Posted on: March 17, 2009 4:42 am

Dantheman's Live Tournament blog

Would you have given Dook or Mississippi State a #1 seed?

As far as Patrick Mills goes...he plays for a mid-major; the committee had already done their good deeds by allowing four mid-majors in as at-larges.

It's a load of crap, obviously, and George Mason's performance in 2006 should have OPENED the door to more mid-majors as opposed to what's actually happened.

Anyway, thanks for posting your incredibly intelligent and insightful comment.


Since: Oct 17, 2006
Posted on: March 16, 2009 7:39 pm

Dantheman's Live Tournament blog

2. HERE’S WHAT THE NCAA SELECTION COMMITTEE NEEDS TO DO: From now on, just wipe out all pretense and allow CBS to fill out the brackets. The NCAA continues to squeeze the so-called mid-majors, doling out fewer at-large invitations. In 2004, 12 mid-majors got in on at-large calls; the total has been shrinking ever since. There were nine such invitations in 2005, eight in 2006, six in 2007, six in 2008, and down to four  this season.

Blame it on little George Mason , which carried the flag of the mid-majors all the way to the Final Four in 2006. George Mason knocked off UConn in the Elite Eight, and a teardrop formed on the corner of the CBS eye. That’s because the TV ratings went way down for the Final Four in ‘06, and CBS couldn’t have been pleased. So the mid-majors are disappearing from the NCAA Tournament. CBS wants the big teams, the fans want the big teams, the sponsors like the big teams, and so I don’t know why we continue to poke and prod and analyze and study until our brains begin compacting.

The NCAA Tournament belongs to the power conferences. That’s the reality. Sports columnists, other pundits and mid-major commissioners and coaches get up on the soap box every year to complain about the selections and the system, but no one else cares. The fan nation wants (mostly) to see the brand-name schools, the iconic programs. And CBS wants to deliver the goods. So the selection committee should consist of Jim Nantz , Seth Davis , various CBS basketball analysts, the chief of CBS Sports, couple of researchers, and maybe one NCAA rep to stay in the room just to make sure that the network doesn’t eliminate the no-name schools that qualified by winning conference tournaments. I gather that CBS would prefer that the tournament consist of 64 power-conference teams, including all members of the Big East and ACC. That’s where we’re heading, anyway. Hell, bring back ol’ Billy Packer and let him load that bracket up with all of his ACC and Big East favorites and assorted coaching buddies. At least we’d do away with the notion that this process is an actual deliberation, and that every team will be given a fair and impartial inspection.

* Related growl: three of the four No. 1 seeds were filled with at-large bids… and Oklahoma , second in the Big 12, received a better seed than Big 12 reg-season champ Kansas (a No. 3 seed)…meaning that you don’t have to win a conference to get a No. 1 seed, or even a No. 2 seed.

The regular-season conference results mean less and less as time goes by, eh?

3. BUT SINCE IT IS A TRADITION TO WHINE ABOUT THE SELECTIONS … Arizona? Are you kidding us? Arizona? Let’s take a look: No. 62 in the RPI, 2-9 on the road in conference play, only 19-13 overall, a 6-10 record against Top 50 teams, 8-12 vs. the Top 100 and five losses in its last six games, including a 12-point loss to Arizona State in the Pac 10 quarterfinals. Yes, Arizona, which could only beat Oregon (No. 180 RPI) and Oregon State (No. 154 RPI) on the road in conference play. Not only was Arizona asked to participate in the NCAA Tournament, but the Wildcats received a very winnable first-round game against an overseeded Utah team. Thanks very much.

This is the stuff that makes the mid-major folks scream foul.  The phonies on the NCAA Selection Committee always tell us that winning on the road is important, and that late-season trends matter, and that it’s a body of work that counts. OK, tell that to Creighton of the Missouri Valley Conference . Body of work: enough to add up to the No. 40 RPI. Success on the road: Creighton was 11-5, including 8-4 in the conference. Late-season: 11 wins in the last 12 games. Sure, Creighton and all mid-majors have a flaw that they can’t realistically overcome, and that’s strength of schedule. That’s because the big boys generally shun them, and won’t even think about meeting a mid-major on the mids’ home court. So the teams like Creighton are crossed off the list because there isn’t enough beef in their schedule — but please explain how can they strengthen the schedule when the big fellas avoid them? This paradox works out nicely for the teams for the BCS conferences: don’t play the Creightons, then accuse Creightons of playing lightweights. And the BCS conferences are basically rewarded for not having the guts to take on the Creightons.

I can even compare this to the activities in Washington D.C. if you like. Here’s what we saw on Sunday: the power-conference heavyweights such as Maryland , Boston College , Minnesota , Wisconsin and Michigan were bailed out, just as some of America’s big financial houses were recently rescued by the U.S. government. The Wall Street teams got a hand up; the Main Street teams like Creighton got the backhand treatment.

Now, let me finish with this: I’m not trying to be a honk for the MVC here; it was a bad season for the Valley. I am just using Creighton as a good example; other mid-majors (San Diego State, St. Mary’s ) could have been inserted into the argument. And at least the Atlantic 10 got two at-large bids, so this thing wasn’t entirely a travesty. I suppose it helps to be a mid-major based in the east.

4. THE PUZZLING BUT CONVENIENT INJURY FACTOR IN THE NCAA SELECTIONS: The indications are that Oklahoma received a No. 2 seed over Kansas (a No. 3) because the committee factored in OU’s two losses that occured when star big man Blake Griffin was out with an injury. Fine. Certainly OU wasn’t the same team without Griffin, and he’s playing again. But may I pose these two questions? Thanks. First of all, didn’t OU lose two games (at Missouri, and to Oklahoma State in the Big 12 tourney) after Griffin returned to the lineup? So why would the committee assume that OU would have won those two games it lost (Texas , Kansas ) when Griffin was sidelined with a concussion? And if the injury factor was applied in favor of OU, UConn and Marquette … then why was it tossed aside when St. Mary’s appeared before the court? St. Mary’s has a dazzling point guard in Patty Mills , and the team was 18-1 before he went out with a wrist injury. Mills is back in the lineup, but in this case the committee apparently ran out of empathy.


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