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NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2

Posted on: March 20, 2009 11:38 am
Edited on: March 21, 2009 12:24 am


11:21 PM: Siena wins! And through it all 13 seed Cleveland State is forgotten behind two great games. I'm signing out. Great night of games!



11:16 PM: Siena leads 71-70 in 2OT with 35.1 seconds left in Dayton. Meanwhile here comes FSU needing a last second shot to win.

11:15 PM: TREVON HUGHES AND ONE FOR WISCONSIN! The Badgers lead 60-59 with 2.0 left in OT!

11:12 PM: Evan Turner hits a three and Ohio State tied is 68-68. Wisconsin trails by one with 10 seconds left.

Siena 68, Ohio State 68 (2OT 1:40)
Florida State 59, Wisconsin 58 (OT :07)

11:08 PM: Tony Douglas gives Florida State a 59-56 lead! Siena leads by three over Ohio State as well 68-65.


11:00 PM: Ohio State-Siena is a one point game with 9.1 left in overtime. Wisconsin-Florida State is going overtime now as well.

10:56 PM: Huge three for Wisconsin gives Wisconsin the lead!

Wisconsin 52, Florida State 50 (:45 left)
Siena 61, Ohio State 61 (1:50 OT)

10:53 PM: Florida State and Wisconsin are going back and forth.Two great games on right now. Both MSU and Cleveland State are rolling. Meanwhile Florida State is up 1 and Siena is up 1 in overtime.

10:49 PM: First tournament game to go overtime is Siena-Ohio State! What a game. Kenny Hasbrouck with two big plays down the stretch.

10:35 PM: Siena ties Ohio State on a quick 6-0 run before the Buckeyes retake the lead 61-59 with two minutes left! What a game!

10:30 PM: Wake Forest either needs a miracle run in the next 7:44 or they are going home at the hands of Cleveland State. Michigan State is rolling while both Ohio State and Florida State are holding onto small leads.

9:33 PM: Back from Chic Fil A (no pizza tonight). How about what Cleveland State is doing to Wake Forest? That would be the biggest upset of this tournament so far.

7:34 PM: I am heading out to go to Pizza Hut (yes!) and to watch the rest of tonight's action. I will recap tonight's games when I get back.

7:10 PM: I sure hope Louisville gets a scare from Morehead State. No offense to the Cardinals or their fans but I want to see another 1-16 game that goes down to the wire.

6:51 PM: Morehead State led Louisville but the Cardinals have re-taken a 30-25 lead. Arizona has led Utah the whole game.

6:27 PM: Score updates:

USC 8, Boston College 7
Louisville 17, Morehead State 10
Arizona 12, Utah 4
Xavier 3, Portland State 1

6:10 PM: The live blog is getting back started as the games get back started. Morehead State-Louisville is about to get underway. Louisville has a 38 point win over Morehead once this year already.

4:21 PM: Dayton upsets West Virginia and ruins my bracket. I had the Mountaineers in my Elite Eight. Great win for the Flyers, 68-60.

4:16 PM: Pittsburgh survives 72-62. What a game. Pittsburgh your alarm clock just went off, WAKE UP!

3:43 PM: All my attention is on this ETSU-Pitt game. This is one of the last great achievements yet to happen in sports really. Can a 16 finally beat a 1? Missouri is dominating Cornell and Arizona State has closed out Temple. Dayton-West Virginia is back and forth but the Flyers lead by one.

3:29 PM: I'm not saying ETSU is going to beat Pittsburgh but the effort is clearly there. Clearly less talented the Buccaneers are playing twice as hard, rebounding well, pressing well, and hustling for incredible blocks and great defensive plays. The Panthers lead by two but it's ETSU ball. The whole arena is on ETSU's side. Remember #1 seeds are 98-0 vs. #16 seeds, but isn't it about time that changed? It would only make it so #1 seeds lose 1% of the time in the first round. It's about time! But will it happen?

2:57 PM: Pittsburgh is only beating East Tennessee State by THREE at halftime! Wow! There's no doubt in my mind now (if there was even any before now) that ETSU should've been at least a 15 seed and probably a 14. Cornell is within 4 of Missouri at the half as well. Four great games are going on right now.

2:16 PM: Score updates:

Cornell 6, Missouri 4
Dayton 9, West Virginia 8
Arizona State 29, Temple 24
Pittsburgh 11, East Tennessee State 9

2:04 PM: Arizona State-Temple began a little while ago, tipping off the second round of day games. The Sun Devils have come out red hot and lead 29-16 with about half of the first half left to play.

1:40 PM: And Marquette my attempt to be different Final Four pick has survived by one over Utah State. What a group of games that we just had. Wow. Kansas, Marquette, Syracuse, and Oklahoma State win.

1:34 PM: Oklahoma State knocks off Tennessee by two! What a game! Utah State pulls within two of Marquette with 23.0 seconds left.

1:31 PM: What a shot by Byron Eaton to give Oklahoma State the lead over Tennessee. Kansas will survive and Marquette has stormed back to take a three point lead. The TN-OKST game is coming down to the final seconds.

1:15 PM:

Good call on Tennessee-Oklahoma State being the best game today.  Back and forth affair with both teams spreading out the scoring and shooting pretty well.  

-Ben Plume (pittbaster) Silver Spring


Thanks. It has been fun to watch. The Vols and Cowboys are tied 67-67 with 5:20 left to play.

1:13 PM: Syracuse has advanced and will now meet the winner of the Arizona State-Temple game on Sunday.

1:02 PM: Three games appear to be coming down to the wire.

12:48 PM: Score updates (sorry for the delay in posts):

Oklahoma State 49, Tennessee 46
Kansas 49, North Dakota State 44
Marquette 29, Utah State 28
Syracuse 56, Stephen F. Austin 35

12:09 PM:

What are your thoughts on the rather lackluster start by the "mid majors" so far this year?  Will that trend continue today?  Thanks.

Kyle Singleton (huskyonspeed) Wenatchee, WA.

Good point Kyle. The at large mid major teams are 0-2 with losses by BYU and Butler. Today the A-10 is the only hope of the mid majors as both Xavier and Dayton play. Looking at the mid major auto bid winners only a few have been victorious so far, Gonzaga and Western Kentucky. The irony of that is that those two teams will now play in the second round. I have both Xavier (in an upset) and Dayton losing today. Utah State and North Dakota State are the main hope for the mid majors but the Aggies and Bison trail right now in their games. Keep an eye on Utah. Everyone is picking the upset and usually the opposite happens when everyone agrees on an upset.


11:54 AM: Score Update:

Syracuse 36, Stephen F. Austin 18
Tennessee 29, Oklahoma State 23
Kansas 25, North Dakota State 25
Marquette 17, Utah State 9

11:33 AM: Great email...

Now, maybe this is an unwarranted gripe, as I'm obviously biased in the argument, but do you agree that East Tenneessee State was horrendously under-seeded?  They have 23 wins, average about 75 points and 8 steals a game, and barely average fewer rebounds than the Panthers, one of the better rebounding teams in the nation.  Doesn't this seem like a much more difficult opponent than the #2 1 seed is supposed to have?

 Ben Plume (pittbaster) Silver Spring

Ben you are completely right. It can actually be argued that East Tennessee State is better than Stephen F. Austin who Syracuse is playing as we speak. I had ETSU as a 14 seed in my final bracketology and was shocked when they were given a 16 seed.

11:25 AM: Tennessee-Oklahoma State is now getting started. This is probably going to be the best game of the day. Expect a battle. And I'm still awaiting some questions/comments. Get on it guys!

11:13 AM: Syracuse-Stephen F. Austin is about to get underway to begin today's games. The Orange are a team I think can make a serious run in this tournament.

10:36 AM: This will be the site of the live tournament blog for the second day of the NCAA Tournament.  Please send in your questions to my email either with the link above or by clicking here . The purpose of the live blog will be to keep all the tournament action together in one place and to get feedback from all of you guys!

Here's how the live blog will work:

1) I will break down the games as they happen with live updates from scores, nailbiting finishes, and my thoughts on what is happening on and off the court with all things relating to the NCAA Tournament.

2) I will answer your questions and post the best comments on my blog. All you have to do is send them to my email . You can also post comments below (I'd actually appreciate it very much) but please realize that between live blogging, checking my email, and answering questions its going to be very difficult to check in for comments at the bottom of this post.

3) When you send me an email please put your NAME, LOCATION, and QUESTION. If you are a CBS member and would like to include that then I will also include that in your question.


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Posted on: March 21, 2009 12:55 am

NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2

First round is over, and it was pretty good.  I think all in all, today was better than yesterday, thanks to two OT games and the Cleveland State upset win.

What's really funny is this: as bad as the Big East teams looked in their games, the only team not to pull out a win was West Virginia.  Here are the complete records, as of tonight.

ACC: 3-4 (.429)

Big East: 6-1 (.857)

Big Ten: 4-3 (.571)

Big 12: 6-0 (1.000)

Pac-10: 5-1 (.833)

SEC: 1-2 (.333)

The Atlantic 10 is 2-1, the Horizon broke even, and the Mountain West got swept.

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Posted on: March 21, 2009 12:21 am

NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2

Florida State and Wake Forest both blow.

Next time some idiot wants to talk about how "great" the ACC is, I'm going to remind them about these two jokes of teams.



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NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2


 I don't think it's fair that some teams get to play closer to home than others, but honestly it doesn't look like it's effecting Siena at all.

The Bater
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Posted on: March 21, 2009 12:09 am
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NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2


 What a clutch shot!  Siena will not go away.

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NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2

Too bad Hasbrouck didn't make BOTH free throws, or else it'd be over already.



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NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2


 This Ohio St. - Siena game is what makes this tournament the success it is.  I got Ohio St. picked in the bracket, but as a graduate of another MAAC team (Manhattan) I would mind seeing Siena move on.

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Posted on: March 20, 2009 10:56 pm

NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2

Chic-Fil-A pwns Pizza Hut!

I wouldn't be disappointed to see Cleveland State win, though I obviously picked Wake in both brackets.



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NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2

Arizona has a better body of work.  SDSU and ST. Marys are media picks.  Arizona just had the ability to schedule better games.  Talent, in my opinion, is spread out more now than ever before.

Just ask Pitt about ETSU.  and Pitino about Morehead state.

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Posted on: March 20, 2009 9:44 pm

NCAA Tournament Live Blog Day 2

 I'm not so sure KU couldn't have beaten WVU.  We have beat a Bob Huggins team before.  Hopefully, we come out hot to play Dayton.  Yes, we are young but we have far outdone what was expected of us this year.  Just enjoy.  Go JAYHAWKS!!!


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