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Dantheman's "Streakin the Court Game"

Posted on: January 26, 2010 1:59 am
If anyone has ever played the "Streak for the Cash", I created the "Streakin' the Court" game for college basketball only. The game is going to be played on my personal website (I got my forums back up today and have been wanting to play this kind of game for a while). I would run the game over here, but it would be much harder to keep up with who posted when and with what screename and see if someone had multiple accounts and so on and so on.

The game will work just like ESPN's Streak for the Cash. Players will pick a college basketall matchup from the games I list each day and get a winning streak of 1 if they win. Each time they lose their streak restarts (unless they had lost the game before, then they'd be at -2). I'm up for discussion on what the winner gets, although I plan to do three different segments (Now-End of Feb, March 1-Conf. Tournaments, and NCAA Tournament) before the year is over.

Once a game is over, a player can pick the next game.

If you are interested in playing I have the first day's matchups up:
First Day Matchups: Streakin' the Court

NOTE: As always I recommend all of you guys play the Pick Em' game that Beer is nice enough to run and keep up with for all of us. To me, it is the best college basketball pick em on the Internet. The crazy scoring system truly gives anyone joining now a legitimate chance to win.

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