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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

Posted on: April 9, 2008 7:54 pm
Edited on: April 9, 2008 10:41 pm
NOTES: This is based off of who is leaving today. The "Major Players Leaving" category is only based off of players that are graduating or have entered the NBA Draft. "Major Players Returning" are the best players that have not entered their name for the NBA Draft. This does not mean that these players are returning. A lot of these players have not made decisions yet, but for this I assume they are returning. This list will change a bunch in the next few weeks based off of the decisions of guys like Tyler Hansbrough and Derrick Rose. I used this list for the players leaving early for the NBA Draft. I used for the recruit information (although I only included the top recruits for each team). I will add more to this list soon and update it every few days.

1. North Carolina: The Tar Heels are returning everyone right now, because their season just ended a few days ago and nobody has declared themselves eligible for the draft.
Major Players Returning: Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Danny Green, Marcus Ginyard, Deon Thompson, Wayne Ellington
Major Players Leaving: None
Recruits Coming In: PF-Ed Davis (5 star), C- Tyler Zeller (5 star), PG-Larry Drew (4 star)

2. Kansas: The Jayhawks won the national title on Monday night, and a lot of that had to do with Mario Chalmers amazing three. He returns but Kansas is losing quite a bit.
Major Players Returning: Mario Chalmers, Sherron Collins, Darrell Arthur, Brandon Rush
Major Players Leaving: Russell Robinson (Senior), Darnell Jackson (Senior), Sasha Kaun (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PF- Marcus Morris (4 star), PF-Markieff Morris (4 star), SG-Travis Releford (4 star)

3. Texas: If D. J. Augustin leaves then the Longhorns will have a much different look for next season, but right now they look pretty good.
Major Players Returning: A. J. Abrams, Connor Atchley, D. J. Augustin
Major Players Leaving: None
Recruits Coming In: SG-J’Covan Brown (4 star)

4. Connecticut: No seniors on the roster meaning that if nobody leaves early then the Huskies will return their entire roster. Incredible.
Majors Players Returning: A. J. Price, Jeff Adrien, Hasheem Thabeet, Jerome Dyson
Major Players Leaving: None
Recruits Coming In: PG-Kemba Walker (4 star)

5. Notre Dame: Harangody, McAlarney, and Jackson will all probably be back. Notre Dame should be just as good as they were this year, with an extra year of experience.
Major Players Returning: Luke Harangody, Kyle McAlarney, Tony Jackson
Major Players Leaving: None
Recruits Coming In: None

6. West Virginia: If Joe Alexander returns then expect West Virginia to be one of the nation’s best teams all year.
Major Players Returning: Alex Ruoff, Joe Alexander
Major Players Leaving: Darris Nichols (Senior), Jamie Smalligan (Senior), Joe Alexander (NBA-No Agent)
Recruits Coming In: PF-Kevin Jones (4 star)

7. Duke: They return Paulus, Singler, and others. They have the talent to make a deep run in the tournament, if they can avoid those pesky first round barnburners.
Major Players Returning: Kyle Singer, Jon Scheyer, Greg Paulus
Major Players Leaving: DeMarcus Nelson (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: SG-Elliot Williams (5 star)

8. Georgetown: The Hoyas lose big man Roy Hibbert but they do get 6 foot 10 inch Greg Monroe (the top recruit in the country) to take his place.
Major Players Returning: Jessie Sapp, DaJuan Summers
Majors Players Leaving: Roy Hibbert (Senior), Jonathan Wallace (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PF-Greg Monroe (5 star)

9. Purdue: The Boilermakers return almost everyone on a team that almost won the Big Ten this year. They should be very good again.
Major Players Returning: Robbie Hummell, E’Twaun Moore, Chris Kramer
Major Players Leaving: Tarrance Crump (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PG-Lewis Jackson (3 star), SG-Ryne Smith (3 star)

10. Pittsburgh: The Panthers are already the fifth Big East team I have listed on here. If Levance Fields returns then they should once again be tough.
Major Players Returning: Levance Fields, Sam Young
Major Players Leaving: Ronald Ramon (Senior), Mike Cook (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PG-Ashton Gibbs (3 star), SF- Nasir Robinson (3 star), PF-Dwight Miller (3 star), PG-Travon Woodall (3 star)

11. Gonzaga: The Zags return six of their seven top scorers to a team that won the WCC this past season. They should dominate the WCC again.
Major Players Returning: Matt Bouldin, Josh Heytvelt, Jeremy Pargo
Major Players Leaving: David Pendergraft (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PG- Grant Gibbs (4 star), PG-Demetri Goodson (3 star), C-Andy Poling (3 star)

12. UCLA: Reportedly Kevin Love and Darren Collison are going to the NBA, but so far neither has hired an agent.
Major Players Returning: Josh Shipp, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Alfred Aboya
Major Players Leaving: Lorenzo Mata-Real (Senior), Kevin Love (NBA Draft-No Agent), Darren Collison (NBA-No Agent), Russell Westbrook (NBA-No Agent)
Recruits Coming In: PG-Jrue Holiday (5 star), PG-Jerime Anderson (4 star), PF-Drew Gooden (4 star), SG-Malcolm Lee (4 star)

13. Tennessee: The Volunteers lose Chris Lofton and JaJuan Smith but should be the most talented team in the SEC once again.
Major Players Returning: Tyler Smith, Ramar Smith, Wayne Chism, J. P Prince
Major Players Leaving: Jordan Howell (Senior), Chris Lofton (Senior), JaJuan Smith (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: SG- Scotty Hobson (5 star), C-Phillip Jurick (4 star)

14. USC: Even with Mayo going to the NBA the Trojans should still compete with crosstown rival UCLA for the Pac 10 title.
Major Players Returning: Davon Jefferson, Taj Gibson, Daniel Hackett
Major Players Leaving: O. J. Mayo (NBA-Agent Probable)
Recruits Coming In: SG- Demar DeRozan (5 star)

15. Davidson: Stephen Curry is coming back. I cannot wait to watch him play next year and see if he can once again lead the Wildcats on a magical run.
Major Players Returning: Stephen Curry, Andrew Lovedale
Majors Players Leaving: Jason Richards (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: None

16. Memphis: They are probably going to lose their big three guys; Joey Dorsey, Chris Douglas-Roberts, and Derrick Rose but they should still win Conference USA.
Major Players Returning: Antonio Anderson, Robert Dozier, Derrick Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts
Major Players Leaving: Joey Dorsey (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PF-Angel Garcia (5 star)

17. Oklahoma: With both Taylor and Blake Griffin returning the Sooners should be able to contend for a Big 12 title next season.
Major Players Returning: Blake Griffin, Taylor Griffin
Major Players Leaving: Longar Longar (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PG-Willie Warren (5 star)

18. Miami (FL): The Hurricanes return almost everyone and Miami should be one of the favorites in the ACC next season.
Majors Players Returning: Jack McClinton, James Dews
Major Players Leaving: Anthony King (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: SF-Dequan Jones (4 star)

19. Syracuse: The Orange had a lot of young talent last season and now they are hoping that they can develop into good young talent.
Major Players Returning: Paul Harris, Donte Green, Johnny Flynn
Majors Players Leaving: None
Recruits Coming In: SF-Mookie Jones (4 star)

20. Arizona State: The Sun Devils were a pretty decent team this past year, and they will not lose anyone from this past season.
Major Players Returning: James Harden, Jeff Pendergraph
Major Players Leaving: None
Recruits Coming In: SF-Johnny Coy (3 star), PF-Taylor Rhode (3 star)

21. Virginia Tech: The Hokies lose Deron Washington but should be good to go everywhere else. I expect them to compete for a top four spot in the ACC.
Major Players Returning: A. D. Vassillo, Jeff Allen
Major Players Leaving: Deron Washington (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PF-Victor Davila (3 star), PG-Kendall Durant (3 star)

22. Florida: Billy Donovan will have this team ready to play next season. The Gators return everyone (unless Speights leaves early), and should be very talented.
Major Players Returning: Walter Hodge, Dan Werner, Jai Lucas, Nick Calethes
Major Players Leaving: Marresse Speights (NBA Draft-No Agent)
Recruits Coming In: C-Kenny Kadji (5 star), PF- Eloy Vargas (5 star), PF-Allan Chaney (4 star)

23. Louisville: They lose Juan Palacios and David Padgett are both gone but do it all guard Terrence Williams returns. That's great for Rick Pitino.
Major Players Returning: Terrence Williams, Edgar Sosa
Major Players Leaving: Earl Clark (NBA-No Agent), Derrick Caracter (NBA-No Agent), Juan Palacios (Senior), David Padgett (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PF- Terrence Jennings (5 Star), PF-Samardo Samuels (5 star)

24. Wisconsin: The Badgers lose Brian Butch and Michael Flowers but Bo Ryan knows how to win basketball games and there's no reason to think that will change now.
Major Players Returning: Marcus Landry, Trevon Hughes
Major Players Leaving: Brian Butch (Senior), Michael Flowers (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: C-Jared Berggren (4 star)

25. Michigan State: Just like I said about Bo Ryan, Tom Izzo knows how to win and he's always been successful at Michigan State. Even with Drew Netizel leaving he should have success.
Major Players Returning: Raymor Morgan, Kalin Lucas
Major Players Leaving: Drew Neitzel (Senior)
Recruits Coming In: PF- Delvin Roe (5 star), Korie Lucious (4 star)
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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

I'd move Wisconsin up a spot or two and drop Michigan State off the list. I don't see MSU finishing more than 5th in the Big Ten next year, following Purdue, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Minnesota. Tubby did a lot last year to turn a miserable Gopher program around and with the addition of Devoe Joseph and Ralph Sampson III I could see the Gopher's poking around in the Top 25.

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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

check out my new blog!

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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

I like your top 25, except for Kansas, I think they can be at the bottom of the top 10 at best, but i like how u gave the huskies some respect cause cbs has got them down at like 14.  Nice job though

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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

Just like normal... the Big Ten teams get forgotten about and you have to slide them into the last two spots. Seeing Purdue at nine is nice, but I honestly think Wisconsin and Michigan State are better.

I shouldn't get too worried though, because everything will work out the way it usually does. The badgers and michigan state start low in the rankings and end high.

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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

Zaga all the way

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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

Dan Dan Dan... if RV comes back UAB will be a force to be reckoned with.  Give us some respect.
IF he comes back, then yes but right now he is 50/50 and at least exploring his NBA options.

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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

Dan Dan Dan... if RV comes back UAB will be a force to be reckoned with.  Give us some respect.

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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

Sorry about the Alabama comment, one of my friends got on my account and posted that.

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Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9)

Ok, Tarrence Crump is leaving.  Big whoop.  He didn't even start this year, and wasn't as good as our freshman.  Kramer was the Big 10 Defensive player of the year (a Sophmore) and Hummel was 1st team all big ten, Moore 2nd team.  Keaton Grant was 3rd team.  They're all coming back.  Scott Martin (Transfer) coming of the bench is our biggest loss.  We'll be up there next season.  Crump leaving...that doesn't mean anything.  Watch some Baby Boiler basketball!


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