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Chris Paul....I was wrong, he's my MVP

Posted on: April 23, 2008 12:57 am
Edited on: April 23, 2008 12:59 am


Man was I wrong.

Just last week I wrote an article claiming that Kobe Bryant was the NBA MVP and not Chris Paul. What was I thinking?

In two games Chris Paul has completely changed my mind. In the first game against Dallas the other night he had 35 points and 10 assists. I was completely, utterly amazed. Still, even after that I gave Kobe a chance to make a statement on Sunday against the Nuggets. He played well in the second half but was obviously nowhere even close to the level Paul played at on Saturday night.

Then I watched Tuesday night and the Hornets young star amazed me even more. What about this statline? 32 points, 17 assists, 6 rebounds. In the first quarter alone Paul had nine assists.

Hornets 127, Mavericks 103. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

I am one of those guys that believes the MVP should be awarded to the best player in the NBA year in and year out. I'm pretty sure I just nominated the best player in the NBA and that man is Chris Paul.

I don't want to go crazy with my predictions but I have seen a lot of NBA teams play through the years and none of them have played better than the Hornets are right now. They play team ball to the maximum.

New Orleans has no superstars (other than Paul, who is a developing superstar) but they are the most improved team I have ever seen from one year to the next. Last year they were 39-43.

This year they just might be the best team in the NBA.

When you talk about playing textbook basketball the Hornets have wrote the book. Six Hornets scored in double figure points against Dallas on Tuesday. 29 of their 47 shots were assisted.

New Orleans is building a dynasty. They are going to be one of the NBA's best for a long long time.

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Posted on: April 25, 2008 3:18 pm

Chris Paul....I was wrong, he's my MVP

i don't care what anyone says, chris paul is a beast. Who wouldve thought the hornets making the playoffs and actually doing some damage before he got there. and 32 points and 17 assists. Tell me that isnt amazing

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Posted on: April 24, 2008 5:02 am

Chris Paul....I was wrong, he's my MVP

haha ah what the heck, i'll take the bait:

if you want to specify it "league" mvp, that can only come into play two different ways. one is "the player most valuable to the league" which can really only be interpreted as the player that provides the best image for the league and would have to take into account things like popularity and jersey sales seeing's how that's the only way you can contribute to a league, which pretty much defeats the purpose, i think we can all agree. the other interpretation would be "the most valuable player IN the league", which shifts the focus only slightly from my original interpretation of the player most valuable to his team. being valuable to your team would become PART of the equation, along with things like overall statistics and how good of a player you are. unfortunately, there's really no objective way to determine how "good" of a player you are. the closest you can get to that is a rough determinant of statistics and use the level of value that player has for his team as some sort of a subjective tiebreaker between players of nearly equivalent statistics. by drawing the line around the league instead of the individual teams, you're forced back to statistics as the first criterion. i don't think i need to go here but i will anyway:

lebron james: 30 points a game, 8 boards a game, 7 assists a game, 1.8 steals and 1.1 blocks a game

chris paul: 21 points, 4 boards, 11.6 assists, 2.7 steals and 0.1 blocks a game

paul's about as close as anybody else is going to get, but 30/8/7 is just unreal. if you think paul's stats are close, the dealbreakers are lebron's unprecedented domination in the fourth quarter of games and that dropoff in assists--let's be honest here, playing with guys like gooden or ben wallace or whoever else they've stuck in the paint is not conducive to high assist totals, especially compared to the setup paul's got with west and chandler and peja sitting on the wing.

also as a sidenote: hornets with scott still coaching them and a serviceable point guard along the lines of, say, andre miller or something [i chose him because he was on my fantasy team] would be close to a playoff spot in the west. maybe not get one, definitely not get number two, but that's because the margin for error is so much smaller in the west. stick the hornets in the east, with paul, they finish 2 or 3. without paul, they definitely still go to the playoffs. the cavaliers now in the east, with lebron, four seed. without lebron, they are the heat. they don't win 20 games. this applies to both pre-trade cavs and post-trade cavs. stick em in the west, they probably sneak in the playoffs over the nuggets with lebron and don't make it at all without lebron. not even close. out of the race by christmas. i don't think how good a team is should play much into it--the dropoff a team would experience by supplanting a player with an average nba player at that position is more indicative, and the cavs would drop off harder. but if we bother with the interpretations of "league" mvp, then this doesn't even matter..

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Posted on: April 24, 2008 12:50 am

Chris Paul....I was wrong, he's my MVP

Good comment. Actually though, (with all due respect) it is league MVP, not team MVP.

I don't know about the Hornets being pretty good without Paul. I really don't see them making the playoffs without him, not in the Western Conference anyway.

I do, however, like Lebron. What were the Wizards  thinking calling him overrated. Cleveland didn't have the best second half of the season, but that might just have awakened them.

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Posted on: April 23, 2008 4:32 pm

Chris Paul....I was wrong, he's my MVP

i'm still of the opinion that lebron has earned it more than paul, though paul definitely deserves it more than kobe this year.

i also think it's silly to reinterpret the meaning of MVP. the award is titled "most valuable player"--that means it goes to the player most valuable to his team. sure, it's usually gonna coincide with giving it to the "best player" but that's correlation, not causation. pull paul off the hornets and replace him with an average nba point guard, that team's still pretty good running scott's pick and roll scheme. pull lebron off the cavaliers and replace him with an average nba small forward and WOW that team's terrible.

all that said, last night's performance was fun to watch [because i don't like the mavericks] and looks like the mvp debate will be a tough one for years to come. probly a good thing.

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Posted on: April 23, 2008 1:13 am

Chris Paul....I was wrong, he's my MVP

Well Dan, I'm glad to see you are finally onboard. Don't feel too bad though. Many people from the New Orleans area took awhile to get onboard also. The Hornets have a great YOUNG team. The best part is that they have a coach who has been the distance as a player so with his experience, he is the perfect compliment. This team will be around for a good while.

I must agree. You give the MVP to the best player. I think you could also look (to some degree) at which player is the most valuable to his team. Chris Paul just happens to be both of those things this year.

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