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Week 6 full of trades and talk

Posted on: October 16, 2009 1:49 pm

There was a big trade recently in the MLB Players Fantasy Football League with Ryan Zimmerman trying to shake things up. He traded Peyton Manning, Brian Westbrook and Dwayne Bowe to Jarrod Washburn for Rashard Mendenhall, Julius Jones and Marques Colston. While it looks lopsided, Zimmerman gave himself two starting running backs where he was starting just Westbrook and LenDale White, and now his receivers are better with Colston ahead of Braylon Edwards. When you're 0-5, you need to shake things up, which is what Zimmerman did. But Washburn now has Manning, Westbrook and Adrian Peterson to anchor his team, so it's no surprise he's 4-1.

In other scores ...

Jarrod Washburn beat Ben Sheets 120-85
Mark Buehrle beat Greg Maddux 99.5-97.5
B.J. Ryan beat Michael Cuddyer 124-107.5
Doug Mientkiewicz beat Aaron Rowand 126.5-41
Adam Dunn beat Ryan Zimmerman 120-77.5
Brad Lidge beat David Wright 109-80.5
Travis Hafner beat Eric Hinske 79.5-53.5

In Week 6 ...

Mientkiewicz at Dunn
Rowand at Zimmerman
Hafner at Sheets
Hinske at Washburn
Cuddyer at Buehrle
Ryan at Wright
Maddux at Lidge


Washburn 4-1
Hinske 3-2
Buehrle 3-2
Maddux 3-2
Cuddyer 2-3
Sheets 2-3
Hafner 1-4

Dunn 4-1
Lidge 4-1
Ryan 3-2
Mientkiewicz 3-2
Wright 2-3
Rowand 1-4
Zimmerman 0-5

The last undefeated team went down in the All-Female Fantasy Football League in Week 5 when Monique Walker beat Kristine Griffin 104-88. That sparked some good trash talk on the message board, and the league is still waiting to hear from Lauren Shehadi about a response. Read on since it's good fun.

So the last undefeated went down, looks like the league has some parity...except for poor Lindsay - maybe next week!

And is Lauren actually playing? It's reminds me of Amber last year - not changing her lineup in the bye week – pathetic! I mean, Ashley had a baby and SHE found the time to fix her lineup.

Jen - sorry about Sims-Walker, that was not cool...

And somehow Addai got a lot more points than Brown and helped me pull out the win. I thought it would be a closer battle (not that I am complaining). :)

On to next week...

Who wins a game first: Me, St. Louis, Kansas City or Tampa Bay? At least the Chiefs have another game against the Raiders.

Well, week 5 was a disappointment in more ways than one - not only did my team suffer its first loss (nice job Monique), but my Ravens lost to the Bengals. Ugh! But week 6 my winning streak will begin again!

Lindsey, I don't know which is more shocking - your 0-5 record or your Bronco's 5-0 record. You'll get a win soon, though. After all, you face Lauren in week 7, so don't give up!

In other scores ...

Ashley Phagan beat Lauren Shehadi 98-41
Brandie Taylor beat Jennifer Fernandez 97-88
Kim Broder beat Lindsay Jones 72-63
Alison London beat Vicki Smith 68-67
Suzie Silvestri beat Anita Marks 97-64

In Week 6 ...

Kristine at Lauren
Alison at Jen
Vicki at Ashley
Kim at Suzie
Monique at Lindsay
Anita at Brandie


Kristine 4-1
Monique 4-1
Suzie 4-1
Jen 3-2
Kim 3-2
Alison 3-2
Brandie 2-3
Vicki 2-3
Ashley 2-3
Anita 2-3
Lauren 1-4
Lindsay 0-5

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