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Week 7 action

Posted on: October 24, 2009 12:18 am

We have to wish congratulations to two members of the MLB Players Fantasy Football League. Brad Lidge, who had a disappointing regular season with the Phillies, has stepped up in the postseason and is back in the World Series for the second year in a row. And, more specific to Fantasy Football, Ryan Zimmerman won his first game this season. Zimmerman beat Aaron Rowand 89.5-76.5 in Week 6. Lidge, like his baseball team, continues to be succesful as he heads into Week 7 at 5-1 after beating Greg Maddux 86.5-70.5.

In other scores ...

Ben Sheets beat Travis Hafner 165-86.5
Mark Buehrle beat Michael Cuddyer 169.5-89.5
Adam Dunn beat Doug Mientkiewicz 117.5-88
Eric Hinske beat Jarrod Washburn 182-113
B.J. Ryan beat David Wright 97.5-76.5

In Week 7 ...

Mientkiewicz at Hafner
Maddux at Sheets
Hinske at Buehrle
Lidge at Dunn
Zimmerman at Ryan
Washburn at Cuddyer
Rowand at Wright


Hinske 4-2
Washburn 4-2
Cuddyer 3-3
Sheets 3-3
Buehrle 3-3
Maddux 3-3
Hafner 1-5

Dunn 5-1
Lidge 5-1
Ryan 4-2
Mientkiewicz 3-2
Wright 2-4
Rowand 1-5
Zimmerman 1-5

There are two exciting games in the All-Female Fantasy Football League in Week 7. Monique Walker (5-1), who already took down the previously undefeated Kristine Griffin in Week 5, has another tough game with Suzie Silvestri (4-2). This game could determine postseason seeding, and we could find out who is a real contender. We also have a battle to avoid the cellar between Lauren Shehadi (1-5) and Lindsay Jones (0-6). Shehadi has lost five in a row. And we had a trade this week as Jennifer Fernandez traded Mike Sims-Walker to Ashley Phagan for Ricky Williams. That's a great trade for both squads.  

In Week 6 scores ...

Kristine Griffin beat Lauren Shehadi 125-80
Anita Marks beat Brandie Taylor 104-97
Alison London beat Jennifer Fernandez 112-108
Kim Broder beat Suzie Silvestri 100-91
Vicki Smith beat Ashley Phagan 123-93
Monique Walker beat Lindsay Jones 105-93

In Week 7 ...

Kristine at Vicki
Ashley at Alison
Lindsay at Lauren
Jen at Anita
Suzie at Monique
Brandie at Kim


Kristine 5-1
Monique 5-1
Suzie 4-2
Kim 4-2
Alison 4-2
Jen 3-3
Vicki 3-3
Anita 3-3
Brandie 2-4
Ashley 2-4
Lauren 1-5
Lindsay 0-6

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