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Posted on: September 6, 2010 6:30 am

I'll be doing a lot more blogging this season -- columns, random quotes, user emails, etc.
As an example, here are some user emails I got this weekend on their drafts. Feel free to comment on the results. Talk to you throughout the season right here.


I hope things are well and enjoy your Labor Day. I am working at the Fire Station all day, so hopefully it will be a little down time. Per your request, here is my Draft from this Saturday.
Our League is a 12 Team PPR (.5) and standard scoring: 6 TDs, etc
Also, our 8 Starters / 6 Reserves consist of: QB, RB, RB, WR, Flex#1(RB/WR/TE), Flex#2(WR/TE), DST, K
My Team:
Rd. 1> Ryan Mathews - I had to go Mathews here…a gut feeling, because I know I would get Mendenhall, Benson or Greene
Rd. 2> Ryan Mendenhall - Workhorse….
Rd. 3> Brandon Marshall - I changed my thoughts and went WR when I saw him drop to me…I had to get some sort of Elite
Rd. 4> Phillip Rivers - I have had Rivers going on my 4th year…Solid!
Rd. 5> Pierre Garcon - Look who is throwing the ball to him
Rd. 6> Hakeem Hicks - Another WR that was just in front of me that many passed up on…it might be a nice pick up.
Rd. 7> Felix Jones - A good Flex and Bye week. PPR, etc.
Rd. 8> Darrin Sproles - The best time to handcuff Mathews, plus a really good back if Mathews does go down. I'm feeling good
Rd. 9> Tim Hightower - I like Hightower's play; Wells is hurt on/off and his PPR is solid. They play a good schedule for him
Rd. 10> Johnny Knox - Speed and the no. 1 WR on a "thrown" Offense.
Rd. 11> Vishanth Scanco - Farve loves the red zone with him and he was just sitting there on the snake.
Rd. 12> Chad Henne - I made a mistake here in getting a no.2 QB when I should of gotten a DST…this might hurt me.
Rd. 13> Arizona DST - Okay, I might have to play weekly DST's because of my previous pick's mistake. Thoughts here: They do play STL?.
Rd. 14> David Buelhar - Cowboys are going to score and/or be in the red zone for any points they can get…my sleeper. LOL.


Hi Jamey,I hope you had a great Summer. First off, thank you again for all your advice last year as it helped me bring home a trophy!!!I wanted you to review my draft results and provide your opinion. I drafted in the 4th spot of a 12 team league which uses a standard scoring system.1-Andre Johnson, 2-Calvin Johnson, 3-Larry Fitzgerald, 4-Matt Forte, 5-Marion Barber, 6-Jermichael Finley, 7-Brett Favre, 8-Thomas Jones, 9-Fred Taylor, 10-Ravens DST, 11-Jabar Gaffney, 12-Lawrence Tynes, 13-Tashard Choice, 14-Indy DST, 15-Jay Feely, 16-Matthew Stafford.Thank you,Rob


Hey Jamey just did my draft and wanted your opinion My QBs Schaub & Eli RBS are Rice, Javid Best, Forsett, Harrison & Michael Bush, WR are Wayne, Bowe, Floyd, Laurent Robinson, Celek Manningham & Benn Kicker is Akers & DEF Bengals. Just wonder what you think and with wr & rb who u would start. Thank You in advance.


Hey Jamey,

Our draft was tonight and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my lengthy questions.
Moss WAS available, but I decided to stick with my original plan. I still got Flacco in round 5 (12th QB taken!)

Here's the squad:

Joe Flacco
Vince Young
Ray Rice
Felix Jones
Justin Forsett
Fred Jackson
T Choice
Randy Moss
Steve Smith (NYG)
Bernard Berrian
Mike Thomas
Anthony Gonzalez
Dallas Clark

Thanks to you and Dave for all the advice. Feel pretty good about my chances!

Tampa FL

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