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Year 4 of the All-Female Fantasy Football League

Posted on: September 10, 2010 8:48 am

It's the fourth year of the All-Female Fantasy Football League, and this year's draft was interesting. We had one owner, Vicki Smith, drafting from Egypt. She is on vacation and woke up at 3 a.m. to do the draft. Now that's dedication.

This league features 12 women from all walks of life who just love Fantasy Football. As all of them will tell you, it's not just a man's game. We have four members of the sports media world -- our own Lauren Shehadi, radio talk show host Anita Marks, Broncos beat writer Lindsay Jones and Patriots beat writer Monique Walker -- as well as accountants, school teachers and several moms.

All are experienced in Fantasy Football, and they all want to win. Last year, Kristin Griffin from Delaware was our winner when she beat Brandie Taylor from Florida in the finals.

Who will win this year? You can follow along all season right here.

Here is an introduction of the 12 owners:

Lauren Shehadi
Occupation: video host
Home: Fort Lauderdale
Fantasy Football history: Three years
Her team ...
QB: Brady and Smith
RB: Rice, Stewart, R. Bush, Maroney and McGahee
WR: Boldin, Owens, Evans, Breaston and Aromashodu
TE: Witten
K: Rackers
DST: 49ers

Suzie Silvestri
Occupation: Treasury Analyst
Home: Salt Lake City
Fantasy Football history: Four years
Her team ...
QB: Kolb and Orton
RB: Mendenhall, R. Brown, Spiller, D. Brown and L. Johnson
WR: A. Johnson, White, S. Moss and Holmes
TE: Celek and H. Miller
K: Prater
DST: Dolphins

Lindsay Jones
Occupation: Broncos/NFL Beat Writer, The Denver Post
Home: Denver
Fantasy Football history: Four years
Her team ...
QB: Brees and McNabb
RB: Foster, Harrison, F. Jones and Gerhart
WR: Marshall, Wallace, Bryant, Gaffney and Britt
TE: Finley and Gresham
K: Carpenter
DST: Cowboys

Brandie Taylor
Occupation: Middle school teacher/coach
Home: Pembroke Pines, FL
Fantasy Football history: Six years
Her team ...
QB: Schaub and Roethlisberger
RB: D. Williams, Bradshaw, Jennings, Moore and Forsett
WR: D. Jackson, Bowe, Garcon and L. Robinson
TE: Z. Miller and Olsen
K: Akers
DST: Eagles

Ashley Phagan
Occupation: Business Development Manager
Home: Charlotte
Fantasy Football history: Six years
Her team ...
QB: Rivers and Palmer
RB: Benson, Addai, Tomlinson, Hillis, Buckhalter and S. Morris
WR: Nicks, Ward, Driver and Mason
TE: Winslow
K: Vinatieri
DST: Steelers

Monique Walker
Occupation: Patriots/NFL Beat Writer, The Boston Globe
Home: Boston
Fantasy Football history: 10 years
Her team ...
QB: Ryan and Stafford
RB: Jones-Drew, Grant, Jacobs, M. Bush and McFadden
WR: Fitzgerald, S. Smith (NYG), McCluster, Hester and Ja. Jones
TE: Clark
K: Buehler
DST: Chargers

Kristine Griffin
Occupation: Doctor
Home: Georgetown, DE
Fantasy Football history: Four years
Her team ...
QB: Favre and Young
RB: C. Johnson, Charles, McCoy, F. Jackson, Forte and T. Jones
WR: C. Johnson, Austin, Collie and Berrian
TE: Keller
K: Tynes
DST: Titans

Jennifer Fernandez
Occupation: Sales Manager for a wine company
Home: Chicago
Fantasy Football history: Five years
Her team ...
QB: Flacco and Henne
RB: Gore, R. Williams, Wells, Moreno and Westbrook
WR: R. Moss, Colston, Floyd and M. WIlliams (TB)
TE: Cooley and Carlson
K: Crosby
DST: Packers

Anita Marks
Occupation: Radio host
Home: Baltimore
Fantasy Football history: 22 years
Her team ...
QB: E. Manning and Garrard
RB: Turner, Mathews, Slaton, Huggins and Washington
WR: Jennings, Sims-Walker, Maclin, Knox and V. Jackson
TE: Gates
K: Kaeding
DST: Jets

Vicki Smith
Occupation: Accountant
Home: New York
Fantasy Football history: Four years
Her team ...
QB: Rodgers
RB: Thomas, Greene, C. Williams and C. Taylor
WR: S. Smith (CAR), Crabtree, Chambers, M. Williams (SEA), N. Washington, R. Williams and Meachem
TE: Shiancoe
K: Gostkowski
DST: Vikings

Alison London
Occupation: Middle school teacher
Home: Miramar, FL
Fantasy Football history: Five years
Her team ...
QB: P. Manning, Cutler and Tebow
RB: Best, S. Jackson, Sproles, Hightower and F. Taylor
WR: Ochocinco, Harvin and Burleson
TE: Gonzalez and Shockey
K: Longwell
DST: Saints

Kim Broder
Occupation: Advertising and marketing
Home: Miami
Fantasy Football history: Four years
Her team ...
QB: Romo, Cassel and Sanchez
RB: Peterson, Barber and Portis
WR: Wayne, Welker and Edwards
TE: Davis and Daniels
K: Hartley and Bironas
DST: Ravens and Bengals

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