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Posted on: September 16, 2010 6:05 pm

I'll do my best to answer questions here once a week. We'll call it Jamey's mailbox. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @jameyeisenberg to submit your questions.

Don't drop anyone for Jackson yet. If you must, go Driver. @clance_man Limited to 4 WRs, start 2. Have AJohnson, Marshall, Harvin, Driver. Who do I drop for VJax?  

Go with Addai and Aromashodu. Thank you. @jyountchi Quick questions for Week 2: Addai or Best? Berrian or Aromashodu? Thx, you're the man.

Hillis has the most upside based on his matchup. I also like Carlson. @WackAttack85 hey Jamey. Who has more upside as a flex this week: LT, meachem, Jacoby Jones, Hillis, John Carlson? I thnk I knw the answer

I'd go with Williams here. You might see him in a future blog. @JuanH88 who should I start as my 3rd wr? Naanee, Royal, M. Williams (TB), or Aromashodu?

You should start Santana and Welker. Those are your best two this week. @rushiv who should I start as my 3rd wr? Naanee, Royal, M. Williams (TB), or Aromashodu?

Stick with Nicks and go with Addai and Cadillac. @ralphortiz Pick 2. M. Bush, J. Addai, J. Best, C. Williams, P. Hillis. Also would you start either over H. Nicks as flex?

Charles and Bowe are the way to go. Those Chiefs should do well. @Swagger_81 Ahmad Bradshaw over Jamaal Charles? Dwayne Bowe over Mike Williams (TB)? Thanks Jamey.

No, stick with Barber and Jacobs. For now. @CockyMF Would you give up either Marion Barber or Brandon Jacobs for Peyton Hillis?

I'd stick with Ward. @jbizzle518 who should I start in the slot this week? Robert meacham or Hines Ward?

Not sure which Taylor you mean. Don't like Chester or Fred this week. I'd go with Clayton. @MikeBenningJr I had Ryan Grant and didn't get jackson... I'm left with McCoy and Foster... Who should I start for flex? clayton or taylor?

If you can afford to trade Jackson then yes. Jackson this week. @rumsfield78 would you trade S-Jax for Schaub? Should I bench Foster this week for S-Jax?

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